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Meine Aloe Aristata (pflege & Vermehrung)


Hello, everyone and welcome to this time. Actually in and planting video, where? I want to talk about these two colleagues. All rehearsals for two days and I sleep with the confession that I am alone. I especially like so actually. I like the aloe vera, not the one. Bit of the classic company is houseplants and somehow believe I like orchids, that’s. What people ask in your apartment when you actually have no price for plants? I know for all of my people. There are definitely people who would be better. Just think it’s great, but for me, It’s such a classic for people who don’t necessarily want to take care of their plants that much or can and, yes, because aloe vera is such a plant. You can do little wrong with it, so this is incredibly robust. And if you don’t just do anything, but I found them. Aloe vera has always been incredibly boring and by the way it is. I would like to put something up for discussion. I recently asked myself so. If you feel like a little lady, then you shouldn’t like plants identified because you might not necessarily warm, but at least not nice because I have one few plants that you just don’t like and that I therefore never put into would ask my apartment, but I don’t know if that might be superficially, There is no idea whether one can say. Hide idea, but yes, but what? I never really liked. I’m not quite myself. I have the feeling I once had one, but then it was so long ago that it was is actually not true anymore, but yes. I plan to do it, then, as far as I know 2 bought it, and that’s as you can see no idea who they are characterized by the fact that they are long leaves that go up in height and sometimes also in width. I know from a friend who where the whole really was in the breadth gone and now just has no more space and she just doesn’t knows where to put them because he’s just abroad and this one here that is a kind is there, and we can see they are characterized by it that it is this very spherical. This spherical shape has made us very compact is, and it is therefore all the more important that you rotate it regularly. So if it is always only one side to the sun then naturally also grows this center point further and further to the side, and then it no longer becomes that way. Nice from I already had this problem and the joke is. I had this problem twice, but not with this plant at the beginning, so I have it to the best of my knowledge bought sometime. At the end of 2017 it must have been in 2017 because Then in January 2018, I suddenly had a small offshoot and on it. They were proud because that was the time when I wasn’t absolutely as someone who has a green thumb, and I thought something did both right that she now has an offshoot. But and I have to say that. At that time, the plant was definitely too dark. I have them in my bedroom on the window sill. But since the window is not really on the outside wall of the house, it is there. The balcony is still attached to it, so there is not really much sunbathing. Of course it shouldn’t, And I had the problem later. After the offshoot for Mac, they were really separate has tried to turn and has continued to grow in this direction and at some point, Put it halfway out of the pot, And then I have when I’ll take a quick Look. Of course I made a note of it, but that’’s one. A bit on this timeframe to mention this plant I have completed in May 2019 Except for the pot. I cut off the bottom, so I basically did this. Head, which was still relatively compact, was cut off and brightly colored leaves still made and then planted again and also the wise just brought them back into this compact form because they really were like that before. Had grown crooked and just like that to see the height and yes, as I said, my 2009 10 that was not quite a year ago. Well caught again, as they say alone are very robust. So even if you if you they once, and we hope we just had to shorten it. As in the case, it mostly works relatively easily. So you can just go down below. It is important that you cut it off a few days before you cut it, let dry. I don’t know exactly why that is. There is guaranteed to be some biological reason for this. But I have read that you have to do it in any case. You mustn’t get it so wet. How it is then is straightforward, but has to dry for a few days leave and then pack empty again and as. I said that worked very well. It even worked so well, that like you, maybe, or maybe I cannot see Otherwise. My task would be to insert a small one here. I haven’t had that yet, so that’s new to me, too I was. So I have to assume that the planter gets here, But there are like this phenomenon that I always think moment. Why does this plant get now flowers? But that’s actually what herding is all about is just a nature is not mine. How should you be otherwise transplant? Yes, she’s getting a flower and me. I’m surprised that it’s gonna get one and I don’t know yet how it will look because, as I said, it’’s the first time for me and I also don’t know how fast it can be. I discovered this three weeks ago and not much has changed since he started. But I haven’t changed anything in my routine. They are still there. By the way at the window, no longer in the bedroom, but in the hallway where she gets really bright sun in the morning and otherwise always smells and during the day I actually water them. I think every three weeks and don’t water them, especially diving. See, that means I make a bowl full of water flow in the pot and put in the water for a while and then was just like soaks up a lot of water and then. I assume that he as much as it needs, and then that’s it again for three with which I mean as I said the mother plant. Where necessary for this little one baby here? Come, that is actually not a baby anymore, But this is not at all