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How To Grow Greenovia | The Mountain Rose Succulent


I’ve got this de la sperma sunset. It’s a hybrid of a de la sperma. I haven’t got this color and small, They’re small, but so cute, so I’m gonna put that in my front garden. But for the meantime, it’s serving a purpose. What’s it doing, what’s it doing? He’s protecting my grenadier! Hello there. My name is Liz. A self-confessed, succulent addict. Welcome to my channel growing succulents. So this is in the middle of the day, actually. It’s about two oclock in the afternoon now. And the sun’s pretty hot. I mean, it’s not hot, hot hot. It’s only maximum of 29 degrees. We’re not gonna reach 30 today, but today, at 11 oclock in the morning, it was 23 point something degrees Celsius already. So my grenobles, which I’ve only potted up recently has been growing in here now. The reason why I potted them up, I recently acquired this one. That still got a little fluff. That’s bothering me. I want to get it off. Get it off! Get it okay, okay there. You go okay now? She’s pretty okay, So now, OCD OCD now. This one, I don’t even know what’s your name. But I thought at first it was a sempervivum, but it’s not. It’s actually a Grenovia izone. I soon found out that It’s a Grenoble, izun or Hairy Mountain rose, but I don’t know whether they are going to go dormant. Because the minute it warms up, They do tend to go dormant. And this grenovia. This is the first Granovia I’ve ever had. I bought this about over two years ago. This is the first one that I bought. It’s just labeled ioniu’m aurelium sp now. This one is the Grenovia. Aurelia xl. Uh, I don’t know what the X means. Uh, El Hierro, formerly known El Hero. I don’t know so Granova Aurelia x eliera. That was the label That came with it and given to me by my friend Lynn. Thank you very much, Lynn. And she only gave me one tiny plant like that, and I did not pay much attention to it because I’ve had this and it was pretty boring. The minute I got it. It was coming on to summer and it started sort of dying. The whole thing just dried up so you can see it’s drying up already in the bottom there, but this one now this is two years old. It’s got babies. So when I got it when I got this one. I only got one plant now. All these babies already produced from that one plant. So in summer, I’ve noticed the whole plant just about died. They close off when it’s warm to protect themselves. They don’t like the heat. They like tropical, humid, cool temperature, so they don’t like growing in full sun, but when they do grow in full sun, the plant itself, depending on the variety, will turn pink, and you probably seen this on Instagram or on the internet. Those pink roses that they sell you for, like 35 dollars for one small roast or a pack of seeds, but anyway, this one’s, I only paid 10 for that one, but as I’ve said, it was a tiny, tiny plant and it didn’t look like that. That’s actually looking so pretty. I didn’t expect it to look so pretty and the only thing I don’t like about Ionium or Grenobia. This is formerly known as, um, ionium. Is that the fact that they do flower? So it’s like here? Uranium here is flowering, so I’ve already chopped the head off and hoping that it would survive, but the plant that plant one plant like this will die, but you can still gather the seeds and propagate from that and get a whole lot more babies from that. So this is Ioniu’m Hawarthi eye Verigara. This one is another Ionian arrayum and its beautiful. Look at all those babies there, but this one is also starting to close off, and you can see the difference. Those three, I still got a few more variety inside and somewhere in the garden, but this one’s now are gonna go to sleep, so there’s no point watering it when they’re asleep because they’re gonna rot and dice so what I tend to do with this one because this one, I’m trying to stress them out to get them to color up before they. They burn from the sun, so I will put them in the shade, but we’re only getting, uh, low 30s so if the temperature gets to about 35 degrees, I’m gonna bring them inside somewhere where it’s shaded, but for now I am just acclimatizing them to get used to being outside and going pink on me, so that’s. What I’m hoping so you can see that little basket there, so you can see my shadow and then now if I put this on top, this is now it gets afternoon sun. So as you can see the one at the back, there’s two types in there at the back. Those two are still shaded and this one at the front is already exposed to the sun during autumn and winter is when they come alive. But you still can’t expose them to the winter frost, because I think they are going to die well. We don’t get snow in here, but we do get frost I. I still tend to put them somewhere. Protected like overhead protection. Not completely put it out in the middle of, uh, your garden wherein it’s gonna get a lot of frost and sun. Because I’m sure they’re gonna die and for these ones now they can just stay here, but I’m going to keep an eye on them every day. I will check on them just to make sure that they don’t scorch from the sun Because the next day I think tomorrow we’re going to get 33 degrees Celsius, so I have to keep an eye on them. These are my other aeoniums that are growing here, So I’ve