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Recovering Dying Succulents


Hi, guys, this is time of a year where I usually don’t shop for succulents and cactuses in the stores because we don’t have any nurseries nearby that are open all through the year, so Louis is one of those stores in the United States, where you can buy succulents and cactuses for really affordable prices most of the year, But not right now. I decided to go there and check anyway, And I found out. They had clearance on all of the plants they received in November last year right now it’s January beginning of January. So I got a few things that were in a pretty bad shape and I wanted to show you what I’m gonna do with it. By the way, it was so hard to push the car through the snow because there is a lot of snow on the parking lots of the stores, so lets. Take a look what I brought. So here is what I bought. It loves. There are nine pots and some pots have more than one type of plant and they’re all in a pretty bad shape. Here is some that you can see that they’re dead and also they have glued stones some more that have that parts or that have mealy. Bugs here is actually mini bugs here infestation in this crassula. Then there are these with a bunch of like damage, thieves, or and, you know, probably these have some mealy bugs as well and the reason why. I make sometimes purchases like this is that these pots are pretty nice and all this together cost only $10 Some of these parts were only 50 cents, which is a great deal. Even if I don’t use the plans, there are great bottoms. They’re white, and I think they’re really pretty and I can reuse them then. There are some parts like these tubes that I can either spray paint or leave them in this clay color. And then there’s this square bigger white pod that I think it’s really nice. And then there are some plants that have life in them. I mean, there is these to achieve areas and I’m definitely planning to pull out these various out of pots and clean them out of these dead leaves. Probably clean roots completely. Examine them. Maybe a spray them. With a neem oil spray, top of the plants leaves with alcohol and start the recovery process. So we’ll see who’s gonna survive. These two. Also, don’t look too bad This Teddy bear. Come on, Hawaii, Tomatoes. I think it looks alive and this jade plant. They don’t know it’s the law. The leaves are extremely soft, but then there are some some of these ghost plans that have damages, but maybe some of them will survive there. Is this one like a crested ghost plant here? I think might be okay. Few other ones that I can take cuttings and wrote them. This one here is really interesting. It’s a type of echeverria cubic. Frost and I think I’m gonna just cut Take the cutting. Take the top off and try to route it, so I’m gonna have to keep all these guys away from other plans doing all these bad leap off of this. And it’s already looking a little better a lot of boots. You don’t seem to have minivans in the on the roads. These plants have been really neglected. I mean, they obviously I know when they got them because I go regular with to that store. They got them end of November, so they haven’t been watered cents Today is January 4th, so these guys have been between one and a half month, probably first transportation, then without water without proper light and then attacked by pests. So they’re gonna get the good spring and going into new pots and your soil. I’m really actually excited about this guy here. I have one more like this. It’s a curse! Sula looks like a tree, and I think if I spray it and repot, it think might recover. Here are old pots after I have cleaned them. And what’s really great is that they all have hole so really pleased with the colors. Here, these shape. So, um, these are the plans that I have decided to give a second chance. They have been all sprayed and ready to go two new bots and soil. And I’m after I do that. I’m going to show you how they look like so here. These plants then. I wake up today after I have effected the paw spray. The plants put them in this new soil. I think they look pretty good. I’m gonna have to keep them still away from the other ones, but I think they don’t look too bad. I haven’t cut some of these yet as you can see. They’re kind of tall and leggy. I might do that later, but there are some that I did cut here that I haven’t find hotpots yet for so you can see. This is a cutting these two, this one. I haven’t cut yet. I don’t know what to do with it. Doesn’t look that great. Mmm, and then there is these two that we’re obviously cuttings when they were placed in a pot with glue and stones because they’re very. They have very tiny roots, so we’ll see how it works for them. I’ll give you updates. Thank you for watching.