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The Secret To Propagating Haworthia Succulents Fast, No Offsets Needed! // Angels Grove Co


Hi, my gardening! Angels, welcome back to my channel if you were new here. I am Jess and today. I have a really exciting video for you. We are going to propagate a hoe or Thea succulents and so a lot of times. How were Thea’s are hard to propagate because a lot of people think that you can only propagate them through their babies that they send off so their offsets. This one is a wonderful example of that. So if you look at this here, it is just jam-packed full of babies all the way around. This is a harbor. Thea, it has window leaves. So it kind of is clear on the top and the light trickles in and finds the chloroplasts beneath. Um, so this one has a ton of babies, so I’ll be easily able to propagate this one. I really like how it looks so I just haven’t done that yet. Now this one is very similar. It’s just a different variety, but it doesn’t. It has actually a few babies on it, but they’re all just in here tucked along this side, but they’re still very small. I wouldn’t separate them off yet. However, a lot of times. We’ll get succulents like this guy here. The one next to him has little babies down below here, but this one actually does not have any babies. Now he’s not necessarily in the pot either. But, um, a lot of times if they don’t make babies right away and it can be frustrating with because a lot of other succulents, you can propagate through a leaf and by just cutting it off or whatever. Now I accidentally did this to one of my haul worthiest and so that’s why I know it works, but a lot of times with normal succulents, we take a cutting from them, so we just cut off the top and then you can plant that and new babies will grow from that stem, and I guess I had never thought of how worthy is to be able to propagate like that, but essentially that’s what I’m going to be showing you today is how to do that for good results because I have a few succulents in my garden where I accidentally ripped off the top and just kept the bottom to see what would happen and then Bre planes at the top later and they grew back. So I guess you can do that with. How worthiest -! I’m gonna be a little careful. I kind of want to try it on these windowsill plants. I haven’t done it on these yet. I think this zebra How are Thea will act very similar to the ones that I have over here that that actually worked, but we’ll try out the window. One’s too, and see if anything happens because if I can propagate those like that, that’d be really exciting. – so before we begin. If you have not already go ahead and subscribe to my channel down below, you can hit that red button and give this video a big thumbs up. If you think it will be helpful for you, all right, let me turn my camera around and let’s get started. Alright, so this is the tree. I’m going to be propagating from this. Is my new grow light? I will include a link down to that video below of kind of showing you the set up of this. I really like it, but here are. My ha worth is that I was talking about that. I was able to propagate this way now. One thing I want to note is that you will want to have watered your. How earthy is before doing this? Ayat watered these. Maybe a week ago, and so they’re really nice and plump and full. You can kind of see their leaves. Here are sturdy and just full of water. This will really be able to kickstart the succulent into having a healthy start to make roots to grow new babies. Whatever now! I brought these little pairs sewing scissors. This might be what I use to cut off the tops now. I also just rip these off with my hands, so you definitely don’t need any sort of special scissors to do this. So this is actually the one that I did this to so down here is where I had ripped off the top and this is all new growth and then you can see that there’s even other little babies forming around the base here from where that was ripped off, so it’s kind of unsturdy because it’s technically two halves. This was all the old, and this is all the new, so I might actually be taking off him So that these little babies have some more room to grow, and that would be another way to propagate it. You can see down here too. That there are a lot of little babies on all of these succulents. They are doing just so good down here, but let’s cut off some of their heads. You want to be able to find a spot in the stem where you can kind of break it off at now? This one actually does kind of look like -, but I’m just going to see if I can’t show you guys. I don’t know if the lighting will pick it up, but there is kind of a little bit of stem right here so and that’s kind of the base of this one. So this is how you can kind of propagate normally. I guess, but it’s kind of separating off these babies. I’m gonna use the scissors. If we get down in there, all righty, so you can see that this one was already kind of separated, so this isn’t really the point of the video here. Who, though. Look, look, look want focus, okay, well. There are already two babies starting to grow. I don’t know if I’ll be able to there. It is look at how tiny and cute so they were already. Starting to grow, there was a little little worm-like. Looking things are actually the roots, so this one already had roots, so this was a good one to cut off because it was already ready to be separate and I can just save him. Keep him out of the Sun and dry for just maybe three days, and then I’ll just be able to put him back in soil and he will regrow so we’ll, just kind of put him over here for now. And then if you take a look back at this succulent, I’m just gonna clean this up and get rid of this leaf that I kind of a nicked and this is kind of where he was. I mean, these ones are doing really. Well, so it’s kind of hard for me to show you guys this. But if we remove him at his base -, he also has a few roots, which is great and what looks like another little baby already starting to form here Ganmo to set him aside, but what you’ll see we’re left with. Is this kind of bottom stem and out of this center core? There should be new babies that start to shoot out. So let’s see if I can’t find one that doesn’t have a split in it already. Oh, look at this little baby cute. Mmm, okay, so this one looks like just one succulent. He is a really shoot in his chicken wire, so he may be hard to get out, but let’s see him okay so. I’m thinking I’ll take him out kind of here and I’m just going to try to gather sorry. I’m moving so much, guys. I’m gonna just try to gather like a little bit of leaves that I think. I’ll kind of line up nicely and we’re just gonna try to twist him off at this base here. Okay, so that’s not working, let’s try. This knife would also probably work here. The goal is to try to keep these leaves all intact together, apparently. I didn’t do a great job