How Long Can Succulents Go Without Water | Things To Do When You Shouldn’t Water Your Succulents

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Things To Do When You Shouldn't Water Your Succulents


Hey, friends! I am super excited today. To show you some things that you can do with your succulents when they don’t need to be watered. I still highly recommend checking on your succulents every day or at least every couple days. Just to make sure that nothing is going wrong, and it’ll also help you notice differences in your succulents and be able to catch problems sooner. So let’s flip around and I’ll show you a few things that you can do when you should not be watering your succulents. Alrighty, so here. I have my collection of succulents. Most of which were featured in the 30 succulent videos. We did so if you see any of them here. There’s probably a video featuring it on the Youtube channel, But one of the things that you want to look for just when either you’re watering your succulents or on days when you’re not watering is for dried-up lower leaves, and it’s a great idea to just remove those leaves and keep your succulent a little bit more cleaned up and looking nice so sometimes. I do this on days when I’m watering, but I usually save it for days when I’m not because I want to feel like I’m doing something right, even if they don’t need water. So as you can see, I have not done this for a few days, and some of these leaves come off really quickly or easily others if they don’t come off really easily by themselves. I usually just leave them there, but then the leaves that are like on top of the soil. I’ll go ahead and pull those off, too. If you can’t reach them. I usually use tweezers. So the other things that I recommend doing which I did. Just here here just now is I recommend turning your succulents now? This is going to be especially helpful if you’re growing succulents on a windowsill indoors because there’s more light on one side of the window than the other so a little bit ago. I did a video showing the difference between this. You know, new’s bama rhenium and this one and the difference is just the amount of light that it’s getting so. If you rotate your succulents, you can see this one’s leaning a little bit, so it hasn’t been getting as much light, so go ahead and rotate your succulents and the other thing that that does is. It gives you a different perspective of your succulent so that you can see what’s going on. If you’re wondering, these were my can. I save it plants and clearly the answer is no. I can’t because opposed to these we’re like super under watered, and I don’t want her many plants very often. So yeah, those did not survive. They need be cleaned out, but just, you know, looking for little things like here. I can see that this guy could use a little bit more water right now. I know I haven’t watered it for about two weeks. So with that one. I would say, okay. I’m gonna go ahead and water it. Which most of these are at that point, but the other thing videos just talk to him right like you can. I know a lot of people will like sing songs or just tell them how. Good, they’re looking because it actually makes a difference. And if you don’t believe me, go do some research on how kind words can change water, so they’ve done a bunch of experiments with like water and rice, where they have them in a room and people save mean things and then a different one. People say nice things, and it is really interesting to see the difference, so go ahead and tell your succulents how awesome they’re doing and . Yeah, tell them they’re looking good, and then you also want to just keep your eye out for any signs of bugs or anything. That’s going wrong, right like so on this one. I could see that it needed to be watered. Maybe you’re noticing some yellowing on the lower leaves of your succulents, and depending on, you know how old this succulent is that may be kind of normal, but on some succulents that might be a sign that you’re watering too much or the water isn’t draining fast enough, so that is just a really a great thing to just look and keep an eye on your succulents and see how they are doing and also cleaning up all the dead leaves to make sure that they are gonna stay nice and healthy. Thanks so much for watching. If you haven’t already be sure to go look at your succulents today and see if they maybe need a little bit of water or maybe they need to be watered less. Take a look to see if there’s any dead leaves, and if nothing else, just tell them how awesome they’re doing and beautiful, They look if you want more tips for how to grow succulents and keep them alive and healthy. I’d love to invite you to join the succulent lovers. Club, you can get all the details for it. At succulents in sunshine, calm slash. Club, one of the things that we have included in There is the replays of all of these succulents in seconds videos, so I mentioned earlier in the video that those two sedum new spam Iranians were looking a little bit different, even though they were getting the same amount of light, technically, so the video for that is included in the second lover’s club and you’ll also get a new class every month on a specific topic around succulent care or designing and just something to help you learn more about your succulents, and then we also do a live. Q&A session where you can ask questions and get help with anything that you need, In addition to a really active and involved Facebook community where I’m answering questions and sharing things to help you grow succulents better, so I’d love to invite you to join head over to succulents in Sunshine Comm Slash club to get all the details and sign up. We’ll talk to you later, you.