Haworthia Resendeana | Unboxing Cactus And Succulent From Portugal | Haworthia Nigra, Pseudolithos Dodsoniana, Wigginsia…

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Unboxing Cactus And Succulent From Portugal | Haworthia Nigra, Pseudolithos Dodsoniana, Wigginsia...


I’ve got a box in here for my favorite seller. Delicious succulents and Saktai. This is just a small box because, um, I’ve only got tiny plants in here. There’s 10 little plants in this box. So yeah, let’s start opening it now, guys, so I bought 10 plants, but there’s ten and there’s another one in here, so there’s eleven. I don’t know, let’s see okay first. One guys look, guys, something like my sinanjang like my dead stick plant. But this is not the centromere. Look at that guys, see? How long oh my look, I God know. How can I show you how long it is later on the photo? I’ll show you how long this one is. Oh, my God, good guys. Look guys pretty, pretty pretty. Your beanie carpools so ill. Show them to you closer later, guys ill. Open them first rasulullah. Oh, beautiful, beautiful algorithm. Look at that very nice love. It look at that another one of this. I really like this one. A lovely, lovely, lovely, another travini corpus. I think this one is free. . I think this one is free. This one is a tricky mini carpools so one of them is free. Look, guys, very tiny. So this is my wishlist plant, So I’ve seen her. She have a sale of this one before last year. I think when I saw this and then yeah. I kept on asking her if she got one again and I had it now. Oh, this is very slow. Grover, I’m afraid to kill this one. And then another one of my requested plants because I’ve seen her selling this last year as well asked her if she got one already and awarded Negra. Oh, let’s see these guys. Look at that guys! See, that’s the top guys. You can see that so here’s. My new babies guys from my favorite cellar, delicious succulents and cacti of Portugal. Look at that so pretty. Finally, I have this tiny worm in here. I hope it flower. Those flower buds will open, But I don’t know I’m not hoping that much because traveled far away. So maybe it won’t flower anymore. But at least I have that little cutie worm in there now. And then these guys look at that. Look at this beautiful Hawartia, Nicola. Lovely look, triangle shape form of the leaves very pretty. Then this one guys as you know, I’ve got plenty of this, and I love that so additional in my collection and then these two guys, one of that one of them is free. I think the right one is free, and she sent me photo when it was in bloom and there’s a new flower bud in there. So hopefully you’re gonna see that flowering. Oh, thank you so much. And then that one having new spines and then additional Agua do say I have a new Agua. We’ll say, and then this one. I really love the leaves of this one. Christmas Deceptor. I really really want to have one of these. This is also one of my wishlist plant Because I just love the leaves of this one. It’s like an alligator skin. You know, love it, and then that one pretty pretty pretty look at the roots, And then this Mammillaria I damage it while cleaning, so I won’t clean it much. Uh, I removed some spines when I was trying to clean it. And then the spines came off, so we’ll leave it like that now. And then this long, long one in here. Yay, so my chamber or Saint Rancho Or whatever with that, there is a partner of that now, but this is not the same. It’s different, but it’s like a stick as well so yeah. I love that one, all right, so thank you for watching guys. Don’t forget to, like my Facebook page forever. Thorns, follow my instagram account, purple and thorns and subscribe to my Youtube channel. Thank you for watching guys have a lovely day, and I hope you get more plants too, like mine. Bye.