Growing San Pedro Cactus Indoors | Growing The San Pedro & Peyote Indoors (trichocereus Pachanoi, Lophophora Williamsii)

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Growing The San Pedro & Peyote Indoors (trichocereus Pachanoi, Lophophora Williamsii)


This video follows up the one that was called growing San Pedro Seedling outdoors. Today we will see how it’s done indoors in front of a window in your house or apartment. The information in this video is valid for the San Pedro Bolivian Taj Caribbean toads and any other columnar cactus in the truckasauru’s family as well as a peyote. The best is if you have a sunroom or a sunny window. If not a window is a lot of ambient light will do. And if you don’t even have a window, then you will need to use artificial lights. We will go through all of these options in this video. Although fluorescent lighting will be the subject of a separate video. If you have a sunroom, that’s the absolute best. Then you can start them from seeds and keep on growing them until they are larger than plants, and when the branches reach the ceiling, you can just cut the tops off and replant them in separate pots. A sunroom would be just as good as a green house. In the winter, you will have to watch temperatures as you may have to add a heater with a thermostat so that it doesn’t freeze If what you have is a greenhouse, they make specific heaters for greenhouses, and by the way it is perfectly okay to grow cacti inside a greenhouse in a colder country like the UK or Holland. As long as you provide sufficient eating for the winter month. Another thing you will have to watch is the quantity of Sun that, which is your cactus. Contrary to what a lot of beginners think the Sun, Pedro and the peyote don’t need so much sunlight that will also depend on where you live in the world. And what is the exposition of your sunroom here in sunny? Spain, just a few hours of Sun. A day are the best is the morning sun or afternoon sun. If your sun room is now facing, then you may get too many hours of Sun, and it can be a good idea to play some green shade in front of your plants. If you think that looks ugly, then you could filter the light with the bamboo screening fans or some large, leafy plants like I mentioned before that depends where you live in the world as the Sun in the UK is not going to be as strong as the Sun in Spain, Also in Great Britain, The Sun will be cloudy and dark about half of the time. And you don’t want to filter the light when it’s already very dim to know what’s best fitted for your cactus. Just look at its color. It needs to be a nice shade of green, sometimes bluish if it turns yellow or red during the summer month, then you have too much. Sun, if on the other hand, it is growing it related. Then you are filtering the light too much. Young seedlings of a few months of age need a lot less light than adult plants, but they pretty much always need to be covered with a rag or some green shading to filter the light, except for the cloudy days where you can just take the shading off. If you have a semi window, then the same comments applies the sunroom with one difference. You won’t be able to grow the plants bigger than the window itself. That means you can start them from seeds and then have them grow as big as the window itself, but that’s it. Then you will have to find them a different spot or you can grow. Pay your teas Instead of San Pedro as they will remain small plants. You have a window that is not sunny, but with a lot of ambient light, then that should be perfect for growing. San Pedro. Purity from seeds for the first six months of their life to a maximum of one year. And you won’t have to bother about filtering the light if they are older than a year, then they may need a window with sunlight. Even if it’s just a couple of hours of sunlight a day, you could also replace sunlight for a few hours a day with a high wattage. HP S or M H lamp like the one that I use to grow marijuana, You will need to run it on a timer and only put it on a few hours a day to replace the Sun. The mail should be cheaper, LED options. Don’t ask me about that. It is a topic that I don’t know much about. I only know about fear isn’t lighting to get them started from seeds. If you don’t have a window at all like you are a student and your only room does not even have a window. Then you can use artificial lights starting from seeds. The first year of growth should not cost you much in electricity as a single t5 fluorescent tube of 24 What may be enough more information on that setup in a forthcoming video on starting cacti from seeds using fluorescent lamps After our veg seedlings, We need stronger lights, which will cost you more in electricity. If the cactus is not in front of any window, then you will have to give it light all day long, and it may be a good idea to look into LED lights. I know it can be done. I just don’t know much about it. However, I would guess that. If you’re going to have the lamps on all day, then you probably don’t need A strong light. As for marijuana. Cannabis typically needs full strikes on all day long, which would be way too much for San Pedro peyote. So you will need to experiment. Whatever you set up is, you will have to make sure the plants get not just enough light, but also that the room temperature is correct for growing them. Starting them from seeds, you will need a temperature between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius that 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, the ideal temperature for germinating being about 23 degrees Celsius. That’s 74 degrees Fahrenheit. If the room temperature is not warm enough, you can use a heating mat like I explained in my video. How to grow the San Pedro Cactus from seeds? All the plants can take a higher temperature anywhere between thirty and forty degrees Celsius, That’s 86 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. So if it’s outside that ranch, it will probably still grow, but not as well. These kinds of temperatures will be easy to reach in a sunroom or greenhouse during the growing season in the winter. Just make sure the temperature is quite low, but does not freeze. Some people move their adult plants to the garage, where they are cool and in the dark. For the whole length of the winter, the plants will then. I burn eight! It certainly is better than leaving them in your heated living room during the winter because if the plant feels the warm but does not get enough. Sun, it will let you late, Which means it will grow thin One last thing before I wrap up this video. Ruin your plants? Indoors does not mean you will not have any pests. Just the contrary, insects often thrive indoors party due to the lack of air circulation. Placing a fan can help set it a mild speed. I hope you enjoyed this video. Make sure you hit like and check out all my other videos, which give all the information you need to grow. The San Pedro, The peyote and other sacred cacti Ill. See you all next week, you.