Hybrid Succulents | Meet Echeveria Rosal Lizk Hybrid – Succulent Mornings Vlog #5

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Meet Echeveria Rosal Lizk Hybrid - Succulent Mornings Vlog #5


It’s snowing, it’s snowing. Okay, look, look, look snow. Oh, that’s not snow. That’s petals from flower snowing. Oh, look my hand! I have to wait. I have to wait for the snow to drop. Come on, please, don’t make a liar out of me. Hands warm. Oh, I just look on my clothes there. You go better, yay, yeah. Can you see those droplets there? Yay, snowing, That’s ice, okay. Let’s go see, look bigger, one bigger one. Can you see in my sleep snowing on my succulents? But I’m not worried because you’re strong babies, aren’t you? Hey, okay, chroma. Hello, look at them, see? Can you see the snow dropping? Look, I don’t even know if you have to put it in something a little bit dark, so you can see the as it falls as it falls on my arm. I think it’s better, okay. I am gonna be covered. Oh, my goodness, it’s so exciting! Hello, babies! This is the first time you’re gonna have snow snow snow. But it’s nice and cold. It’s like I think the original, the original strain and that one is a tissue culture strain and look, they’re getting hit by the snow as it falls on my succulent. This is my new new new planter thing. Oh, okay, I better go inside, really. Um, for real this time. Because, oh, see, see, look at that succulent brain. We should do that as a slogan, succulent brain. Oh, dad, lay yeah. This is that Leia Noma, sprite and hello, you’re actually my beautiful. Um, Monroe, this is now. Oh, I’m shaking because it’s cold. This is my Monroe, which is a leaf grown, okay. Monroe and that baby Monroe has got some siblings. This is the first that’s actually like two years old that small plant. And I’ll show you the sister. The sister is that one That is a Monroe. I’m actually calling you now. That, uh, so it’s basically my own hybrid, and I’m calling that one. Rosal, so look at that, huh? You would not think that’s the same plant. It’s the same plant. I’m telling you, and if you see the other one, okay, I’ll put you here back. Oh, cold, I’m trying to there you go. I call this now. See, grab the variable, it’s cold. Oh, look how beautiful she is. Oh, okay, that’s it. We’re gonna go inside lots of beautiful. I got lots of goodies to show you, but on my future videos see windy, very windy. We live in a windy place. All the flakes are getting bigger. I better go inside. Do you see this beautiful, gorgeous, succulent? I’m sort of singing. I don’t know why, but these are. This is babies! That’s popping out. Look, it’s rooting, see, look at all the roots of the babies. This one! I plucked them in. I think it’s April that I plucked this and this one. This is Echeveria blue Metal, this blue metal. Look how beautiful they are! The color is really like blue. I have never seen them like seen them like this blue before. And then this one see, look. I pulled it out of, uh. I think in the garden it was this was growing in the garden. I pulled it out because it was blocking other plants and I just left it here and it’s been sitting there for over two months. See, because right now, see, look, there’s the roots. There’s no new roots coming out, but I think they’re just about to wake up once it warms up because they’re still asleep, they’re sleeping, they’re not doing anything so, uh, what they’re doing is just consuming all the leaves that are dry here is because they feed off that so whatever leaves they have in the bottom there, So even that I still wouldn’t take that off. So this one is sort of borderline. Normally, I leave that one as well and let it dry up, because that’s where they’re going to get their nutrients from while they’re asleep. I mean, although they don’t use up much, they still need a certain amount of nutrients, so they’re ready to be put in soil once it warms up because I can’t even get out of the house because it is freezing, it’s cold and so many plants look at that. Even these ones I bought. These ones like I don’t know ages ago and I haven’t even put them. Um, in my growing medium pot And then this aceton dendrodium. I bought this well with no label, but I know it’s a serum dendrodium, but because I had serum dendrition before and I couldn’t find it and after buying it. Look, I found it. Look how beautiful it is. If I could reach, you could see the color, see? This is from the shop that I bought. And then that one is what I grow. They’re very Frost, Hardy, and it’s raining again. It’s starting to rain again, So that all go all red, all red like much. Uh, rather than the Hutts pink or Douglas Hut here, so it’s. The color is more intense that one. It’s just the tip of it. Sort of red. Uh, see the reddest part. That’s what it looks like the whole plant. Oh, there you go almost like this. Seedling here is like that gorgeous, they’re gorgeous. Oh, look at that sedum. Um, Pacquiveria. Are you Clavifolia or scoticaria? I think that’s Clevifolia. So that’s Clavifolia. Look how red this, uh, cactus? Oh, it is a cactus, but it’s a tropical cactus. This one, you don’t want to be touching this like what I’m doing because if it pricks you. The milk sap is actually bad for you. If you get say, for example, okay, let’s go do this. Oh, see that milk sap that’s coming. Stay stay! Okay, see, that milks up there. You touch that it’s all sticky. Do I see here there? Take that there and then you accidentally rub your eyes. You’re gonna go blind well. If you don’t believe me, just try it. No, don’t don’t do it, don’t do it. Okay, so it’s your phobia. Try gonna por parrella and look, it’s all beautiful in it like beautiful. Look at those red gorgeous. It’s like spots, red, beautiful and it’s out here in the freezing cold. I got some inside that I’m growing, but these ones. I’ve already trained them to weather the cold. Okay, this one is shelves for, um, my succulent for it’s gonna have pots and everything in it, but I couldn’t even do anything with it right now. Because I can’t work in the garden. Oh, cold, my hands called need gloves. Where am I going? Oh, the other one here. Trigona Euphobia Trigona. Look how tall it is. This is my oldest plant. And when it started, it was only about six inches tall, and then now that’s about 1.3 meters to be exact. If you don’t believe me, let’s go get a tape measure. But it’s about 1.3 meters tall. Now that’s not counting the pot. Oh, counting the pot. Oh, look, and look what I got there because this used to live indoors and look, there’s, um, seeds from another pot. I think that’s snapdragon. Maybe, and then that one is one of those indoor nerve plant or something that’s just growing. Oh, look at you, you’re pretty. This is lavender scallop. Um, I think no. This is something piece That’s with a pinnacle or something like that. Kalang kowi kalang koi does a kalinkowi. Yeah, you’re a calendar. Apparently you could eat this. Why am I talking about going? Blind eating stuff. Okay, so my house. I mean, not my house. Well, my house, too. I need to tidy up a bit. Um, but out here. This is I’m planning to overhaul or renovate this area here because this is the my succulent growing area before before my plants became Hardy before they live outside, they used to live here, but then now I’m planning to empty this all out and create a little nice, secluded private. Uh, sitting area where in I want to close it off as well. So that way in winter, I could just sit here and look at my succulents without freezing, uh, to death. Hang on! Excuse me, I just burp okay now. That one look this pot here. I’m just trying to feel the bottom if it has a hole. Yep, there’s a hole, but then that, um, it’s peperomia. We’re in a row, See, that’s what the label says. They got the back, but this one is. I think aloe giovanna or something like that, and it’s all red, but because I haven’t watered it for a while, so I feel like I don’t want to water it because it’s so pretty, but even here in the shade that’s kept in the shade. That’s still going red. you?