Lavendar Lady | Lavendar Land | Ep. 1 | Minecraft One Life 2.0


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Lavendar Land | Ep. 1 | Minecraft One Life 2.0


Ah, the! Blood Moon looks so scary. Hey, guys, what’s up ldshadowlady here and welcome back to a new season of one life. That’s right, the multiplayer Minecraft Series where you only get one life, except for the first two episodes where you can actually respawn as many times as you want, but after that, it’s one life, so when you die, you get banished from the server, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen. So if you watch the last season of one life on my channel, you will know that. I managed to stay alive until the very end and Joey killed me in the purge now. I’m not saying I’m back for revenge, but let’s just say revenge is on my to-do list before we do any of that. We should probably get settled in as you can see. I have two times as many hearts as before, and that’s because we have a bunch of different mods in the game. This time to make things a little more interesting. Not only do we have new mods. We also have some new players and you get 10 points for Gryffindor. If you know exactly who all of these skulls belong to, but just in case you don’t all the links to their channels will be in the description below, and it looks like there are a bunch of Shoko boxes here which we can take. We just have to choose a color. I kind of like the yellow. Oh, wait, there’s stuff in it. Oh, some of them have stuffing. So I guess I should take the one with this stuff in. We get some steak, a bed, two golden apples and a potion of Regen, actually. I think I’m gonna save my potion and my apples and until after the two episodes because that is when they will be it the most useful. And now I’m just gonna go out into the world with my bed and mistake and find a nice place to build my super secure and safe base. What is this? Oh, my goodness! This looks like an impact crater from some kind of meteor. Oh, my gosh, there’s obsidian right on the surface here. This would be so easy to mine for that obsidian armor. Oh, yeah, another thing Is that the hearts do not Regen! He said bye-bye. Oh, my gosh! I’m gonna die already. This is so stupid! Oh, now those hearts aren’t going to respawn, what’s this? Joey swamp area. Oh, Joey’s gonna live in a swamp. I guess I’ll move along then. Oh, oh, my gosh, a lavender field. Perhaps I should build my house in there. Oh, it’s so pretty, okay. This is where? I’m melting my house. Hopefully nobody has already claimed this place doesn’t. This just look like the most beautiful, safe place on the entire server. If I live here, I will never die. Oh, my gosh! I’m so excited and there’s a beautiful swamp. Nexstar, it’s even got some resident cows. Oh, he looks kind of Angry. Maybe the neighbors aren’t so friendly, but it’s super cute anyway. So this is where I am going to live. Hang on a second, what’s this over here? Oh, is this some kind of mini? Mesa, just red sand here, tiny cacti. They’re really painful to stand on, so lets. Go back to the safety of my nice lavender field. I think I want to build right here. The area. I had a little look around and I didn’t see anybody else laying claim to this land. So I’m gonna make sure that I put some banners down and claim this land as mine. I’m just gonna grab some of this wood. Why is everything taking so long to break? What the heck is going on? Oh, that’s what it was taking so long. First crafting table. Let’s get some tools and a chest. Okay, so far so good. I’m gonna set a waypoint. Let’s make it yellow, beautiful yellow. Oh, fantastic and just to make it official. Let’s sleep in the bed. Now let’s find a cave. Oh, here’s one. Oh, perfect a ravine. Let’s see if we can find any iron three days, okay. I’ve got a lot deeper into this cave than I meant to, but we found a lot of iron and gold. Well, now that we have more iron and gold and cold and we will probably be able to even use, lets. Get the heck out of here in one piece. So let’s start smelting. All of my iron and all of my gold. I think it’s time to build a house. I think to really fit in with the beautiful surroundings. We should make out of clay so they can be colorful. So let’s go and gather some clay. There should be plenty in this river here. Well, here’s some now. Let’s make this clay into blocks, so I’m just gonna build the tiniest little house. Okay, we really need to get this place built because it’s starting to get dark now. So I’m actually gonna dye some wood white, and this should look cute for the roof. Yes, indeed, there we go now. We need some dolls to keep the Spookys out and probably some windows as well because I have built the perfect sized window for a spider to climb in. Okay, thank goodness. I feel so much safer