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Full Spectrum Grow Light Strips - Unboxing/review | Ladesa Santos


What’s up, everyone? Welcome to my channel. So today I will be doing an unboxing. Um, with these grill lights that I got on Amazon. There is a bunch of purple grow lights, a bunch of girl lights, that hunk from the ceiling that are like square, some that are like clips and they have like three expandable movable heads to me. I didn’t find those much attractive, so I really wanted something subtle, simple, so I looked up, grow light strips and at first, I mean, I didn’t know if it existed and good thing I did search it up. They do have some but well. The good thing about them is that it’s a full spectrum, so it’s gonna be a white light instead of purple. They did have purple ones, but I didn’t want purple light, so I got the full spectrum, um, sunlight light, comparable to sunlight. You know what I mean? You know what I mean? So, yeah, I’m going to be unboxing it and showing it to you guys. And maybe these lights will work better for you instead of lights that you have to hang or lights that clip onto something and it just. I don’t know if you don’t like that look then. I hope you guys enjoyed this unboxing and I hope I enjoy it too, so let’s get to it. This is what it came in like, pretty much. I’ve been there so looks like I got these. Uh, little strips or strips that I guess the the light sticks on who knew. So I have that, uh, then? It looks like I got a little wall. Plug thingy wrapped around in plastic. I’ll mess with that later. Here’s the little plug to go into the wall, then the actual lights. excited! Here it is. Oh, I love that I’m so excited. These are so cool so you can see that they do give you the up. They do give you these little holes. Uh, just in case you wanted to. I guess screw them in to the shelf. Instead of sticking it onto the shelf. Um, really, good quality, really good quality, clean, very light. The cord is wrapped around. Um, and I believe, yep, looks like you have the ability to adjust the time for your grow light, so let me see here, so you have a two hour a four hour and an eight hour time for timer, and then the middle button, it looks like you can adjust the brightness, so you have a 25 brightness 50 percent 75 and then 100 brightness, and then that last button is the, uh, on and off button pretty cool. I like how small it is too, and it’s not bulky, so let’s unwind this and put it on the shelf. Let’s go! Oh, I forgot to mention that this is right under. This is a feet right under two feet. These plates, all right, so let’s go. I don’t know if you guys can see that, but it’s raining outside Anyways. First things first. We gotta take these pants down. Here’s the strips, let’s see. I know that this one is kind of bent up, but I’m still gonna try to use it first. Let me see where I want them. Oh, that’s pretty dusty up there. I realized how dusty it was up there. Oh no! I wanted to hide these wires in the back. I don’t know how to do that anymore. You know what, I’m just gonna leave it alone for now and, uh, we’ll go from there. That looks so good. Oh, my god, oh, my god, yall! Do you see this that that looks so good? Wow, okay, so this is the power. And then this is the brightness setting. Oh, wow, so the first one I had on was the lowest. Here’s the, uh, so I had it on 25 Now. It’s on 50 percent. Here’s 75 and that’s a hundred. I love how white the light is. Oh, my God, I love this. And then here’s the timer settings for it. Two hour, four hour and then eight hour. Um, I’ll leave it at eight hours, I’m so happy. I got these lights and they’re white. They’re not purple. They’re not red! Exactly what I wanted. Hubby came home and fixed everything. Now it actually looks legit. No wires hanging out. I mean, he went out his way and put the wires behind the metal and zip tied them as you can see, and then he also used. Um, gorilla tape to tape down the little controller, so it’s nice and neat and not hanging, but this is now the final look, love it. Thank you guys for watching. Of course. I’ll link where I got these lights down below in the description box. Uh, please make sure you like and subscribe, and I’ll see you next time bye. Hey, will! Hey, what, hey you wanna say? Hi to everyone! Hey moo, yeah. Hey, does anyone’s cat Do that like my cat ear does not, meow! It like chirps. Sorry, I didn’t mean you call you an it, Lou, um.