How To Plant Cactus In Ground | What Soil Works Best For Cactus

Laura Eubanks

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What Soil Works Best For Cactus


It’s more you banks have designed for serenity with your succulent tip of the day and a three intestine. And have we made progress or what we have. The cactus diorama all planted out. It looks absolutely breathtakingly amazing. We still have some other areas of the yard to do tomorrow. Gregg has to identify which plants he’s going to run water to the elements are going to get hydrated. The cactus will not. We are also doing lighting out here because think how spectacular this garden will look up lit so that the wires have to be run for that. We’ve also got some flagstone in late pathways that we’re gonna be working out. We’ve started on the rumbling. Now, look! I’ve got Randy as my as my photographer today. Look at how ugly the plastic etching is over there. This is a really pretty and Ross and Randy work this bed all over this amazing plastic, edging compared to how great? Rumble Rock hopes as edging in a campus car. I mean, there’s no comparison this just. I think it was Randy earlier. That said it takes it to the next level, so I will be putting down a crushed 3/8 inch rock That’s rather neutral colored, and then I’ll be splashing Burgundy lava around in places, too for pop. Many of you have been asking me lately for whatever reason about soil, and what kind to get. What kind do I use and you know? Do you need to add humus to it or voila? I don’t even know, so here’s the thing or compost. You know what about using compost your soil that you get it from wherever you’re getting? It should be pretty fine and it should. It should smell like nothing, and if you do mixing compost, your compost should smell like the earth after the rain that’s. When you know it’s well composted if it smells still smells like rotten food, or it’s real hot to the touch. That’s not a good idea that can burn tender roots of succulents and cacti, so feel free to mix compost in as long as it is really well composted and it smells clean and neutral soils. This actually is a mixture of what was in the cans. This is a clean amended topsoil from. I don’t know where John got. It’s a poll data. Maybe or even Southwest Boulder. Since there’s one up here now, but remember the gold standard with soil in your succulent Gardens is that it drains? Well, okay, moving on all of these fabulous specimens. We look at this compacta this agave. Victoria Region a compact. It isn’t that just money right there in this dick iya. Ah, and look at this little mammal area up here, look at that. How precious is that? We’ve got like ten of these in this garden. Oh, everywhere I look, It’s just it’s just candy. Well, where we’re at right now is where we’re gonna be putting in a flagstone pathway. I’m gonna, you know, kind of loop. We will have some low-level plants in here in this flowerbed. There were agapanthus lilies in here, which didn’t make a whole lot of sense so. I’m going to be doing some succulents in here. We’ll be edging out this with the rubble. I’ve got more area for pathway through here and through here. I pulled in. You know, the beautiful, three beautiful pieces, driftwood? Oh, my goodness, what else can? I tell you about this right now. I think that’s all I can tell you. I’m tomorrow you’ll get to see that You’re seeing a Drako bed. Plant it out. You might get to see some rock. Go down! I’m not sure, but yeah. I’ll just have Randy kind of take you around and give you the highlights this has been. Laurie Eubanks of design for serenity reporting from Tustin with team DFS and day three of the cactus diorama you !