Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoi Marginata | 14/100 Lavender Scallops Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoi Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭

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14/100 Lavender Scallops Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoi Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭


, Uh, hello, everyone! Welcome to desert, succulent and today. Pagosa, Pannatin and kalang koi Fez Jenkoy. This type of succulent is very easy to grow as a house plant so perennius and it could also be a great ground cover. If you wish to put it in your gardens, especially that we have a very favorable NA climate Ditosa pilipinas it comes with a lot of common names such as you adding lavender scallops, Kananko is stone crop, south american air plant, grey, sedum and the variegated lavender scallops. This succulent can grow up to two feet tall and young canyon leaves are characterized as having this color so Mejoli Pakka blue green. But in some cases, like, for example, what I have here, Young Canyon leaves is, in fact, color me, so my pakka, pinkish to cream color and another special thing about this Sakura is that young tips non canyon leaves will turn red under strong sunlight or in drought conditions, so Pakistani gun, more often and shampoo because of the sun exposure, it will be stressed and that would cause young kanyeng tips to turn into that red color. I also have another here. Sally code. This one, It’s almost one. This one is a 12 inch ruler. And, in fact, it is still growing. It just continuously grow, and this plant would also produce flowering stems of sputtering, small bell-shaped flowers and usually the color of its flowers is pinkish orange with regards to hanging light requirements. It’ll add in lavender. Scallops needs lots of strong sunlight, so preferably full sun. If you will be planning to put it indoors, then definitely you could put its, uh, south facing or west facing window. Hong san, it can receive your morning light and your afternoon light, but still the best option for you is to grow the succulent outdoors for you to achieve Yunkan young stress, Na color, watering wise. It’s the same thing as other succulents, we need to allow the soil to dry out completely before watering and feeding or young fertilizer, adding lavender scallop, so during the cold months, we should stop now, fertilizing it on thing, lavender scallops and during young summer months junior time, Natalia growing Seasonilla. We need to try to feed them with fertilizer and again I’m using osmocote fertilizer because this would help encourage young, thicker and healthier growth. Nito. I think succulent during this month. My belly is my dry young soy, Lila. And we need to water them more often. It’s already dry so before I water it every one week or every two weeks, but right now. I am watering it twice a week. The moment you’ve seen an extremely Kanyon leaves. Then that’s the time that you’re gonna water it. So with regards to khanilang soil, we need to make use of adding fast draining soil, But for this one, let’s try to see most of the time. A nursery bag’s oil is definitely very poor. In this young ideal soil mix, parasatina and our lavender scallops requires young transplanting every few years again. So for example, this one outgrown you know, it’s been. I think more than a year in Asian nandito, and it’s really perfect for us to repot this anytime soon. If you will be repotting this, we need to be extra careful around Sakhanelang leaves because non Sakura Natto is a little brutal and may snap or beef, so we need to be extra careful when handling this succulent leaves, it doesn’t require a lot of grooming for this succulent. All we need to do is just remove Your Manga leaves Nana dry. So its very normal. Bottom leaves like other succulents will dry Ha Bangla. And, for example, this one, it’s in the process of decaying NASA, but we will still not remove this one, because as we know, you manage occurrence, nothing, they store waters, stems and events leaves and Asus 90 nothing silent for a long period of time, then definitely, they will start drinking water from this leaf, so usually anxiety sacrifices, bottom part, so this one Indianapolis, They are trying still to source water from this leaf, and for example, we can simply remove it, and so even this one again we can start removing this one, not in so including this one, We will try to remove it and here. My bagong growth kung san Nathan Pinaktangalan old leaf and we will be expecting. There will be new growth detox. Among areas, This is one of the easiest plants to propagate, so it could be from cuttings through division or from the plantlets growing along leaf margins. So when we talk about leaf margins edges is also characterized as having these teeth Ayan, so parashang and eventually some offsets would appear the Tosamanga beef margins Naito. Another way of propagating this is through stem cutting, and that’s very simple. All we need to do is, of course, a clean pair of scissors! This mother plant has four new offsets again. So this is one two three, then? This one is four and we can start cutting it here. If we wish to propagate this, I have here. One example, Ito mother plant nanas a rooftop and after two weeks and we can just simply replant it again for pests or diseases, not adding lavender scallops. They don’t really suffer from too many threats, but they may occasionally attract Yuma, mealy mealybugs, orion scale insects. But it’s advisable that you will do your monthly maintenance and you would check each and every part of your plant, healthy papaya. Or there are some existing pests that could greatly affect young kanilang growth. So just in case my midi bugs. Then all you need to do is remove them with sprays of water or you can just blow it off. You may also dip young cotton buds a 70 isopropyl alcohol. And that’s what you will use to remove young manga Mili Bugs Nanasa in your manga succulents, but that is very true, but if it’s truly infested with mealybugs all over, then were also using. I think the thin bath and I will be discussing this thoroughly in our succeeding Vlogs. Another plant issue with this succulent is jung toxicity. This plant are poisonous to animals, and it can also cause irritation to humans when ingested. And when we say ingestion, we are talking about ingesting this in large amounts, but still prevention is always better than cure. That’s why you have to keep this away from small children, cats and dogs, and that’s all we need to know for our kalen koi fez jenko. It’s really very simple to take good care of this succulent and thank you for watching. 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