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Favorite Indoor Succulents


Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. I am back with another plant video, but this time we’re gonna be talking about succulents. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably starting out with succulents. Because you think that they’re like the easiest ones to take care of because that’s what the internet tells you and I want to just go ahead and tell you that they’re lying to you. I think we really have to get that stigma out of the way, and I’d also like to preface this by saying a lot of succulents probably prefer to be outside. They probably prefer to be in an outside really bright and dry environment. Okay, but if you want to keep them inside, you can too, but you just have to know which ones you’re able to keep inside so first things first, do not buy each various for inside your house like, just don’t do it just avoid it like those are probably the ones that are the easiest to kill. Those are probably the ones that end up stretching out. The most stretching is a term that people talk about when the the plant is stretching towards the light, and it starts to get a bunch of spaces instead of like keeping it’s like compact little rosette form in order to keep that form You needed, like provide a lot of light and I’m telling you guys. I’ve had them inside, ok? I have some inside currently, and they’re starting a stretch and I’m considering leaving them outside, even with the grow lights that I have on them. They still want more light. You guys you just you just they’re succulents. They need light. They really like the Sun. So this is pretty much Gonna be my video on like my favorite ones to keep inside that. I feel like I’ve been able to take care of inside. They’re not really stretching out. They’re not really giving me much trouble, and they actually are pretty easy to take care of. Let’s kind of jump into it with one that I feel like a lot of people talk about, and a lot of people recommend, and those are her worth use who were Thea’s are so easy, and there are so many different kinds of who were thieves, and I think that’s probably like that’s probably the thing that people don’t really like when they hear her worth the other like. Oh, I can only get a zebra plant. There’s like a lot more. I don’t know if you guys saw my plant collection, but in my plant collection. I showed you guys this. This is a zebra plant. They even have like variegated versions of zebra plants. And those are super cool too. But this other huar. Thea is called like an African pearl, and these are super cool, too, Because they’re kind of growing in clusters. I’m not sure if you guys can really see that, But there’s growing in clusters and they grow really tall and they’re super cool looking. And, yeah, I would totally recommend these guys so another succulent that’s. I feel like is really similar to a Cobra. Thea, but it’s not technically a huar. Thea is a tiger jaw. So it’s a tiger jaw. Tiger jaws are really cool-looking. I it’s this guy right here. They’re really cool-looking. They can take some shade again. Succulents, really like Sun. If you can put them in your windowsill like, literally like I think. If you’re going to get a succulent like, make sure you have windowsill space, but yeah. This guy is really good for inside -. I actually have a variegated version that I found at Lowe’s. I really like it. There’s also like the non variegated versions and yeah. Those are super cool along with the kind of her. Thea family is a Sansevieria like the Sansevieria cylindrical. That’s like right there. That guy. Obviously you already know that sense of areas are really easy to take care of. If you watch any video at all on the internet about plants, you know that? Saints barriers are really easy to take care of, and there are like a bajillion different kinds of Sansom areas. I got this guy at Marshall’s, and while I don’t really recommend buying your plants at Marshall’s. I just thought that this guy looked so cool because it was so symmetrical, so I decided to get it, and I mean, it’s really cool looking, and it’s very succulent, like, and it’s really easy to take care of. So those are sense of areas. Yeah, that’s pretty much it for. I think that kind of plant. I also want to talk about the elephant Bush because the elephant Bush is right here, and it’s the only one that I have, but it’s this one and the variegated version. Those are adorable. The very good version has like like Pinkier stems. It’s not super pink, but it’s definitely like pinkier the dislike brown stem and these guys are so cool they can withstand taking a little bit more water than a succulent would typically like, but they could also withstand, like regular, succulent care like neglect, which is basically how you take care of succulents like you really pretty much just needed to neglect them, and they seem very happy with that. My mom totally disagrees with me. She gets mad at me if she sees that, my succulents are dry and I’m just like well. It’s only been a week like they like being dry. They have to be dry for like a while before I before I water