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Succulents Unboxing From Harddy


All right, we’ve got some plant mail here from our friends over at Hardy. Pretty excited about this one I. They sent me a few plants that I don’t own yeah. The package is a little bit beat up, but it’s no one’s fault, except for the Postal Service and see how the plants fared notice that it’s a two-day priority shipping. So that’s kind of the best practice for when you’re shipping plants. Don’t want them to be in transit for too long. All right, grand. Reveal okay first thing. I’m noticing packed. Well with lots of lots of stuffing here. See a little succulent pokin out. I’ve also got the shipping manifest to make sure we’ve got crack plants. Check it out as what we’re getting today. Kalanchoe e crassula and an hour looking forward to checking you guys out. Oh, yeah, Christmas. But with plants, these guys don’t ship so well one day. It’s a good time to be doing it right now during the spring. All right, so it looks like these are shipped Berry, which is a good way to ship succulents that way they don’t hold too much excess and moisture during a shipping process. So this here is our kalanchoe e! Cinque sounds bit. Russia, also known as aurora borealis, lets. Open up! See, we got okay. Wow, first of all! This is a lot of plant. This is a probably what four inches across there’s a bunch of individual plants, which is nice because I love to plant these guys in arrangements and also to put them, you know, cluster it up in a big bowl. There’s a few leaves that look like they were damaged a bit, but nothing out of the ordinary, the roots all look pretty healthy. That’s important, they’re dry, but that’s fine for succulents will probably trim these a little bit before we plant it. Pull off some of these leaves. These are overall, pretty healthy plants. I am pleased! The color is nice too better to look even better. Once we get this under some good. Sun, so counter koey looking nice. Alright, let’s see what’s up next. This looks like the coral. Oh, and this one is not bare root. It’s in a small pot, so check that. I all got a little two inch succulent here. This is one of those aloes. That’s a all in one plane. I like I love that symmetry today. This one looks pretty healthy, too. You can see, there’s a little bit of browning. On These leaves. Probably from lack of water. This guy looks like it could use a drink. You can see that. Some of the soil spilled out on the bottom of the box. Not a huge deal can always just top that off, but in here, most soils still there so can’t complain. Overall, pretty healthy might prove one of these leaves, which is a bit damaged, but you know, for shipping plant from California to Pennsylvania. Can’t complain about that little guy you to check that out this one’s. Even you know, it’s a bit thirsty. You can tell the wrinkles on the leaves, but it’s an even better shape when these leaves look like they were damaged at all. Yeah, satisfied with that and the last one. I was pretty excited about. This is Crassula falcata. Oh, also, I have too many ones another one of those all. The leaves are on one plane. This one goes all the day. This one is also called the airplane plant or the propeller plant because these leaves are sort of reminiscent of a propeller. You can see this. One is super healthy. I’ll get a paint brush and brush out all the dirt in between the leaves, but this guy no damage from shipping whatsoever. He’s happy he’s not etiolated at all. That’s a healthy, succulent right there. Well grab the last one. This is the same plant. The leaves on this one aren’t quite all in the same plan like it’s meant to be so it looks like this one might have been the launching purchase on at some point. Still, it’s a healthy plant and I’m fixing innovation as an art. Just throw it under a girl, amber. Yeah, really, so still satisfied with this one. Although this guy’s a bit prettier, that is the entirety of the box from Hardy. Guys say pretty pleased. These are some full succulents. They’re all really healthy and they’re packaged quite well. I’ll be sure to put this kalanchoe e in a pot here soon and smile. That’s that’s my hearty delivery.