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Kalanchoe Pink Butterfly


[SONG] [Song]. Hi, guys! Get off the channel. Have you sung? I brought you a very requested video about that mall. That butterflies I have been posting. Some photos on Instagram and people are asking for information on how I make the pink butterfly. Seedlings is asking videos asking for explanations. So I decided to gather some information to pass on for you in this video. Okay, come on, so the first thing I have to talking about the pink butterfly fly. Is that it’’s a kalanchoe plant that she has a deficiency in chlorophyll. And she has this shade. Okay, she’s a variegated plant like this one. This is the normal plant. Which is that of Tony Schurrle getting a little closer He, which is exactly the same as pink hitting fly. But its coloring is different and also the resistance of the puppies, right. It is quite different there. The pink hit there her and over time, she was a gapa plant that was born from the one. I showed her was consolidating as a pink botter fly. This wonderful plant that we are in, so it’s a succulent from the cras or Aciai family of the kalanchoe genre, like us already said, so people this Roto Ne, she is a hybrid of Da Green, Mount Ana and of Lagoenses So this plant that it would be the crossing of these two right, which is a multi-year adagri and that of lagoons that originated in this one that goes from Gatton and turned to pink Borderline 16 managed to understand. Maybe it got a little confusing anyway. These were the information is that? I got it about the pink butterfly. I looked for information about flowering about the seedling period, But I don’t found, so I’m going to tell you here what I have experience. Okay, as you can see in the image, This is the my matrix and I will measure it together with you, so we can see the size that there are here. it’’s 66 centimeters That so as you saw, you know, it’s just a very big plant. This is the matrix. So let’s go to the seedlings. You know, people ask me PRI. How do you do? I always try, but the seedlings always dies. I usually say that I am lucky with this plant because I make seedlings quite easily. Despite that in Variegata plant the variegata plants, they have a little resistance to roots when she has more pink parts, so the more she was worth more is difficult. Is going to be a wedding of our plant. So it happens a lot is that you can see. What has little babies start from here? The that it is fine, well invented, so it has more chlorophyll is already here. For example, it has almost nothing of chlorophyll that is happening here. People, they are falling all the way down. There is rooted, including those that they are more hopscotch. I am more rosy and I lose very little plant with respect the AP that happened when I bought it. It was more or less at that time. Here, look more or less this and then. I took all the seedlings out of it, and I put it to sprout that. I made people I put it in the seedbed. I made several pots of this one with many seedlings. I realized that she likes to spread better when there are several seedlings together. So I prefer do this even to save space. Put the little babies. You can see that this is very yellow and even so it is rooted and then. I put all of them close together on a good substrate, right. That’s what I taught here in channel if you haven’t found anthem search in the videos that have the substrate recipe. And then I leave it here when it reaches more or less at this level here or at this size. This is a 6 pot. Then I separate it one by one and they grow look at you. The difference here is very hopscotch, so I have. The rate of loss of pink hitting was very small, but it is a plant that it dies more easily precisely because of to be a variegated plant, right. So people is another question. It’s also quite important to evaluate is. The question of the sun is a green plant and cat. But she you need the sun. So there’s no use buying a plant and want her to live on her gymnast balcony in the shade because she, it will not be a resistant plant and it will die more easily. People this sheet. What a wonderful thing, my god, this is here! This is just a very beautiful chain, and then as I was saying, you have to do it Adaptation to the Sun. It is essential to adapt to the sun. It may be that the the environment has too much sun, so you need to moderate it, but it’’s not exaggerated, you know, and then? I do it with regards to houses. I make there a good substrate with the adaptation to the sun that they are now in the greenhouse have always been in the greenhouse seedlings. Never take the seedlings off. Because if I take this off, they stay in the shade. They are going to die and something else is also quite. It is important to tell at this level that the little seedlings are solves that size, So I stream it every other day, which are the tiny seedlings. You can see a lot of logic that what is here in my vase. There is no way to do this because the because of my matrix does not. I will kill my mother, the woman every other day. But right, this is the one that I take out that I put all of them. To sprout is your way one day in and day out and you can see that up to half. Gives me water. The earth even has some other pots are still there, So that’s how I make The seedlings is dies dies. Another one dies, but I have a very good budding index with respect to pink butterfly fly so much that they already come from many many seedlings, right, and so they are very resistant plants. I never had a problem Never. I had fungus. They are growing well. You can see that there is a lot of it. Everything is pink butterfly. This just know I’m having now that it comes from a a little bit, and there are some others That are also tiny, yes. There are no need to show you, but look at the rooms. Sprouting is very simple. I believe that if you do, and if you look at the sun with a rule remembering that it is not good to soak and leave it soaking wet, right, look, a little bit of yourself. One day it will not doing tests, also right people that not everything that works for me but is for another person who is in a place that has a different climate that has the different land. The air is different, the humidity of the air, right, so it’s always good for us to do tests. So this is how? I do the seedlings. I took more seedlings, ok? I don’t know if I have to take them because you are seeing here, which has a lot of aerial roots. You know, they are roots in the seedlings. You can see, this is very beautiful to see, but I don’’t know if I have a need to actually Take these seedlings to plant. I don’’t know if they’’re surrounded by one another, I remember. It started to dry some seedlings And then I despaired. I started everything running to sprout, so it was like this. The other time it gave more than 100 seedlings of pink hitting flick. These are the ones that are still growing, right. But what do we see to see if I’m going to have to really take away? Is that these a lot of money us something else? That me worries about pink butterflies. We just want everything here is normal. There is an age adjustment. She does not find floral in the center that will leave here center and it will grow and name and will give flowers and then the plant. It starts to dry and then there are several seedlings. I don’’t know, but I believe it’’s from same way with pink. The line has not yet arrived in the city, Not the information. So if you already had a pink