Hummels Sunset Jade | My Huge New Crassula Ovata “hummel’s Sunset”

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My Huge New Crassula Ovata “hummel’s Sunset”


Hi, guys, welcome back to another video. I, um, have quite a special video today. Um, yesterday I acquired quite a lovely plant, so I thought I would share it with you. All now it’s not small. I will say that let’s just move on to the plan. It is a huge Crassula Ovata Hummel’s sunset And it’s in beautiful bloom at the minute, But I noticed a problem. I did already try and record this take, but I noticed that it looked as if they were sort of like some black mold, so I had a closer look. Um, it was around here. I had a closer look as you can see. I put some natural sort of homemade fungicide on it. And then I realized oh, my god, there are so many of these tiny little bugs all over it. I mean, you can see in this. One here. Let me just zoom in. There are absolutely loads of them. I’ve already treated it for insects. So I used some of this. Um, it’s not at all sponsored by the Rand. But, um, I find that it really helps clear off any type of aphids it. Um, it’s good for ornamentals as well as sort of, um, fruit and veg plants. It’s quite a safe insecticide, really. Um, but yeah. I got this beauty yesterday. Quite pricey price, but I don’t mind because of the sheer size of it. I mean, if I have my tape with me. I’m only about maybe a foot and a half taller than this plant. It’s a really really tall plant and the, um, variegation on some of the leaves is be absolutely beautiful. I need to be careful touching this because of the insecticide. You always need to make sure to wash your hands quite thoroughly after using an insecticide. Um, obviously to prevent it getting into your system. So that’s why there’s so many towels now because we have pet cats and I don’t want them to sort of stand in it and end up licking it up, but yeah, loads of flower heads, loads of insects. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be any sort of on this side. It more seems to be over there, so hopefully it stays over there And like I say, I’ve treated it, So all the insects should hopefully eventually die out, but, um, yeah. My dad brought it home yesterday. I was incredibly excited for it. Um, I will be taking a few cuttings so like here. It sort of branched out a bit weird, so I’ll be taking a cutting there, then separating these two and planting them up on their own. All things like down here, still a bit wet. Actually, um, but yeah, it’s a really gorgeous plant, and there’s some odd little flowers with only four petals on. There’s a couple that are like that. There’s one there one there. I think there’s one on one like this cluster. But, um, yeah, I have much more to say. Um, there’s a small. I sort of try and get down. It’s a bit congested, where the plant is at the moment. Um, I’m definitely going to be changing this soil because I don’t like this soil. Of course, throughout the rest of today, I will be checking this plant sort of top to toe. Make sure there’s no more sort of insects that I should be worried about. Um, but yeah, it’s got a lovely little growth on the side over there. There’s actually a fallen leaf. Looks like it’s snapped off, so I’ll just pop that off. It is it’s kind of hard to do stuff and record at the same time. But, um, I sprayed that part too, and I’ve sprayed all the up the trunk of the plant just to make sure it’s really thick trunk. I haven’t measured it, but if I were to measure it, I’d probably say it’s around three inches sort of a cross. Sorry about that little cut out there I am, I had to stand up because my knees were starting to hurt, and I have a drawing right behind me, so I couldn’t stand up without sort of bashing the drying rack, so I needed to put my phone down for a second, but, um, yeah, I’m really pleased with this. This is a west facing window so you can see the suns starting to come around youll. Get maybe a couple of hours of afternoon. Sun, possibly I’m not too Sure I’m mostly excited for the summer when I can get it to color up. Nice, bright and red because all these red edges, it’s already beautiful as it is, But like, let’s flash. Um, yeah, gorgeous planets incredibly mature. I will be taking quite a lot of cuttings, so I can give them away to friends and family and stuff like that. So, um, yeah. I hope you enjoyed this video and, um, I should be coming out with a full sort of, like a patchy fight and collection tour as well as a, um, a Chrysler collection tour. Um, I’ve got quite a quite a few crystals in my collection now, including this huge beauty but, uh, yeah. I hope I can get it to flower next year because it is, it is a stunner and the flowers are so pretty like a lilac pink. Absolutely beautiful, but yeah, like I say, um. I had found a bug on it earlier today. It’s a bit bigger than the ones that are over on those. Those flower stems. But, um, I think it might have been a predator English, a predator bog. Um, yeah, I’m sorry if I seem so shy in these videos. Um, I am quite a quiet person, and it takes me quite a lot of courage to actually start to record these videos solely because I’m such a shy person. Um, but yeah, I thank you for being patient with me, and I’m really happy with sort of how far my Youtube’s channel Youtube channel has come. I’m not that big yet, but I want to strive for it well. I thank you all for watching, and I, um. I really hope you did enjoy this. Little update on this humongous plant. Here’s sort of like a top-down view. It’s absolutely gorgeous, but yes, again. Thank you all for watching, and I should hopefully see you in a few days with my new video. I hope you enjoyed. If you feel like it, maybe if you could leave a like and a subscribe, it would really help me out with trying to grow my channel, but, um, yeah, I shall see you all in the next one goodbye.