Healthy Roots Vs Root Rot | Stem Or Root Rot?💧🌵don’t Worry I Can Help!

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Stem Or Root Rot?💧🌵don't Worry I Can Help!


Hey, guys! I wanted to explain to you. What you can do for stem rot or root rot on your succulents? It’s just something that happens to these guys once in a while. It’s not fun first. I want to start off. I got a couple here. I want to start off by showing you my crassula because I came out this morning. He was sitting in a tray that I really kind of been neglecting. And, you know, he started to rot on me, so you can see. There are no roots, no healthy roots. I should stay on it. You know, the stem is really soft and squishy. You’ll know if your stems rotten because it will just do that and fall apart. Now this came off by itself this piece, and then these were stuck on there. And, of course, these are rotted. So you want to get all that rot off now where? I cut this head off of this piece right there, and all I did was took took a clean blade That’s sterilized in some alcohol. You know, make sure it’s nice and sharp, so you get a nice clean cut in there and go straight down now. You want to go straight down to where the point you don’t see any more rot in there and the reason being is because if you even get a little bit of that? Brown rot in this head when you’re cutting it. Um, you know, you’re gonna find out that this will just ride out on you in the long. Run, so give that a good snip off, Make sure none of it’s left on there. Let it dry out on a counter tray for 24 hours. Let it get a good scab. Then you can put it in some dry soil, no? I don’t water my succulents without roots until you know, I see see roots starting to show because whatever water is sitting in that soil, the succulent will be trying to take up, so you know that succulent. Don’t have any roots right now, so you don’t want any water, My motto. No roots, no water. I love saying that it’s great. It’s great to remember. It keeps all my succulents healthy and I am in over water. Err, I water all the time. I love to water, it’s a problem of mine. I know many of you can relate to it. Just back off on the watering. If you notice your succulents are rotting, and you have to fix. If you like this one, you know, just back off on that watering a little bit. Um, especially if it’s really humid in the air, you know, any humidity in the air is gonna keep that soil moist, so those succulents like? I said they suck up anything in that soil. If they have roots on them without roots, they’ll just be sitting in the soil wet soil. And you know, it just rots them out in the long. Run so this hatch of area. I cut about two weeks ago now. I was starting to get a lot of rot on the bottom. The leaves right here. You can see what they started to look like at first. I thought it was under watering. Under watering can look very similar to over watering and one of the ways. I can tell that it’s over watered. Is, you know you can kind of see? It’s ready to, you? Know, just explode? It’s mushy, It’s really yellow. It’s starting to get yellow and as it goes up and gets worse. It’ll start looking like this. Oh, no, we don’t like that. I don’t like that. Um, but it can be fixed and it can be fixed very easily. All you want to do is take your succulent, whichever one you might have that you’re fixing, inspect the roots. Make sure you know all them. Rotten roots are off anything that’s not going to be taking water up. You know anything that looks rotten like that, which you’re gonna be able to tell. I mean, you can tell a rotten stem from, you know, a nice, clean looking one, so that’s the difference. You want to make sure you have all that green on there and no brown. Once you cut that off now? This one is going to take about five or six days to fully. Klauss over after you make that cut, you know, just go straight down with sterilized blade, and you’ll be fine. Just get rid of all that rot on there. Once you get rid of that rock. Let it sit on the counter for six days now. I let this sit on the counter for 60s because it’s so much bigger, Then. That little guy, you know, that’s going to Klaus. In a day. This is going to take the five or six seven days. It depends, I mean, the thicker, the stem the longer it takes to Klaus over and scab over once you have your nice scab, And there’s nothing exposed. No fresh cut exposed, usually. I don’t water this now. I water this yesterday because I started seeing roots. I noticed she was pushing out. Some nice roots as you can see. I’m so happy she came back. I thought I was gonna lose her totally guys. I mean, she looks pretty horrible, and she looks a hell of a lot better than she did. You know, a week ago, so just don’t be scared. Get in there! Do it fix them? Don’t throw them away! Get it in some dry soil and just don’t spray until you see roots. That’s all you need to remember after you’re cutting your succulents or even if you’re propagating succulents and you don’t, you know, you’ve gotten clippings from somebody? Whatever plants you have without roots, just don’t water until you see some roots starting to show now one of the reasons. I don’t like pulling this out to check. The roots is because it can damage any new roots that are starting to form on there, you know, and they can be really gentle at this stage, especially when you’re getting, you know, one or two roots like this one has so just don’t keep pulling it out. That’s the best advice. I can give you once you have it in your dry soil. Let it stay in the dry soil for two weeks. Almost, you know, after two week’s roots. You know, you know that they’re gonna be on there for sure. So then you can start giving it just a tiny bit of water. You know, you don’t want to soak this whole pot all the way through because you’ve seen the root system on her, and she really doesn’t have much of a root system, so I don’t want her to be sitting in all that water in this whole container. You know, it’s just gonna rot. She can’t take up that much water yet. Not with the root system on her. So just remember, guys, you can fix your rotted succulents. If you start getting the yellowing, you know, you’re over watering and something’s going on. So you want to check your succulents or plants? Make sure they’re happy and healthy. You know, back off on the watering. If you’re if you’re in high humidity area and you notice your soils staying wet for too long, you know, back off on watering a little bit, and that’s just a little tip on watering in general. I wanted to give you because I know it can be really hard in this humidity to keep your plants healthy. I’m struggling like crazy with a lot of mind, just sensitive to the air and the climate around them. After you get you at your very in there, she’ll start growing roots, and you guys will be good to go. I hope you enjoyed my video. I hope I inspired you to not give up and keep on. Planting succulents are so Hardy. They can go weeks and weeks and months without water. Sometimes, so, you know, just back off on the watering that’s. The big thing with rock guys do not water until you see roots. I know I say that a lot, but it is so important and drainage drainage is key. Make sure you know you can use any container. I use just anything I have. Just make sure you have some some holes in the bottom. You know, make sure you got some drainage and your succulents will be fine now. I plant all my succulents in a 50% cactus mix and a 50% perlite mix and they seem to love it here. You know, they don’t get overwater. They don’t get neglected on water. It’s kind of a happy medium for them, especially in Florida and this climate. Here, It’s just so crazy with the rain and then the hot and dry climates, and it’s just crazy, so keep on planting. I love doing this for you guys. I really hope that helped you and inspired you to keep on growing. Have a good day until next time bye-bye.