them and honestly, if you’re keeping them inside your, you’re probably gonna have to water them less, just because you know, they’re not getting as much Sun as they would be getting outside, so that’s just how succulents work, and that’s how people kill them because they overwater them and they die so just letting you know elephant. Bush, super fun, super cool, super easy to take care of. You should 100% get one. If you’re looking into succulents, my next category probably has to be my favorite category for succulents. I love Kalyn Coveys. I love Calvin goes–. They’re amazing! I have probably like 4 different kinds of calicos. I could be wrong up. I could probably have more and they’re like, super fun. They there’s a panda plant that has several different kinds of like variations. So there’s a panda plant. Which is this guy right here that I have behind me. So this is a panda plant? It seems really happy. I have some cinnamon in there, but it seems really happy being inside on my windowsill and again. I have nothing, but Phil son, because I have a. I have a filter on my window. I have like a mesh screen on my window, So my cyclin’s never get direct light, and that’s probably why all of the rest of my areas that I had inside those. That’s why they’re stretching because they don’t need indirect light. They need direct light. They need full Sun, so these guys like panda plants and calico. Yz they don’t mind getting the indirect light. They might stretch out in the future, but when they do. I will 100% take them outside, but they’re very slow to stretch out. They don’t mind it too much. And if you have a girl light on them. They’ll probably be okay, so this. Is this guy he’s really cool? He has these like almost Bluey leaves Bluey fuzzy leaves, which is, that’s the reason why these guys are my favorite like fuzzy succulents. Oh, they’re so cute! I just you just want to like you just want it. You just want to know them. Obviously they’re so cute, but yeah, that’s this guy. He has like little brown little brown dots around it. And it even kind of looks like a paul so yeah. This is one panda plant that I have. This guy is a teddy bear. Colin Cowie. Look at how cute this is. My brother saw it. And he said that it was ugly, but I just know it. Look how adorable I just. It’s a little rosette, and it has, like thicker, thicker, fatter leaves, and that’s why it’s like a teddy bear plant and it has a brown lining around the leaves like way more significant and stronger than like the other pan of plant that I showed you guys, so there’s that guy and then my last Panda plan, that’s the life. I have -. I have another one, but it’s on the windowsill and I don’t want. I didn’t really want to move them, but because I already moved all the rest of mine, but the other one that I have that I’m not showing you is a chocolate soldier, and that one also looks different. It has like more narrow leaves, and it’s like more of like an olivey color, So that one is super cool too, and I recommend getting that one as well and then Lastly, I have my black tie. Colin Cowie and this guy is super cool. It has black lining along the leaves, and it has more of like that Bluey leaf color. The way that the first kind of plant that I showed you look like so. Yeah, there’s that panda plant. I think they’re all considered panda plants. I’m not 100% sure, so go ahead and let me know in the comments down below. If I said that was my last Colin Cowie. I totally lied to you because I also have a Cal and Kobe Millet eye in here and he is, so I it’s really hard to choose favorites. It’s really hard to choose favorites, but I really recommend this guy like if you are looking into Panda plans. If you’re looking into succulents, maybe this guy should be your first indoor succulent, Honestly, like even like if you’re not looking into Hawaii Azure. If you want to get like one of each variety, you want them to look a little different. I would recommend getting getting a calico. A millet. I and I actually found a really large container of this with like. I think it was like five of them for, like four dollars at Walmart and I just I had. I had to have so much self-control to be able to not buy those because I already have one and I don’t have another place to put it, so I would 100% recommend getting calico a millet. I okay, and then along with the fuzzy theme that we have going on. I also want to show you the Bear Paw that I have in here. This is a variegated version, but there they also have a non variegated version. These are amazing again. Fuzzy succulents really just speaks to me If I see them, I have to just like a look away because I saw you. There like talking to me. Anything like, please just trust me. Please take me home, but there right there. I would 100% recommend getting a bear paw again. Same thing as the as the kalanchoe, yes. I feel like they’re doing really well in like indirect light. They probably won’t do well in shade the way that a Homer Thea would, but they’re doing relatively well, but she is starting to kind of lean towards the light. I don’t think you’re you’re really gonna be able to tell, but she’s kind of starting to lean