Kalanchoe Humilis | 10/100 Tiger Kalanchoe Humilis Succulent Care Guide Philippines

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10/100 Tiger Kalanchoe Humilis Succulent Care Guide Philippines


Hello, everyone! Welcome to desert, succulent vlogs and today, Pagosa, Panathin and Kalancho humilis, or you can also pronounce it as Kalanchoe Humilis Ditosa pilipinas this is commonly known as tiger because young patriarch leaves, uh, resembles like the unsatin tiger skin. That’s why we call this as young ating tiger plant so up close, you would really see that it’s colored green canyon leaves, but it’s variegated with purple or parameter, maroon namanga spots or streaks so very irregular yunkanyan pattern. There’s no specific pattern for each leaf. I think every leaf is unique. It’s a religion pattern, and we always hear the word variegated samangas oculus, nothing variegated, It means that young leaf succulent is patterned with a second color like, for example, we have this. The original green color pattern with the purple streak in color, nakanilang leaves would depend on the variety in Atimasaki. Some would have the yellow color, the pink color, the white color, so depending on severity at the moment, succulents and this tiger plant is an excellent choice for beginners, an existing Mulasa Paga Lagano mas oculus case, and at the same time it can grow in containers or pots like, for example, this one I’m just using, you know? I think cup noodles, but as we can see, I think Tiger plant. In fact, before I only have one in just a span of three to four months and right now. Myapansindinnatina all of them are starting to flower napansenkunaditusa. Most of my succulents start flowering from this month, so Karuna Flower stock at this period of time Ayensha. So we have one two so three, and we have four so up close young flowers and its color is also more on the green and the purple, and we are still gonna wait until mug fully bloom. You can yama flowers with regards to watering and adding tiger. It has a typical watering needs for a succulent and yes, we are also going to be doing the soak and dry method for this one. I usually water this every two weeks because I’m trying to stress it as you can see. If there’s gonna be less watering and more sun exposures at the manga succulents, the more they get stressed and the more colorful, they will be having these. It don’t like a purple. Nah, strict. Sahaja Manga leaves more colorful Pasha for the next coming days or months full sun to partial sun, so as much as possible exposure every day or else or Hindi marine color for leaves, I do fertilize it a tiger every three months and one of the reasons succulents as you can see is because I do fertilize in this month October. It’s the perfect time for me to fertilize this and I’m using Ito, so I’m using you adding osmocote fertilizer. So this one is time release. It’s good for three to four months. Yeah, we don’t need to fertilize every month and there is no specific quantity, but for me, Fertilizer is pretty safe at the Manga succulents, unlike those fertilizer, Nagina Gamiko, which is the triple 16. Which you need to be extra cautious and so, for example, right now, if I’m going to be fertilizing, this one is Kathryn Natin so it’s. Since we added our fertilizer this month, the next time we will be fertilizing. This would be Genuarina so every three months honorable fertilize occulance and I will be discussing this in detail next time. And so next is the propagation of our Tigers propagating. This is the same as what we have done. Succulents, you can check our vlogs about leaf propagation and beheading succulents because I was able to discuss in detail Jung propagate, but for this, we can just make use of young leaf again. We can also do some cuttings we for today we will not be doing the actual beheading outdoors, right now. We have five heads in this single pot, and we will just be repotting this one so same thing you can check our previous vlog about repotting succulents and as simple as that, we were able to discuss important points regarding our kalanchoe humilist Orion, adding tiger and thank you for watching once again to our vlogs and don’t forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel. You may also visit our Facebook page at desert, Succulent ph you?