Lampranthus Blandus | Propagating The 3 Sided Leaves Succulent – Ice Plant (with Actual Results)

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Propagating The 3 Sided Leaves Succulent - Ice Plant (with Actual Results)


Hi, guys, welcome to easy peasy gardening. I’m your gardener, friend Ruchi. And today we are going to talk about a succulent called Lampranthus Blandu’s, so that’s the scientific name of this succulent. But commonly this is known as ice plant or pink vygie. The unique thing about this plant is that if you look at the leaves, they have three sides to it. That’s really interesting for me, you know? I’ve never seen leaves like this, so it has three sides and they grow like about an inch long and, of course, just like any other succulent. You know, they like a lot of sun. They like sandy soil and very little water. So the best way to propagate these is from cutting. So I have this cutting here and if you look at this. This was cut like two days ago, so it has formed a callous here and actually, this is a little woody, so it does not matter that much, but if you had a fresh young cutting, then you should let it form the callous. So here in this planter, I have used regular potting soil mix in which I have put one-third coarse sand so that it doesn’t retain the water and it has all these small gravels, so it doesn’t bind the roots very much. So just take this and dig a hole in this and just put it in, and I’m going to water it a little bit. Another interesting thing about This Is that Lampranthus in Greek means shiny. So this plant. In summers, it gets shiny pink flowers. So if it gets a lot of sun, then this will be fully covered with pink flowers, very spiky flowers. Right now we have just planted it, so I am going to water it thoroughly, but otherwise you should not water it too much, just like most succulents, just water it when the soil looks dry on the top or put your finger in the planter, and if it feels dry, then water it. I have researched and everywhere. It says that this plant requires full sun, but in my experience if I put it an area where it gets south sun in the afternoon, then it becomes all yellowish or brownish, so in my opinion. It doesn’t do that well, if you keep it at a place where it gets sun in the morning and stays brightly lit indirect light in the afternoon. That is best for it. But when you try to grow it, you can figure it out by moving it around. That’s the advantage of putting it in the containers, so if it is in the ground, it can grow up to two feet tall, but in container depending on the size of container it will grow. So I think that’s about it, so for now, I’m going to just keep it in a shaded place because this is just a cutting with no root, so I want to give it time to recuperate, but later on, I will move it to a place where it can get some morning sun. So it’s been about eight weeks that we planted the stem of ice plant. And if you look at it, all the branches have growth, so basically all these branches. You know, they were going down and now they have started to grow up. You know, as plants normally do. The branch was going down and and it was lying there and slowly it started to grow upwards, so all the branches you see all growing upwards, which wasn’t there earlier. So I’m really happy about it. It’s doing well and, of course again I had kept it in a shaded area for a week and then moved it in a area where it gets about 4-5 hours of sun and right now it is winter, so I have moved it inside my house where it gets about two three hours of south sunlight. I have put it on a south-facing window, So it gets 2-3 hours of sunlight whenever sun comes out, so you can see that it’s a little leggy right now because there’s not that much of sunlight. It is getting because of interest, but that’s fine. At least it is growing, there’s nothing. I can do about the light. It is just not there, so can’t force it. So I hope you enjoyed this video and it’s inspiring because all these succulents, they are really easy to grow. You just have to neglect them. Yeah, don’t take too much care of them, and they’ll just start to grow, so it basically needs lot of sunlight, very little water, very well draining soil, so basically, Sandy soil, and they’ll be just fine. So if you like this video, please press the like button and subscribe to our channel, and if you have any questions, write down a comment and I’ll try to answer as soon as possible. Thanks for watching, see you next time. Happy gardeningbye.