towards the light, so that one is kind of like, a iffy one for me. I feel, but yeah, so that’s pretty much all the ones that are in here. I have one here, but I do not recommend. I don’t recommend you getting that, so we’re just not gonna talk about it. Okay, so my second to last. I could look, but I want to talk about. Is an aloe plant, and I know aloe plant like you’re like. Oh, everybody talks about our little plants like I don’t. I don’t want an aloe plant like ll plants. I already have one or it’s something that my grandma has, and I don’t. That’s not really what I’m looking for. But they have different kinds of aloe plants. You guys, um. I don’t 100% know the name of this. So I’m really sorry and I’m sure you’ll be able to find it, but I’m just letting you guys know. There are different varieties of each like plant, but I’m talking about each succulent. You can go out and find a ton of them, and they’re pretty much work the same, and they pretty much will do it just as well as the regular aloe or like the regular hoar. Thea, that I’m talking about. So this is an aloe plant and it’s really cool-looking. It’s like it grows in such a weird way. I just I love it so much and it’s really tiny. It doesn’t have very many roots. So I put them in here, but yeah. This is an aloe plant and this isn’t your average outlet plant. So you can totally get one of these, and it’ll be just as happy as another aloe plant and then. I have another one to show you guys. This seems like your average outlet plant, honestly, but it’s really cool-looking because it is very textured and it is, it’s just it’s different. It’s different than your regular aloe plant. But they have a lot of ones like this that I think they have like a coral fire one, so like the tips and the I’d say thorns of the aloe plant, They’re not actually thorns. They they’re not gonna. They’re not gonna stab you or anything. They’re just sticking out, but these guys are like a bright pink color or a bright orange color, so there’s definitely different kinds of elements. You guys can grab, so go ahead and go get you an aloe plant and honestly, if you are shaming a regular aloe plant, you could get those two. There’s nothing wrong with those. They pure like bee stings and they help with sunburn and they help with regular burn. So just just go get an aloe plant. It’ll be fine, it’ll. It’ll be okay, you could put it literally anywhere, and it’ll be okay, so go. Get yourself an aloe plant last plant that I want to talk about is a jade plant and I’m pretty sure that you have heard about Jade plants. But again there are so many different kinds of jade plants. There’s like trailing Jade. There’s like flapjacks. There’s there’s so many. I have two that. I have no idea what the name of them are because my aunt gave me one of them and then. I got another one at Marshall’s. It was actually my first plant that I bought you guys. So this is what started at all. This is actually what started it all so. I got this guy from Marshall’s. It was like drenched in water. It was. I felt so bad for it. I bought it. I made sure to do a bunch of research on succulents to make sure that I was caring for it right now. It’s going to be able to save it just because it was sitting in a puddle of water because the the pot that it was in didn’t have drainage holes and I just I really just wanted to save it, so I bought it and I got it and then it started my plant addiction. So, yeah, she’s really pretty. I like her. I think she’s just kind of your run-of-the-mill. Jade, your average average Jade. But I love her anyway. I don’t care it. I just kissed my plan. Yeah, yeah, so this is one of the. Js that I have, and then the other. Jade, my aunt actually gave to me. She didn’t actually give it to me. She didn’t have the time to take care of it, so she just decided to like. Tell me to go pick it up because it was gonna die if I didn’t, so I did so. This is the one that my aunt got me or that. I took from my aunt. I guess it’s really big. It’s really tall. It could grow into like trees, and I know that I’ve even seen people make Jade plants into bonsai trees. So that you know, ever all of these plants are extremely versatile. I I think you should go and grab a succulent. And if you feel like you are killing every succulent that you get, maybe try some of these out. I like you probably have better luck, but please, please, please get pups with drainage holes. Please, please, please don’t use regular potting soil on these guys. Like, make sure it’s very, very, very well draining. Make sure you’re putting a lot of perlite. If you have pumice go ahead and grab some pumice if you have expanded shale, go ahead and grab some expanded shale like these guys can live in like cracks of cement. So, like, just just make sure that you’re not watering them too much. Make sure that you’re giving them what they need. Make sure that your plants are happy and they will give you so much. Love back, so I think that’s it for my video. If you guys have any suggestions or if you have anything to add, go ahead and let me know in the comments below, but that’s it for the video. So I guess I’ll see you guys next time bye.