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My 3 Favorite Ground Cover Plants | Never Weed Again! | Freyman Farms


Hey, everybody, it’s! Alexa from Fryman farms. And today I just want to talk a little bit about the few ground covers. We have here. Ground cover is a big thing for me. I’m trying to spread around the property because we don’t like to spray. We don’t like to spare weeds. For obvious reasons, we don’t want chemicals and such around our property. So I’m working with what I have to, You know, kind of cover up the ground and make it harder for weeds to grow, so I don’t have to pick them because there’s so much. I’d rather be doing than picking weeds four hours a day. I just want to go for a few of the ground covers. We have here that. I’m just I really love, so I’m gonna start with this guy. It’s called Cedam album and it’s a part of the succulent family. It never really dies in the winter. It turns like this purplish color you can see in there, the purples and then in the spring and summer and you can see it’s starting to turn back to green, so it looks like a green blanket, kind of covering everything, and for the most part, it does a pretty good job at keeping most of the weeds at bay and it’s actually just really cool. It feels soft and like well. It feels like a succulent, not only do they look great, They’re super easy to propagate. All you need to do to divide. This plant is pick one of these arms that that comes off. Try to get it as close to the base as possible. Just pinch, so you end up with one piece and then as you can see, there are little roots coming off of it. What we’ll want to do is take a few of the very bottom pieces off until you have some stem exposed, and then maybe take a few more and then you can stick this right into a pot with dirt and water it and it’ll become its own plant, and that’s pretty cool and pretty easy. If you want to divide them up to kind of cover, one place faster, so it does take quite a few years for it to spread. It’s pretty fast, but it’s not, you know, not super fast. So this is Cedam album and then to propagate like. I said, as you need to do is clean the bottom of the stem off and find a pot and just kind of stick that bottom piece in, fill it up with dirt. Give it a water and you got yourself a new set. A melon plant, easy peasy, another setting. We have here that. I actually just noticed this year for some reason. I don’t know if it just grew, and it’s just getting big enough to notice, but in another bed, we have this other set them, which is also a type of succulent. I think it’s gorgeous. I mean it. Has these like pink edges around it? Definitely loving it, so I’ve propagated a few of these. I’m gonna definitely be putting this some places. It looks like it’s growing pretty fast, and it’s going over things, so just gonna keep it managed. It is a hardy plant that you can forget to water for a few days. It’s not gonna be a big deal. They thrive and drier soils. So so. Yeah, here’s this one same thing. If you want to propagate, you find a longer stem, then you go to the base and you snip and then clean off the bottom few. Stick it in a pot like we did, and you got a new one. This one is called snow in the summer. The reason it’s called that is because it actually blooms. It’s beautiful white flowers that if it’s on a bed covering a lot of space it, it looks like freshly fallen snow, but it blooms. I believe in June, so obviously most places don’t have snow in June. It’s a really pretty even the leaf is just pretty. It’s like a gray silvery grain and this is a very invasive ground. Cover, so if you want something covered quickly, you know, once this gets established, it’s really it’s pretty dominant in any bed. It likes hillsides and kind of rocky soil. So if you have somewhere like that, this would be a good one and a pretty one, see ya. I think no, no, that’s a weed, that’s it. Those are my favorite ground covers. Thanks for watching.