Graptoveria Blue Pearl | Minha Suculenta graptoveria Blue Pearl

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Minha Suculenta graptoveria Blue Pearl


Hi, guys, from the goal with you. Today I go back and scoring one more juicy that in the gardener team showing you. I’m going to put the identification her here on the screen Because I don’t know in my head. If I’m not mistaken, they sent him Gravito old, and I wanted to continue for you. The difference it has several packages separated. The soul are for you and that can’’t show very small side. I know it’s another species, but I know it’s quite show side with fine lines long, and I know I also had floral art, and now I’m going to replant and this one is a bigger vase fit to the vehicles. It’s full of seedling serve only that the blue is well compacted earth Olympic closure only looks at the difference from the others is the same juicy, and then the bug is well compacted points. A simple envelop has some coins here. I also took it from other sides and then I’m going to replant everything here in the gardener room, and I want you to follow. So the staff was like this. I planted the video with six O replanting speed up a little bit, so you can advance the music video a lot long and reported everything and got wet. I arrived with a sprinkler, ok? I didn’’t play on top. Show you the sprinkler that I have. Is this one? So I voted for the power very lightly? I’m just going to look without a cram is to close with the look, isn’t there, little by little until they get used to the substrate leaflet languages, that’s how. I do it the very cute. I really liked the little jorginho. Wait a lot! You liked it too. This video is short. Subscribe to the channel. Leave the thumbs up! We are helping a lot on the A & channel and thank you all new subscribers. Any questions. We leave itabom in the comments and go there on Instagram is also channel nooks at at Nook Nook. Enjoy page. I’m always posting stuff curl of points that I make my plants. I’m always going back there. Okay, and this is the video for many like, be with god.