Graptoveria Titubans | 45/100 Graptoveria Titubans Succulent Care Guide • Variegated Porcelain Plant Propagation Tips

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45/100 Graptoveria Titubans Succulent Care Guide • Variegated Porcelain Plant Propagation Tips


Hello, everyone! Welcome to desert succulent. And today we will be featuring. Grab two, very attitude. Bands it on succulent Natto is known to be a hybrid between the Echeveridian Bird GI and the Grapto Petalum Paraguayans or also known as the ghost plant as the plant matures. We would be expecting that. It could reach about 20 centimeters or eight inches tall. You know, haitia? There are sets are up to three inches in diameter. And if you’re looking for a succulent, nah, big in sizes, then you don’t have the magnetic bands. It’s not the right one for you. It’ll adding plant is also known because of its matte green color in canyon leaves, which now creates a beautiful looking russet. If you will be growing it, especially during the colder months, we would be expecting the magicking, pinkish young manga leaf margins, but as of now, Mejor might need and it’s very difficult for us to achieve the cold stress now coloring it would produce you adding yellow flowers. We also have your ATI variegated tutu bands. They’re also known as the person in plant, and it has these variegations of parang green light green’s center and button cream, and sometimes I can see some tinge of pink Sakana, especially if they are fully exposed, NASA adding sunlight variegated are slow growers as compared to those regular Na Titubans. Although if you will be making a side-by-side comparison, the shape of their leaves are totally different, in fact, but this one is the variegated one, And this is the ordinary or the typical nati tuban snot in it can grow best in full sun, but also they can grow in partial sun, and if we will be exposing them to the full sun, they tend to be having these yellow pink now color, so this one is located as adding full filtered sunlight and since this one is an imported one. I made sure that you need to just go. So adding sunlight gradually indicative one day full sun or naka filters. I usually give them the transition to adjust the highlight new environments like parang. For the first week. Two hours, long, young canyon filtered sunlight exposure. Then the next week it became four hours six hours until permanent national again mini rooftop greenhouse. And if you will be giving them full sun, you won’t be having any problem with ethereum so you would see here. In a very compact young canyon leaves, and that is something that we wanted to achieve. Because if you’re are not receiving sufficient light, they would ethelate and I will be showing to you. This one is a perfect example of an etherelated na titubans, although Yunkanyang Ethiolation or Yungpaging, legen and Kanyang is not severe, this one is still mild, but it’s very obvious you would see that there are like gaps in between leaves, and that would now indicate light because they tend to be laggy or Nagi stretch outsilla in search of light, Kaya. It became like this, and it’s already permanent. Hydna exposed nothing still as a sunlight or undergrow lights or nagging lag in a them won’t go back to normal but would be normal growth. If you expose them to the sunlight watering, them is also very easy. You have to make sure Nanak drain and completely Yunkanilan Pinocchio soil and you would be expecting here if Hindi Nu Na Diligan young in Yong titubans for quite some time and talagang like drainage, They tend to wrinkle again, especially in kaneland bottom leaves Nagi king wrinkles. I said this is their source. Now of water while we are not able to water them and I will show you this one. Yeah, so you would see them. On na yung kanyang soil is extremely dry, and it thing variegated. I just watered it earlier, Kaya. You can see in a major basapasha and soil. It is soaking wet. As of now, propagation wise, adding Titubans is also very simple. Isasi lasagna succulents that I like Kasinga. So Brangdalina think Tangalyn leaves. In fact, I was able to successfully Propagate Four leaves, imported variegated titubans collection of these and here. I am sila. So so just to show you Unique and young. White Nalinjan are the roots of these variegated little bands and Nila Gaeko Lang Siladitos oil mix so all of them. My manga offsets Nadin sila. I think this one is already two to three months old, and I do miss them every day before, but right now I don’t usually miss them. I just water them because I also have here. You’re adding, although they don’t have roots yet, and if they don’t have any roots yet, you should avoid naims or diligence. Then that’s the time you’re going to be. Start, misting them. The second way of propagating is through stem cuttings, And since this one is etheleated, I decided Na it. Cut the language, so you can just simply remove it as simple as that and also this. So you have the option. Leave spreading Issa putting Dalawa or sometimes. If you don’t want to leave any leaf, then you can remove all of this, and now we will be cutting it here. Oh, yeah, so usually Yunkanyan new roots would grow. Nanga Konsa, antayong tanggal. Nong atting leaf is very important to remove some of the bottom leaves for the new roots to grow. And you would see Na Salo. It’s really moist. It’s full of water, Ganon. Talaga Atemala succulents. We will just air dry this for a couple of days before we plant. It’s adding soil mix, but again, if your soil mix is dry or completely dry, then you really don’t need air dry sealant and I will be showing that to you for this one. You will put it in a bright shaded area and you would expect that in a couple of weeks offsets Jan. I will be using this kind of pot and you would see this. So what I usually do. If I don’t have a wire mesh is I’m making use of this tissue paper and one ply long Ito para money out of our pot. And at the same time, it is thin enough. Para Hindi, naman mag collecting water, nothing deto, so I will be adding you. Adding soil mix freshly cut Hindi paste air dry, but we can already plant it pasta, dry it on adding, so this is not the ideal way of doing it. You can check my previous vlogs. If you want to know more about the ideal way of putting a stem cutting so as simple as that one, we will put this in a bright shaded area and we will avoid to water it or else probably after two weeks or three weeks, but in an attending and that’s all of the basic things that you need to know about our titubans. Thank you guys for watching. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel. You may also visit our facebook page. A desert, succulent BH!