butterflies that gave flowers. Please leave in the comments. What happened to her afterwards because I believe it will. It happens because her normal is. Does it doesn’t happen? It’’s the flower’’s. It will grow a lot and it will go like this. The plant will be mine. That will give me the same several seedlings, right. I sincerely hope this doesn’t happened this happened. I believe I will cut this area because we look. This test imagines losing this plant to a flowering right because it is not the most interesting they will fall here. Look, if you bark boxes can see the going falling. He is your uncle. Let be born has enough when you give me the shit like that. Seal a deal. Someday I will start all the fights of the pink butterfly put to sprout. I will sprout that way. I will put several pieces here That are in the big pot. They were all in a pot 11.1 big at the door and 7 right. They were all close together in pot 1 11 and then I saw that they were starting to release little babies, and then I said, if you stop because for me, I have preference to care for them separately in each one in your pot, but I already realized that the pink, it sprouts faster. It is born more even develops better when she already has many songs together. I don’’t know if it’’s printing my door without pressure. But it was that I could observe here, OK? I already talked about housing. I already talked as I make seedlings. I already said what is the climate that has to leave the type of rule. It is another thing that. I was very curious that I was asked several times pre. What is the period she starts to? I thought it would reach a certain size because mine already bought big in pot 13 I thought it would reach a certain size and and start to give seedlings, beauty nor need. It must be the size only I. I believe it’’s not because why I believe that you don’’t look here for you. See this farm in a pot 11 Let me get it. Here is in pot 7 You can see a baby sing and he is on the side and she will start to Mudinha. Look, what a wonderful thing! People look at it’s very perfect. The image of the fighter Better be a little scared because I I’m not using a tripod. Because the most dynamic video has a lot to do showing. A lot of plants is beautiful. Started to give seedlings of this size. And then what happens is there is another one in pot 6 She is already giving seedlings too. So I believe she has a period for giving seedlings can be now at the beginning of the summer. Right, it can be is also not found looking for information also not found, but I believe that it really is the time it is time to give seedlings right here. Look for us to compare their size better that she is practically twice the size. The one in the pink pot and the other one is also giving a little baby, which is a very beautiful right is very interesting to see this happening there. I believe it really is the period because that is how it is, not all they are from the same time, and some are a little younger than the others that I took first 1 and then a few right. Then I took it off all the others, so they are not from the same period. This is this one, for example, these here. They are already seedlings that fell after she came back from the seedlings as a whole. You can see that even those 100 seedlings, and then when she came back from the seedlings, it was falling some. I put here so they are all from a period more or less different. This social, for example, these bigger they are all from the same time. The ones that are more in size smallest zinho, they are also from the same time. You can see what the vase he influences this one a lot, for example. I changed today. It was in a 6 to 1 pot several a pot. 6 this one also. She was all together in a 6 pot and then. I separated it for you to see That may also not influence the size so much, but you can see that they are all growing up. Healthy is have no or have no suffering like that, wanting to die or nothing even to replant them. I think it’s quite simple, so I usually say that because people speak, it is so difficult to do a lot of pink, but I usually say yes. People have juicy that for me. It’’s so hard to make music it’s so simple for others. People that I think varies a lot. Yes, Dodo. We get it right, for example. I have a lot of ease with pink, so I hit the hand with the pink, but there are others that I can’t do it. Doesn’t change at all, and that’s how it is with everyone who always produces succulents. It is easier with those than with the others, But I believe that with this. The tips will be a little easier for you to identify people. First thing analyze to see what is happening is analyze land, analyze the watering environment. Because if you leave the land too dry, it will also develop cool. If you look too much, it will give fungus will die. Breaded, so it’s always good for us to watch first to see what’s going on. For example, the issue of roots, I’m going to observe to see if I believe there will come a time when they will start to dry and fall alone, right like sometimes it happens. Look at the size of this one. Look, look, just don’t know how beautiful this plant is. One of my sweethearts. Don’t have that much difficulty growing in the big pot one so about once a week because she has a tendency here underneath curling folding the leaves down when it lacks water had a client who comes to ask me. It took me a while to be able to observe this. She will fold the sheet out or dehydrate the bottom sheet, and I already. I realized that this is a lack of water between one way or so once a week, but the sauce. Well, you can see that. This leaf is drying something else. Is that mall that hit fly? It doesn’’t change just at the tip. So it’’s not moving. You are to pull a leaf down there. If you pull, it was not, it will give reason in the same way only what? I realized. Is that the seedlings that are born here that way they are more difficult to pick up. I don’t, I don’t know if this is maybe it’’s born weaker. I don’’t know, but this happened the three times of the dew breaking a leaf unintentionally and we were born days. They did not arrive, not one of them caught, but these are the yellow ones, the one with the least. Chlorophyll, Chrono. They take. Well, so I don’’t know you can be. A matter of environment can be a matter of adaptation that each one has more ease with a type of plant. Look at us as it is beautiful and several worlds These are already at the point of sale. It is very interesting, but I will continue to research because I still want to know with Regarding flowering. I hope it doesn’t come so soon, and if it really is, I am thinking, but in general, I believe everything is fine with my pink. Keep your also beautiful if you have any questions that I didn’’t answer in this video. This video was more to have a chat. Right if you have any questions that I did not answer. Leave us a comment, OK? People are always looking to know more things always researching to see if the we find the answers we need at the time, our cultivation and making new videos. So if you have any doubts, leave them in the comments already share with friends. If you have Kalanchoe pink hit there and mostly if you bought it, we can on Instagram. Mark our #hashtag rosette enchanted and it gives you something and we’ll see you in the next video one thing. I love about pink. Butterflies is putting them in the pots pink, because the seedlings are the same color as the vase. I find it very interesting. Look how cool it is. [SONG].