now. I can shut my doors and hide from anything that tries to attack me in the night. Then I would feel a lot better if I had a floor. That is even better okay now. This is perfect now. All we need to do is claim this land as my own, obviously. I’ve built my tiny little house here, but this in case they don’t see it. I’m gonna try. Make some banners and place them around my lavender land. Now, obviously my banner. The symbol of the shadow cadets is on my cape right here. It’s creepy, it’s cute. It is a bunny on a black, shadowy background, so we just have to make a bunch of banners that look like that to mark my territory. We are going to need several things. First of all, we’re gonna need ink sacs from these unsuspecting squid victims. So we have the ink sacs, but we need black wools, so we’re gonna need some wheat and a little pen area. We just need the! Sheep to go in there. Oh, there’s a cow or many cows, but no sheep. You know, it would be kind of handy to have some pet cows anyway. So let’s bring these home as well perfect. There’s a sheep, my first ship boy. I’m gonna die him and then I’m gonna share him. Oh, what is this witchcraft? That was so cute! Okay, yall coming with me? I’m gonna do that to you every day. Come on in, okay, perfect. Get your butt in here, please, there. We go okay now. We have to shape and to cows. We can start making the banners, so we start with a black banner, but we need a couple of items to put the bunny design on it. We need some vines, some oxide daisies, some bonemeal. And, of course, more ink sacs, so lets. Go collect those things. These are funky lines over here, so these won’t do, but hopefully there are some normal vines close by. Oh, that is what we’re looking for, so let’s just share a couple of the years. That should be plenty. Oh, my gosh, what the heck is that biome? Oh, that’s crazy! Whoa, it’s like a bamboo forest. This is so cute, but there are no daisies here. I’m leaving! Oh, what a melon. This will be helpful for potions. Oh, Bert, oh, dang it reading little parrot. I really want a bit. I’ve never tamed apart before, and I probably never will. Hey, go, okay. Why did I do this? I don’t know if I can keep this parrot alive. I’m not even sure I can keep myself alive. Oh, my goodness, the Blood Moon. Really, I’ve caused a blood moon Rises right after I decide to tame a little innocent creature. Come on, little pirate! Get inside the house! It’s not safe for you out here. Can parents use doors? Oh, oh, right the! Blood Moon looks so scary. Oh, my gosh! There are mobs everywhere. Oh, no, they could break the doors down. Oh, no way, oh, he’s abandoned me in my time of need. Oh, good parrot. So many so glad. I have the new that lives right now. My parents on my shoulder. This has given me a renewed sense of bravery. I’ve decided I’m gonna go look for daisies. I know that sounds insane, but we’re gonna do it anyway. Let’s go! I’ve already changed my mind, it’s too late. Look, all this mob’s following me. Please send me my life. I’m so freakin close, okay. Hello, right, and we’re safe again. Look at all of them dying. Haha, wait! This would be perfect for me. I need to collect all the bones. Yes, these oxide daisies. Yes, we need to collect a bunch of these and. I think we have everything we need now. Yep, vines, bonemeal daisies. Ink sacs Got it now. We can head back home. Okay, so we put the bone meal and the Daisy in to make a white flower. Then we make a white cross with bone meal. We do ink sacs on the bottom and then ink sacs all around and finally in ink sack and a vine cutter, the bunny banner. So I’m gonna put some signs outside Ldshadowlady Stearn’s. Let everyone knows this is mine and I’m gonna put a banner here as well to show that. This is my signature banner now. We just need to make a bunch more of these three days later, so we have fought banners now that we can use to Mark Lavender land so. I guess we should put one to the not one to the East One to the west. I went to the South. I’m gonna put one right here up on a little podium and put a sign as well. Ldshadowlady X lavender land and let’s put some torches around as we’ll do. I went ahead and put all the rest of the markers in, so I thought I’d come up on the roof and show you. There’s the northern one, the western one, the southern one and the eastern one. And you can see them all from my roof. So that is where I’m gonna end it for this. The first episode of one life, but I need you guys to help me. I only have one episode left to prepare myself for this series. So what should I do? I’m gonna leave a poll on this video so you can vote and if you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments below as always. Don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoyed this video and I will see you next time !