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See How To Grow & Care For Kalanchoe Plant Perfectly


Hey, guys, this video is all about how to grow and care for the kalanchoe a plant. November or even December month is the perfect time to grow tackle anyway. And if you haven’t grown eat, it, please do because they are just gorgeous. And the placement of Kalanchoe is that the blooms lasts for many days. I mean, sometimes they’ve had lasts for 60 days. And that’s why you should grow it at your home. This is one cutting which I am going to plant today. And if you did not know, it’s really very easy to propagate the current, a plant from the cuttings or just from a single leaf. I already have a video where I have shown the entire process. And if you don’t know how to do it, then please watch that video simply clicking on the. I button on top right corner. By the way I do have many more cuttings and even leaves as well and all of them. I am going to plant today for the container. I am just going to use a six inches of plastic pot, but let me tell you that. If you want to grow only one single plant that time you can use much smaller pot. Let’s say for one plant 1 4 inches of pot would be just perfect. I am saying this. Sica wan-koo is a succulent and definitely, It’s not going to grow faster, Just like hibiscus, so it ought to give you a very nice Look if you are using a very big pot and plant itself is looking very smurfy in that container for the potting soil mix. I am using 70 percentage of normal garden soil and 30% the subfamily compost. Please note that if you are growing. Kalyn, way for the very first time. Then I really don’t recommend you to use the same potting soil mix because Calvin Quay is a succulent and this is not the right proteins, always for a succulent. I did not have the Coco Peat or even the perlite that they and that’s why I just decided to use the garden soil. So let me give you some more alternatives so that you can grow. Kalyn, way very easily. First alternative would be you can take 30% less off normal garden soil, 30% less off it and raise 30% US. Of vermicompost. You can add near about 10% a subpar light to the potting soil. Mix, however. You don’t have to even know if you’re going to add beat more polite. The second alternative would be you can take 60% Assaf coco, peat and rest 40% less of family compost and the last alternative would be you can take three different components in equal part, where one part would be the garden soil and our part would be defined. We compost, and the last part would be the sand, and if you are going to prepare the potting soil. Mix this way. You really don’t have to worry about, like your plenty is going to die because of over watering now. I am just making a hole in the center, planting the cuttings and then gently pressing the soil, the structure planting the cutting or events are subtle. Repotting your plant. You you want to water your plant, but I am. Not going to do it at this time because you can see that my soil is looking somewhat weight so I would wait until And unless the soil is dry. I would say that at least one answer. Soil is dry And then only I am going to water it next. I am going to keep the pot in a bright area for next few days. Let’s say three to four days and then. I am going to keep the pot on Terrace. Now, please keep watching so guys! This is the final result after waiting for 107 days. And I am extremely happy to see the result. Something like this. I also hope I mean I. I truly hope that you are also liking the impact of the video. Since this is the impact, let us discuss few important things very quickly, but before doing that, let me tell you one important thing very quickly. See if you want to buy the kalanchoe a plant and the blooming stays, then please go for only those plant, which have too many buds as you can see. This is one of my plant and it has way too many buds, and if you buy plant something like this, you would be able to answer their blooms for many more coming days and like he said you earlier. Sometimes you be able to answer the blooms for two months while talking about sunlight requirements. Please note that you can provide your. Colin Copeland whole day of sunlight. But as soon as you see that, they have started forming the buds or even they have started blooming that time. Please try to save them from the midday heat or even afternoon sunlight during blooming stays. If you keep your plants under the direct sunlight. I mean, for the whole day that time, the blooms are not going to last for many more days. And this is the same thing I am doing. I mean, I already say do that. I was keeping all of my plants on Terrace and as of now, I am keeping all of the plants in my balcony itself, and I believe you already know that my balcony doesn’t get the whole day of sunlight to grow the Kolenka plant successfully. You have two extremely good at watering. I already say to that. Colin Quay is a succulent, and that’s why it doesn’t need too much water before watering, always let the topsoil. I would say that let the top one in soil dry out completely, and then only water it as you can see. My pot is looking absolutely dry, so please keep it this way and as soon as you see that top one and soil is dried that time, Please water it. However, it’s always a good idea, not to water on the leaves the best thing about growing. Callan Quay is that you really don’t have to worry about fertilizing them on a regular basis. This is because they bloom only once per a season and in my place they almost stopped blooming from from around April month. However, this may be little bit different for you, but please also know that whatever you do, they would be blooming only once per season. That’s the main reason why I don’t fertilize my kalanchoe a heavily, but if you want to fertilize them regularly, then you can simply apply near about 50 to 70 grams of fiber, my compose or compost, cardamom powder. If you like, you can also add near about 2 TSP that will be 10 grams of bone mill to the fertilizers, But like you said you already, you really don’t have to worry about fertilizing too much and without fertilizing as well, you can get them better result, but for that you should prepare your potting soil Mix properly so far. I fertilize them only once. And I did it as soon as I saw. They are forming the buds. And if you want to apply the similar kind of fertilizer, then you can take near about 1/2 teaspoon, mix it into 1 liter of water and then apply directly on the soil. It’s a high peak, a fertilizers and this. I mean, at this work as a bloom booster fertilizer. I did not get any kind of pacesetter on my plants, but if you are getting any kind of difficulties, then please use neem oil once in seven to ten days. I do have a video where I have shown the entire process and please watch that video simply clicking on the I button on top right corner. If you want to save your plants in the summer season, then please watch out for the slugs and snails. And if you have seen my other video about the propagating calanque way, then you already saw how badly slats and snails damaged my plants, so please be careful if you want to save the plants during the summer season. So guys, this is all about how to grow and care for a kalanchoe plant and I would say that all of my cuttings grew really very well. You can also see the baby growth emerging from the Leafs as you can see, they are looking absolutely gorgeous, and I know that they are also going to bloom in coming few days. If you found a video useful, please don’t forget to like it. Share it and subscribe to my channel. If you haven’t and many, many tens for doing that again. If you have any questions or feedback on the video, please write it below and the please. You don’t have to feel any sigh. Just write it. What is in your mind? Thank you very much for taking your valuable time to watch the video. I truly appreciate it. Have a great day and enjoy.