Graptoveria Silver Star | Featured Succulent Graptoveria Silver Star Hybrid 1/16/19

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Featured Succulent Graptoveria Silver Star Hybrid 1/16/19


as I was adding the video of the plant that I was featuring. I was still struggling in deciding whether this plant right here. I already showed you outside. You guys will see, but you know, better lighting of it. If it was indeed, a grotto. Varia, right here. I’m sorry. I’m Gretel area! Silver Star here is a picture or a grotto Baria right there. Because the Silver Star is the cross, It’s a hybrid between this one and a true Berea I avoid is of our motif. Ida, here’s the name right there. So let me show you. Um, the one that. I’m right here. See, it says that the grep debería silver star is a hybrid between theyll. Grab the petal by fire from. However, you say these names so. I’m having a hard time, so maybe, um, through the video. You guys can comment down below. Which one do you think it really is? Is it the Silver Star or the fire that room? However, you want to say that so this is the one? I thought I have, and I still think I have. And then this is the one that the hybrid is well. The one that she’s cross with with the AG avoiders, I will link these websites down below, and you guys can help me choose. Now let’s get to the video. Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. So as I spoke to you guys early on when the years started, I had said that I wanted to make videos featuring a certain plant, but not just any succulent, a suckling that I’ve had more than a year and letting you know where I has been during that year and why I think it’s been thriving, so that’s pretty much what I am going to do today so today. Special succulent is the grab top area silver star here. She is, she’s got a baby right there. This is a very beautiful, succulent! It’s got those pink edges right there. So this succulent has been inside my house by a sliding glass door. I have a shelf there and I it’s a south-facing sliding door, but I get more Sun now during the winter than I do in the summer, so it’s getting more light now than it did before, but it’s been there for the whole year. That’s where it hangs out. I tend to water my plants. The ones that are outside more than the ones are inside. It should be that way because out here they will dry faster than the ones inside, but I do tend to forget about them a little bit, and I’m just being honest, not kill the plant for forgetting to water it. Yeah, and that’s why I like succulents. That is one of the biggest. Whoa, that’s one of the reasons why because they’re very forgiving if I have a regular plant that needs water frequently. I can pretty much assure you that I’m gonna kill it so yeah. I’ll just water this. Basically, when I remember, and normally I tend to notice that I would say three weeks have gone by, and then I go. Oh, I haven’t watered my indoor plants. Let me want them so. I’m being honest with you, guys, But this is a very nice plant to have indoors in a bright area. Really nice look at those colors, so the graphical very a Silver Star I’ve had her since June 2017 So actually, I think will be almost two years when we get to June and then so this is a hybrid and it was a mix of a graphical pedal. Um, by la theorem? I will write that on the screen and an extra barrier. I give all these multi multi pita. I don’t know if I’m saying that, right. I googled them. Both of the names and they look pretty much. The same! Some are just greener, maybe more. I don’t know, open, that’s what I saw. I really couldn’t tell the difference. They looked a lot alike and I looked at several pictures and they just kept looking very similar, so these videos obviously are not very long and that’s it. That’s what I have to share. If you would like to know more about it, you can Google the graph to various Silverstar hybrid. And you can, you know, get more information on where it came from and all that. I just wanted to share with you where I’ve had her. How long I’ve had her? So I’ve had her since like, I said June 2017 And for most of that time, pretty much the whole time she’s been indoors. I had her in the beginning. Maybe for a few months outside and since it was a summer time when I first got her, I didn’t. She was struggling a little bit with the heat out here so then. I brought her inside to my house and put her by that. Put her by that sliding door window. So yeah, so if you want to try her out in your indoor, you want to put her in a south facing on the south-facing window? I think she will do just fine. Thank you guys so much for watching, and don’t forget to comment like subscribe. You guys have a blessed day. Bye, guys you.