Is An Air Plant A Succulent | Succulents And Air Plants Know-how

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Succulents And Air Plants Know-how


Hi. I’m Linda from long life florists, and I’m going to talk to you about succulents and air plants. They’re really fun, little plants. They’re kind of bizarre, and they’re very concise, like if you want to use them in a small apartment or on a dorm windowsill or something, and they’re just cute as all get-out, so there’s a lot of different varieties in the succulents. There’s the mother-in-law’s tongue. There’s all of these that you see in these web trays right there. Even the clan show is considered a succulent, which is a nice house plant because it’ll bloom for you. You can also plant it outside. There are some outside succulents like sea domes that you can leave out all year or these succulents. You could set up on the patio during the summer and enjoy and then bring them in in the winter. There’s also coiours. Here’s a shorter variety of the mother-in-law’s tongue, Just all kinds of little cuties. They’re really fun, little plants, kind of fun guys not to be confused with mushrooms. That was just a little pun for fun, so you can use this in a lot of ways. They like a hot environment. They store a lot of moisture in their leaves. That’s why these leaves get so thick. It’s actually actually a dual purpose, because if they’re in the desert or someone really hot, but thickly leaves shade the rest of the plant. Cactus are succulents, too. They also grow spines, which are double fold. They provide protection for the plant from predators and they shade the plant. Some cactus even grow a little hairy appendages that shade themselves, so we can use the succulents in a lot of different ways. We can use them in a dish garden collection like this. We can use them in a wedding bouquet. They’re really in style right now for that, we can use them in a fresh arrangement like this right here where we’ve added the succulents in and or in a boutonniere, the great advantage of using them in a wedding bouquet or an arrangement or a boutonniere is the person who received this for a special occasion can take that out and replant it for a memory for later to keep it as a keepsake to accomplish this. I cut some of the root off, not all and I washed the dirt away and I inserted a stick and then you might want to put a little floor adhesive on there too. Before you add it to your wedding bouquet or your arrangement. Now the succulents, they don’t like to be over watered, and during about November through February, they go through a sort of a semi dormant stage. Where if you were watering them say once a week you would want to cut back to watering them only once every two weeks, or if it was a cactus and you were watering, it say once every two to three weeks, you might want to cut back a little farther on that. If you repot your succulent, you’re going to want to put some some rocks down in the bottom of your pot for drainage. If you’re using pot like this, that’s kind of porous. You’re gonna have to water it a little more often, then. If you use a pot like this, it’s waste either way. Use some rocks at the bottom, either by some pre cactus soil from a nursery or at some some gravel, some volcanic rock or some sand to your regular potting soil. When you pot it make sure you don’t putt the plant any deeper than it was in the original pot that it was in. It needs to be at the very same level. They’d like to have maybe a little layer of gravel or sand along the top of the soil, too. If you want to, sometimes it’s a decorative one said to be really cute on there. So that’s about it on the succulents. Sometimes they have a real waxy sort of a feel to them, and they’re pretty fun plants to have around now on air plants, they don’t need to have quite as bright a light as the succulent you can think of the air plant is something that might grow in the jungle where it’s a little bit shady, but the light that is there it is bright when it gets through it. They like to grow in the where two branches come together on a tree, sort of like unworking. And so when you water them, here’s an example of a little air plant. You could water that two or three times a week. You could dip it in some water and put it back. Wherever you want to keep it or you could missed it. The key is don’t water it so often that it can’t dry out within four hours, three or four hours needs to dry out, or it’ll become too wet. These are great, because if you had some kind of a setup like this, something kind of Wood’s botanical, you could just water that your plant and put it right back when you’re done, and it’d be so happy there. Here’s another example of one. I put into this stick over here or maybe you just want to stick it on your wall somewhere just for fun. So I think that concludes what I wanted to say about the succulents. I will see you next time. I hope you had fun learning about it. And I hope that you get some because they really are fun, thank you.