got, uh, also the Grenovia area like the other one. So this is actually my first one that I acquired of the area like this, this one with the label. So this is the first one and look how many babies and isn’t that beautiful? That’s such a beautiful plant. Anyway, all those babies just gonna stay there. I’m not gonna harvest that. And then this one is a different variety and look at that. Look at all! I bought this. Um, a couple of years ago. In one of our travels, there’s no name It’s actually labeled as ioniu’m so but is it turned out? It’s grenovia? So they changed the name and look at that. The snail and slugs would crawl up into here at night time and would eat it. See there you go, so you got to protect it and from this plant, this one plant. This is just one plant and in two year’s time. Look, how many how many babies do I have? And then now look at that. That’s getting burned. You can see this getting burned, so I probably should put something there to cover it. The stem so hang on. Are you gonna die on me? No, that one’s, um, it’s drying up, see, so because they’re getting burned. They don’t like the sun, so I might have to attend to that, but, oh, I just noticed there’s a whole lot of bite marks from the critters that’s been feeding on them. So that’s what I said to you, snails and slugs, love them, and these ones are all propagated babies in the bottom here. So now I’m going to put some snail pellets here tonight and look at that. Even this one the snails are attacking it, but this is what happens to them. See, it’s starting to dry up, See that once, and they’re starting to dry up so now it’s best. I could leave it here to make them color up, or I could take them out. See this one here? I planted them like so so that way. I can put them somewhere. Shady so, like say, for example, out here hidden amongst the bushes. And we’re just gonna pretend to put it here for now because I have to clean the pot and that salsa, so I can put it there. And then that way it can enjoy nice cool weather and I will still water this, and then after watering it once we get temperatures, that’s really really hot. I will hold off on watering. Because if they do have water present in the soil or in their roots, it will boil up and it will cook them. They’re quite sensitive to warm temperatures, so if you live somewhere where there’s tropical weather wet and dry season during the wet, that’s when they will grow best, but when it dries up somewhere, my experience in the Philippines march marches the hottest, uh, summer temperature normally in March is when we have a lot of fires in the Philippines when I used to live in the Philippines and wet and dry season countries like say the Philippines, Malaysia Singapore, same thing in Southeast Asian countries, they tend to grow more in wet season and go dormant in the dry season so dry season. Don’t worry if they’re looking a bit scraggly or ugly or dried up because you think they’re dying, They’re just going to sleep, so don’t water them Unless the plant is a place in say. I like putting terracotta pot as well. That way it can breathe. So if you put it in ceramic pots, make sure you bring it inside where it’s nice and cool air conditioned room growing indoors, so probably it’s best to grow them indoors. During summer time, when it’s hot outside, bring them indoors. There you go, we’ve solved the problem, so I didn’t even think about that so but I guarantee you if you grow them inside, they will continue to grow, especially if there’s air-conditioned area, they would grow, so take them to the office, so this is one plant you could probably take to the office and Air Conditioned Office in tropical countries or hot countries were in, they’re going to thrive and grow. I’m actually going to put the other one in here in the shade that way I don’t have to protect those stems from the sun, and I’m going to water it this afternoon in the cold of the night so late afternoon, and then that way, it’ll have time to absorb the water and probably even wake up. See what we come up with when we share our thoughts together. See, two heads are better than one. I always say there. You go! Thank you very much for watching, and I hope Amy, this video, especially for you. And there you go, so you’ve got a shout out as well. Thank you for suggestion to make a video on Grenovia Ionium Grenobia because the label says Ionian. When I bought it and I bought it in Victoria in Australia in 2019. So this is, I’m going to put it here I. I don’t know what what’s your name is. What your name, Henry? C, What’s your name? Tell me your name. I don’t know your name, but you’re so pretty and I am putting you out here in the semi shade, so you can see that it’s still protected by this big bush in here, so it gets the afternoon sun and midday sun. It will experience a lot of sun midday sun and up to two two oclock, three oclock, and by the afternoon when it’s really really, really really hot, which is about three four oclock here because we’re on daylight saving time this plant will probably burn. So as what I’ve experienced in the past, This one is growing happily in here and also shaping up. Look at those beautiful shape, Rosettes. It’s like roses, and then now I just want you to go pink, so that’s. Why, I’m putting it here. Beautiful Grenovia!