How To Repot String Of Pearls | String Of Pearls Care – Repotting – What Not To Do

Casey Riley

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String Of Pearls Care - Repotting - What Not To Do


Okay, let’s try this. Hello, my name is. Casey and I am going to show you how. I popped my string of pearl’s plants. I would say this is my number one all-time favorite plant. I’ve had them for over a year now, and I’ve really learned what to do. What not to do, so I’m gonna quickly share that with you guys? But this plastic is not breathable. So number one is your pot. It needs to be either a terracotta or a concrete pot so that it can breathe the number. One problem with keeping these string of pearls alive is when you overwater even just a hair and the plant stays wet, just a little bit too long. The roots will rot and quickly. Your plant will be dying from the inside out. I’ve actually had that problem recently. I had to cut all the strings off. The side repot them and they are now. Hopefully going to grow into a new plant, but I wish to spare you from having to do that. So the number one thing is the pot. I caught two of these and all the other string of pearls. I have are in round pots, but I really want to put this one in this square pot because I think it’s really cute. Now you can tell from looking at it. That two of these, It’s kind of big for two of these, but I’m just gonna make it work. The next thing we have to do is make this soil. So you want your soil to be highly drainable, that’s? All you need, that’s the key. So what I do is I take a succulent soil that you just get from anywhere. Just a succulent mix. And then I get some perlite, which you can also get right there by the the succulent mix at the store, and I just do like 50 50 so 50 soil 50 perlite and it just that perlite makes it really drainable, okay. The soil is made. So this is what it looks like, just very fluffy and breathable. You can see all the little white pieces. Are the perlite okay, so far, we’ve chosen the right pot. We’ve got our soil made. Now it’s time to actually take these little babies out of their nursery pots and put them in a planter Now. The last thing that I want you to know about these plants is that they have a very shallow root system, so you don’t want to get a deep pot that being said you probably notice that this is pretty deep. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna use fillers. You can get rocks to do this. I actually have some packing peanuts that I have saved from a target order that are got in the mail, so I’m actually going to put these packing peanuts down in the bottom, and I’ll show you how I do that. But that is going to prevent the root systems from sitting in wet soil at the bottom and rotting so again it’s just all about preventing those roots from being too wet, so lets. See how this goes? I took the packing peanuts and put them about this far up to the pot. Because I know that I’m gonna want my pearls to sit about that deep. So that’s how I made that decision. The level of the packing peanuts ends right where the bottom of this pot ends. So now what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna start putting soil down in the pot . Can you tell it to 90 degrees outside? I am so wedding. I’m not really sure what I got on record because I was being attacked by Wasps and mud daubers throughout that whole process and I was hitting pause and play. So who knows what actually got recorded, so I’m just gonna sum every everything up for you and show you a couple more Things. Also where to get string of pearls? If you don’t have a local plant shop, we have one called the potted edge, but if you don’t or they’re out of string of pearls, you can get on house. Plant shop, calm, more succulent box. I’ve ordered from both of those, and they’re really good when they ship. These are from house plant shop and when they ship they water, So what I did was when I pulled them up out. I saw that the bottoms of the roots were starting to rot. So I you probably saw me in the video, but I just pulled all that off, so I pulled about that much soil off of these, and it’s just soaking wet so normally when you repot any plant, you want to give it a good soaking water, but I am. Not gonna do that with these because we know they’re really sensitive to water and they are already sopping wet down in the middle. So I’m gonna kind of let that sit for a couple days. Then this is where the best tool ever is gonna come in your soil tester. So you just put it on moisture and you just stick this down in the soil. I’ll try to stick it right down in the middle of the plant, different angles, just to kind of see if the roots are wet or not, but this is going to tell you if it’s dry. Moist, wet and I am. Not going to water this again until the middle is dry just to prevent any issues and you can see how with this. The pearls are almost a little too down in. I wish I would have done them a little more a little in the middle, but I think this is gonna work out good since they’re gonna be outside. So what I’m hoping is that all of these strings laying on the soil are gonna grow and just below over the edges. We’ll see, okay, so let’s summarize everything and then. I’m gonna show you the one that I actually killed recently. So number one is the pot you’ve got to have something breathable, terracotta or concrete number two soil 50 perlite 50 succulent mix and then number three. When you pot it just make sure that they’re popping up over the top, not sunken down in. You can put your fillers in there in the bottom so that you can use a certain pot. Now let me show you. This is a pot that I found at Lowe’s and this one was really good for these because it had these extra holes here on the sides, which I really really liked these. I didn’t really have to worry too much about over watering this one until I overwatered it. And this is the aftermath, so it actually also had mealybugs on it, so I took alcohol and poured it over the top to kill all the mealy bugs, and I think that also caused it to be over watered, so you can just see how a lot of the pearls are just kind of well. That one just fell off. I’ll show you what they look like. When they’re over watered, it’s really hard to get it to focus, but they start to just kind of turn clear when they’re over, watered so and then it eventually rot. I don’t know why I’m keeping this. I think it just makes me sad, but I’m just keeping it. Maybe it’ll come back to life Miraculously sadness, but what I did was I. Basically It was overflowing with Pearls, and I just went around and cut off every piece that was alive and I repotted it into this pot up here if you can tell. I did it strand by strand. So that took a very long time, but I do have a passion for this string of pearls and let me know if you have any questions because I’ve kind of as you can see, done all the wrong things and the right things. So let me know if you have any questions.