How To Propagate String Of Banana Plant | Propagating The String Of Bananas Succulent

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Propagating The String Of Bananas Succulent


Hi, guys, welcome to easy-peasy gardening. I’m your gardener, friend Ruchi. And today we are going to plant string Looks banana. This is a perfect plant for a hanging basket because you know, it has these strings hanging out and they can become really long, You know, two to three feet tall and the reason it is called string up. An honor is that you know all these leaves. They look like bananas hanging from the string as you can tell. I had this string of bananas plant here and it has these long shoots. You know, stems about three tall and this has been sitting inside and now. I see that it is not a growth in here, so that means this is a good time to propagate it because when you see some growth in the plant, so then you want to, you know, propagate it and create more plants, so I’m going to take a cutting from this, and normally I have seen then that flower string of bananas and fostering of falls if you see a cutting, which is at least six to eight inches tall, then it grows better If you take a small cutting and put it there, it just doesn’t grow that well, when it is hanging from the planter, Then it grows better so. I’m going to just take from this time. Maybe about ten inches long, cutting worth 12 inches long cutting there and just remove the bottom leaves because otherwise it will not hold well in the soil, And also, you know, leaves will not go in the soil properly, So I’m just going to leave the leaves also in there. Sometimes, you know, the leaves also grow roots, so this planter has subtle and potting soil mix with lot of pebbles and core scent. Because that’s what succulents like, And now I have this spin. You know, the paperclip that I have flattened out and then he made a you from this, so I’m just going to put it on top of this, so that string doesn’t fall out because you know if because the string is so long if you don’t put anything there, then it can just fall out because of that weight, so I put the paperclip there, and now I’m going to water it a little bit, and then I’ll keep it inside because this mother plants was also inside, so I’m just going to keep the other this cutting also inside and just make sure that it doesn’t get any direct sunlight. My mother plant was on the south-facing window sill. Here is used to get maybe a couple of hours of direct. Sun, but mostly in direct Sun. But this one, I will keep in indirect light only and as it starts to blow. So I plant this cutting the other day, and then I realized that this cutting that I planted actually has roots growing here. I didn’t notice these roots the other day, so I should have actually cut it here and then put them inside in any case. I’m going to do that today, so I’m going to just cut it here. I want to leave. You know some stem here? Because otherwise it will not grow at all because it grows better if it is hanging so now. I’m going to remove the bottom leaves because again it has to stick in the soil, so just make a hole and just put it in and press around it so that it stays and as it starts to grow. I will keep you posted. It’s been about six weeks and look at this love. The skirting has grown like three inches and live in this one, look at this. This has grown one inch here. So basically, both the cuttings have started growing, so this was our original plan and we cut it from here and it has grown about 4-5 inches from that cut and this another cut and again it has grown five six inches, so this is growing happy. No problems here, and this is the one where we had planted that cutting and then we cut it again in half. It has grown about three inches and this is the other cut and from there it has grown about an inch so this is also starting to grow, so it’s pretty straightforward to grow string or banana. You just take a cutting, which is about six to eight inches long. I’ve seen that, you know when the string is hanging from the planter. It’s it grows faster, so you want to take a longer string and then plant it in succulent soil mix and keep it in a lot of indirect sunlight and just water it a little bit. You can see that it’s pretty dry, And in a few months, it will start to grow. I mean, it takes time for it to start, but then once it starts, then it grows predation quickly. So I hope this video was useful to you. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I try to answer it as soon as possible. If you like this video, press the like button and subscribe to our Channel and I’ll see you next time. Happy gardening bye.