Madagascar Palm Cold Hardiness | Madagascar Palm – Complete Succulent Plant Care Guide (for Beginners)

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Madagascar Palm - Complete Succulent Plant Care Guide (for Beginners)


Hey, guys! I’m Caitlin. Relieve me a little plans today. Let me tell you everything you need to know about taking care of your Madagascar pop now. This guy right here? I have had for a couple of months and I can tell you. I absolutely love caring for this plant now. Despite its name, Madagascar, pop, it actually isn’t a pop. It is part of the succulent family, so keep that in mind. You’re gonna have general succulent care When taken care of these guys, you know, typically for succulents. It’s gonna want to be in full. Sun, and that will be the case of the side. He likes a lot a lot of Suns, so I grow mine outside and I give that to him, especially being here in Sunny Arizona, where we have a non-stop hot and warm Sun. But if you are growing him and a climate that, you know doesn’t always have a super sunny days or being here growing him inside, you know, either try to put him as close to a window as possible or supplement some of that light without efficiently and you have to now in terms of watering these guys, they don’t like to be super wet. You know this again? It’s a succulent and so you’re gonna want to keep him well draining. Mix that it’s going to be on the drier side. You know, water it one. It does get completely dry, of course, but make sure that the bottom of your pot does have a drainage hole or some way for that water to get out of there. These guys really aren’t. That’s acceptable to too many issues, but they definitely will rot that they’re sitting in water. So you should her to not let that happen. Now when I picked this guy up from the store, I had that this was a huge one. I’ve never seen one this big before in person, but as I started research from these guys more, it turns out that indoors that they can grow up to six feet and outdoors. They can actually grow up to 20 feet, which is absolutely nuts. I’m not sure if you guys are going to equal this closer. This guy is actually completely covered in these huge thorns on the outside of him so managed thing. One of these that is 20 feet tall. It really sounds like a medieval torture device. I don’t know how I feel about that, but I do think. These guys are beautiful and you know, super cool plants. They have indoors, or, you know, if you have the deck whether they can accommodate these guys now in terms of what they can tolerate, they really can’t tolerate temperatures below 50 degrees so again. If you are growing these in a colder climate, be sure if the temperatures start to drop that you are bringing them inside as all eyes learn. I don’t like it in terms of growing these guys from scratch. Since I bought my own Esther. I don’t personally have experience with this, but I have seen online that it can be a pretty difficult process to get the scenes going If you’re starting on from seed, however, what I actually had happened with this guy and you might be able to see them kind of down here at the bottom are. I was having these little shoots up out of it. And I think the technical name is shoots. I need to call them babies. My little plant babies. So when those shoots come out. I actually just snip them right off. Here’s a little baby that you can see right here, and you just, you know, let them sit out for a while for a while and look at the callus form at the bottom. And then I put some really poor moment on that, and I am just waiting, and if you’ll have some poster plants from there. Some things to watch out for winning are growing. These plants One is that they’re gonna go dormant in the winter, and when that happens all these leaves, they’re gonna fall out now when I was new to plants, I didn’t really know that dormancy was a thing and the first winter that I went through when a bunch of my clients are losing leaves. I was freaking out. I was like, what am I doing wrong? I just killed all of my plants, but it’s completely normal When these guys like I said, these leaves will fall off, and, you know, come spring. When things start to warm up, they were old for these, so no worries there now. If it is the spring or summer growing season, and you’re already seeing these leaves falling off or they’re turning yellow or the plant just doesn’t seem like he’s doing super. Well, a big thing that could be happening. There is not getting enough nutrients, so try giving Ana fertilizer. That should solve your problem, But of course I always say that. If you’re looking at the top of the plant and it doesn’t look great and you can’t figure out what is going wrong. I recommend pulling it out of the soil and checking the roots to see if there’s an issue there for me personally when I started the handling succulents or anything like this guy, that’s kind of prickly and pointy tongs like baby old sand. The tongs were my best friend. Um, you know, if you’re using something smaller like you’re working with something like this guy sighs. Maybe some chopsticks are great, too, but anything that you can use to help you get this guy of this soil so that you’re not stabbing yourself in the hands 500 times, trying to take care of use one additional thing to note about these guys is that, of course, you’re going to want a pot. That is a little bit on the heavier side since these guys can grow so big, it’s so fast, and they’re obviously a little top-heavy compared to the rooms in the soil. So I have mine in this heavy ceramic pot. Obviously the bigger. It gets the faster. I’m going to need up sizes pot so that he doesn’t topple over and additionally, it’s, you know, not the best, If isn’t I don’t, but but you really need to be good about rotating this guy. Otherwise it will grow in the direction of the Sun, but not only will it grow in the direction of the Sun, but the plant will be completely tilted that way in relation to health roots are so you’re going to have a crooked table That’s potentially gonna be falling over. Nobody wants it, so just do the right thing and rotate your plans around. Those are the basics of deep in here. Beautiful, madagascar palm. If you guys have any additional questions about how to care for this plant, drop it in the comments down below it. Thanks so much for checking out this video, and I hope to see you in the next one.