of that. Let’s set this down for a second. Go back and clean this up. So this leaf broke well. Just remove him and then there we go, so that’s what I wanted to show you. Is you want to try to get this nice clean cut in the stem with leaving? Some of these leaves already established. And then if we go over to our cutting, you want to make sure that these are all pieced together still and that they didn’t all just fall apart and then those ones had roots. But this one was a clean cut from the stem. It wasn’t trying to propagate on its own already. I was just very lucky with those ones that they were, but this one. I’ll just let callus over, and then I’ll plant it up and he’ll be good to go. So this one here will be nice to harvest. We’ll just remove some of these dead leaves here. He just kind of wants to come out. If this soil as it is, but we will take off this little baby and this one and then. I’ll take this one down to this stem here. You might grow new babies out of these shoots, but then what we’re left with is an established root system and this one really only has one leaf, but it does have this baby still attached here, so we’ll just leave him, and hopefully he will do something and then we’ll come over here, and I think I’m going to try to do the same thing. This guy where we take him from. Maybe here. Nice clean-cut and still very established so. I’m going to come up right here. You can kind of see that there’s like this purple ish stem and way down there. So that’s where I’m gonna try to aim my cut there. We go so this is what the bottom looks like, and it’s kind of that red stem here. I’m going to remove this leaf. That’s already kind of falling off. You want to just have a little bit of space for some roots to form so that should be plenty there. Ooh, actually, you might already have good focus. We might already have some little notes. These little lime green things that might turn into roots. So there is our zebra cutting, and then this is what is left of that. It’s kind of a funny pink stem, but I’m just gonna take off a little bit here of ones that I might have nicked, but we’ll just leave that be, and hopefully he will give us some more babies now. I want to try that same method on one of my window. How are Thea’s? I’m not going to do it on my larger one. Just because I want to keep him intact. In case it doesn’t work this one. I don’t really mind sacrificing for the sake of the experiment, which sounds horrible, but I also think this will be easier to access since there are less babies. I’m thinking we’ll go in kind of here. That seems like the best bet. All right, so this one here. I’m going to try on this windowsill hearth. Yeah, we have the little window leaves again. There’s little babies. I don’t feel bad sacrificing this one. It also seems like it will be a little easier to access since there’s not so many babies with it, so I’m just going to take my scissors, and it kind of looks like there’s already a little gap in between these leaves where I can kind of access the stem. So that’s where I’m going to try to push my scissors down into. I’m going to try to go as low and as close to the leaves. That are staying as possible so that I can make sure I get a good cutting and not just demolish what I’m cutting off. All right, so here we go. This is a little what? I was afraid of that. I was going to cut up. All of these leaves here now. I’m just going to kind of leave these. And if they die, they’ll turn brown and fall off, but I want to make sure that I have enough food for this. How are Thea? And they’re kind of still connected, so they should be able to heal and produce some food for this guy. I’ll just be really gentle because you can kind of see how loose his leaves are and I did lose a leaf. I don’t propagate these by leaf. I don’t think they’ll work, especially because this is not a good cutting, and I haven’t really seen them propagated by leaf. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t be or won’t ever be, but I just don’t think it’s as likely Now. This is what the inside of this one hell looks like. I do still have babies and they’re still on that attached root system, So if anything, the baby should still grow, but I do kind of expect another larger main focus baby to come out of this middle here or have these babies at least take over and grow much larger. So Alrighty, guys so that is it. I did get quite a few little cuttings of the main highway. Thea, I will be planting all these up. I’m really excited. I have my whole grow shelf to fill. I have a whole nother shelf to start filling up with succulents, so I need to get on it and this is going to be the perfect way. I love these. How earthy is they just are so prolific, and they make just such amazing little babies. I definitely recommend using these and try this method on your. How are Thea? Be really careful? Just take it slow. You don’t want to demolish your! How are Thea? But I have had really good success with this already, and I wanted to share this with you because I don’t think this is a common way to propagate. How are Thea’s? It does kind of look like you’re demolishing your succulent, but that’s kind of how all sunny, succulent cuttings kind of look at the beginning. I experimented with kind of all little different kinds of these. How’re Thea’s? I hope they all work. I know for sure that this one will work and I’m pretty positive. The zebra will. Well see you about the windowpane. One make sure that when you’re doing this at home that you water your succulent, maybe a week in advance to make sure that all of that liquid can stay in your succulent cutting and help that new growth form because there’s not going to be any nutrients that that succulent can gain in those next few weeks because there’s no root system, so make sure that your succulent is as healthy as it can be when you take that cutting, and then make sure that you don’t put it in water for the next few days while this cutting is still fresh, because while this is still fresh, it can absorb water much quicker and it can rot out the succulent, So make sure that you let this callus over. It should turn Brown should get hard. Just make sure that it’s all callus before you just pop it in a pot with some water in it. You feel free to put it in dirt, but just make sure it’s dry dirt, and it wait that week before you proceed to water. So that is all that. I have, I’m really excited with this way of propagating it. How worthy is let me know if you have any questions down in the comments? I’m always willing to answer questions. Please give this video a big thumbs up because it really supports my channel when you do and don’t forget to subscribe. So you don’t miss any future ones. I am willing to take any future video suggestions. I want to make videos. That are helpful for you guys. So please leave those down in the comments below and have a great day bye.