Head Cuttings | How To Propagate Succulents By Beheading Or Head Chopping – Echeveria Blue Bird

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How To Propagate Succulents By Beheading Or Head Chopping - Echeveria Blue Bird


These are all new plants that are a result of succulent beheading or as I prefer to call it succulent head chopping. I’ve got a fishing line here and we’re not going to go fishing. We’re going to do some head chopping or beheading of the succulents. Hello there. My name is Liz. A self-confessed, succulent addict. Welcome to my channel growing succulents, so I’m gonna take a piece. So this is a six pound line, so the thinner the line will be better, but this six pound is strong enough to chop off the head of our succulent, so I’m going to take a piece to say about 12 inches long. So this is a button, so you’ll need two buttons. Feed it through doesn’t matter. What sort of button you have? It’s just that way. You don’t lose your fishing line because it can get away from you and then just tie it up. Do a couple of knots, and then there you go and done so now I’ve got two pieces of this is actually dangerous. You know, look at that, so you’re gonna have so that way you can grab hold of it. The two of them, okay, I’ve got my bluebird here And this blue bird is also flowering ill. Remove the flower. Get rid of that! Take a string and you want to have, okay. You want to leave some leaves in the bottom to let the plant have something to live on? And if you have some dry leaves, you want to take that off there? You go so remove all the dry leaves. Okay, so I think we’ve got a fairly clean bottom. Yep, nice and clean and what you’re gonna do. Now, or what I’m going to do now is take my little garo’t thing. I think it’s called a garot in it to cut it, so I’m just gonna put it in my hand like, so, put it on the other hand like so, and we have to go around, so I want to go to say. I want to leave at least one. Two, three, four, five, six, seven eight. Maybe ten leaves in the bottom eight will do. But so you want to follow the line? Okay, so I’m just going to drop that one, so you can see what I’m doing. So when we’re cutting, I will tell you why, okay, so from there, you go down there and okay, a bit more higher, so I just want to leave a little bit of meat for, okay. Our plant to live on because I will explain to you. Why, okay, let’s just get this out of the way first. Okay, there you go, okay, So now nice, clean cut. And I also watered this earlier so now I’m just gonna dab tissue. Just get rid of the excess water, and you can’t just leave it like that. You have to remove a couple of the leaves side to side that will still hopefully grow because you need somewhere for the new plants to grow. So that’s why you have to be able to live some leaves, but then now, okay, so got one two three, that one there you have to be able to leave some stem see so that way the plant will grow from there or there on the edges and so that one now you can put it away, Put it aside, and now this one as well that we chopped off, you need to dry it up off, and then the same thing the roots will grow from the base, but you’d want to have something for more roots to grow on the side, so you have to remove a couple of the bottom leaves as well just side to side. The girls are nice and clean, so that’s a nice clean tip and do more and we’ve already cut that from the line as well. So you might as well remove that because that one’s not gonna grow. See, it’s already broken up there so anyway, so now that one, you’re just gonna let it dry up and so this is now a day later and as you can see the top of where we cut off has already dried up and you can see that where I’ve removed. Some leaves is where the new plants is going to grow so and if I don’t remove those leaves, the plants will have nowhere to grow, so if this plant was a little bit more mature and will have more stems, I could have removed more of the leaves, and then that way the plant will still grow from that so but the plants will naturally find its path anyway, so some of them will grow in the bottom and others will grow on top as far as this is concerned as well. The reason why we have to remove the bottom of the leaves as you can see. Had we not removed them? There is nowhere for the roots to grow, so say, for example. I put that back, so there’s nowhere for the new roots to grow in, so that’s why it’s important to remove some leaves as well and then that way you’ll have thicker and healthier roots to come out of the bottom of this beheaded, succulent or beheaded blueberry, and so now it’s best to keep it in a bright, airy spot with no direct sunlight, so you can have bright light, but keep it away from direct sunlight and that part, the bottom part water it as usual, so if it needs watering, I will water it, so that’s still fairly heavy, and it’s going to take a few weeks before I would start watering it, so let it dry up, and when the soil dries up, then water it as if you’re watering a normal plant and then hopefully in time, the new babies will pop out and the top part and I will just leave it there and keep it there on the side until the roots will start growing so it might take a few weeks, but be patient with it. It depends on the plant. You are beheading some take roots quite quickly fairly quickly, like, say your inbricata, some agavoidi’s, but the Bluebird, this Bluebird takes quite a while to root up. That’s why I use a Bluebird. As an example, it can go for a long period of time without watering as long as you water. The bottom part, the top part doesn’t matter on the next part of this video. I’ll show you how to put up my rooted Echeveria Bluebirds and also how to pot up plants that are bought online. Thank you for watching, and you stay safe and healthy spreading out, and it’s like so happy. It looks so happy and so healthy, saying yippee. Now I’ve got some water and then that one is still really, really dry. So now I’m gonna do another test just in front of you just to show you okay that this is what happened. I’m gonna split up my liquid here and again the same drill. I’m gonna remove the dry leaf here.