as old as you might think she is. Only two years old. I discovered this offshoot in January 2018, Pretty soon after I bought the mother plant and then a little thing grew out of it And in March February or March 2018, I planted them individually and thought, okay, lets. See if what is going to behave is a tiny little thing. So that was really so tiny, and I thought such a baby, and she was fine but made exactly the same problem as the mother plant being there. What do I think is a bit more extreme, because I don’t care about fans at all. I had to understand initially, but in the room and not get it really no sun at all, and that’s why it is really extremely clear. So it really has grown so it would have become such a small trunk then already hang out the exhaust in lanes and then the pot is no longer right salary gradually. I did the same thing in August last year. I did the same thing as with. Her mother are sick, that means. I just got the top. Pick the cut off the upper part and made a few leaves at the bottom again. Let dry and packed more, And since then she’s been a Russian here too. Have windows and I turn them too regularly and so she now has a really nice round, one again, compact shape and developing very well. I pour it a little more more often because I still have the feeling that it is a young plant and that she needs more to develop. I guess that’s nonsense, as I said about two years ago. I don’t know if you can still say, baby. She has grown relatively tall now, almost as big as the mother plant. So I probably could be there now. Also a little less these at the moment, still not every two weeks or so, and that could actually still be seen as really from above here. I can do it afterwards because I’m there. Another important thing is what you do not know what many do not know where we do not go when they are on wet ground, so that happens often that the lower classes tend to chew the lower leaves, and I have solved that with the mother plant by the fact that I don’t have any soil directly here, but also so emphasized over so that the lower leaves are not on the L can probably get excited in the long run too doing here sometime, but yes, at the moment I can still see the earth, that’s why. I can still pour from above, but probably will too. When starting out, I prefer to dive because, as I said. I’m afraid that I will you otherwise about this and so much so especially since I am still not, one Windows will buy with proximity, but if you find one, that is interesting, and as I said, this long, sad one also does not like you. Diana Riesler recommended, which is a really nice alternative and very beautiful ring compact grows and as much to mean as I can, of course, some more succulents. Maybe I will make a video really pure dazzling, make them relatively undemanding, however, are sometimes very different in what they need and how. Realize on things what I’m just starting to notice again and let me I just leave it as it is with you that interests me think that is then even become a relative of the Medio again? Something to cut will be pleasant, but I just have to. I don’t have that many at the moment. Books read. In the meantime, positions would go into what I could still show you. This is something completely new because I plan to a few days. Saw that my little cactus. I only have one cactus. I like no cards. I only have one caught cactus. That is the gentleman is tiny, and I saw him two or three days ago Kindle, and I saw that and thought at first just looked, he counts me as 2 and, as I said, I know myself with cacti also not particularly off. That is why I had to ask my father first. I thought it would be some kind of offshoot, but I still had francs over night. He thinks they are children and you could. They theoretically leave it on, but that doesn’t look nice either in the end, and that’s why you should cut them off. And in the best case, of course. The problem of families is also bursting at the moment because of the cactus itself is so small. I don’t know how big the children will be. How long I have to wait until I lend a hand at the moment they are open to me. In any case, too small, Because I didn’t even know where to start with one knife. I hope it will be a little longer bigger. If you have the experience with a finger and cactus, please leave it. I know I’m really completely careless, and I’m proud of. It Got so big in the first place because that’s one of those cacti that by the way are sold as a keychain. So in small things, they say in such a way, a small bell and it was originally that big, so it really was at most half and half as thick and I’ll have them at some point freed from this bell’s, thingbums and planted and since changing the subject like stupid, but of course, he’s still small. It’s a thimble cactus. It doesn’t mean so, and so much about the succulents and on the fringes for nothing kanten and we can give them tips. What I should talk about? I think I would really make something too opulent, and then we would. I also talk about books again when I’ve read a little more lately and otherwise at the beginning, if there if you liked it and subscribes to main channel every now, and then what happens and especially my blog over where always something happens, there is always a lot going on so two möbius, at least once a week and mostly something else and otherwise enjoy Easter before Easter at this point and above all, don’t forget too. If he hangs around at home more because of Corona. He doesn’t care for your plants. No, you don’t need water every day. I think the danger is really great, great. When you have a lot of free time and always hang out at home, his plants are constantly being titled, and that is not good for you. So don’t ignore any reaction completely, but try yours. Practices care routine, not to change your plants. Say, thank you in this one. See you soon .