Growing Succulents In Water | Water Propagation Works Faster Than Soil Propagation For Succulents (an Experiment!)

Aldous Kenneth Ligutan

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Water Propagation Works Faster Than Soil Propagation For Succulents (an Experiment!)


Hey, guys, welcome back to my Youtube channel. For the based episode, we will talk about to propagation techniques for succulents, number one would be the solid propagation, very succulent friends and number two would be the water propagation. Okay, now, let’s pick some mature leaves from our plan. Mature leaves usually come from the bottom part of our plan. Do not pick some unhealthy mature leaves because people just detriment our propagation for water propagation. All you need is on dinner. A pair of scissors. You’re clean grub and your plan for your leaves. Make sure that the end of it is already air dried, or it is already calloused. Now let’s get the cling wrap and wrap it around the mouth of the container, but before anything else, let us make sure that the water in the container is not filled up until the top of it. Make sure that there is enough room for the plant to be put Now it is time to put a hole in the clink rub to hold our lives. As you can see, I have enough room for the lives and it does attach the water now. Let’s put another hole to provide ample aeration inside our container. That’s it, now, leave this container in a bright, shaded area, also check the water if it’s also clean else, change it or replace it for soil propagation. All you need is a soil. Mix and your plant again. Make sure that your lips or the bottom area of your leaf is already a loose or aired right now. Just put the leaf at the top of the soil. Mix and leave it a bright shade there. Yeah, that’s it, which is easier for me. The easier one will be the salt propagation because illidan optional. And then you leave it. You just need to be still every other day, however, for water propagation. I need to always change the water every day in order for me to ensure no one to me or one often. China animal organs, a lot not contain nothing so I made an experiment about these two propagation techniques to know which one will work faster. Is it three salt propagation, or is it through water propagation? So I had to leave from the water Propagation technique and comparative, the biggest live from the Salt propagation technique . Now, as you can see, the water propagation, technically live is speaker, and I think is much healthier with that I can say that, although through water propagation technique is more difficult. It works faster and better. So, guys, you’ve seen it again. Which do you think is faster so for me? The one in water propagation is faster. I’ve had this one for two weeks already more than two weeks, but not as three weeks, and then this one, the lives of this one in water propagation is healthier and bigger wherever I have many believes under saw propagation, and then most of them are still small, And then I had pick the biggest one in order to demonstrate and still this one in water probation is still bigger. So being guys. I hope number a meeting at the tune and give this episode that into Gaza propagation techniques. Salmon are succulents, Not it, please comment down below. What are your thoughts about propagation? Have you tried it? Which one is easier for you in which one do faster? So thank you guys.