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Paddle Plant - Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora


I need Samantha here, so I thought I would do a petal plant. Update the video. I showed you initially which I’ll link to. This was the one where I had brought paddle plant and it had kind of populated itself. They grow really easily and really quickly and so from one plant which I brought, which looked similar to this one. It’s quite big. I brought that not this particular one, but I brought one and planted it, and then it started giving me these smaller pups, which I removed. Call them pups. I don’t know what else you’d call them little plantlets and I’ve been doing that and over time, I’ve got some more in another space. It’s kind of produced all of these now in this. These two particular tires. I’d planted three in each now. I’ve just removed all of these from this tire, and there’s still a big one here, and as you can see all the little plantlets around, so it’s it’s quite amazing, and that’s as I said I planted three in this one, and it’s got four or five main ones. This one seems to be flowering. They do flower, so I’ve read or it could be that there is so little space. So the only way it can go is up. There’s no space to expand with ways and beside It is a whole lot of little plantlets so this is. I’ve yet to find out the medicinal benefits. Obviously you can’t eat them, but I’m creating a rock garden and I want to use these because they’re growing so quickly uses use some of the main plants and some of the smaller ones. Because I know that they’ve just gonna grow and take it from there, but it’s it’s a very rewarding plant to have because it grows so quickly and populates so easily. So as I say, I’ve just picked, you can pick off. I picked off a few here. These little plantlets. I think that still got a root there. I might have been too vigorous with that one, but like, you know, I know that one is going to grow to this particular size and what I’ve noticed in here is see all of these little ones, so you can plant them up in little pots and kind of definite an area, but what I’ve noticed is in here is there are some slugs and snails. And that is what is causing the damage to the leaves the slug, sir. They don’t find it appetizing, but they will eat it if there’s nothing else so. I think it’s probably a good idea to remove as many as possible and leave a few so that they can grow and I’ve got some spots in the back of the garden, where I’m also planting the aloes giving them some shade. These seem to when I first had them they. The leaves turned really red in the Sun, and I didn’t think that they would be able to last, but in this particular spot they get, it’s not full. Sun, it’s full Sun up until about one oclock where the Sun shifts and goes to the back because it goes to set. So my next task now is to plug this in, and also as I say, I’m. I’m starting a rock garden behind me just here and the container that I’ve got it in. I just wanted to see how it looked, but I want to get Maybe on some concrete containers. I’ll have to see I have to see how it goes but again. This is gardening on a budget, so this particular purchase was a very, it’s very good one, so for $15 I’ve now got all of these plants. I’ve now grown all of these plants from one. That’s quite amazing, isn’t it? Yeah, the one that I brought was about this size, and I made sure that there was some little pups sticking out the bottom like that. Anyway, So I’m gonna get on with it because I don’t want to distress them being out in the Sun, and I want to find a actually. I might put some down by the fence. No, but it’s my main. My main thing is getting them into a pot. Some pots that I’m going to use to create the rock garden. All right, so take care for now. Thank you for watching, and this is the pedal plant part. Its official name for you. It’s amazing isn’t. It take care for now.