Graptosedum Darley Sunshine | 48/100 Graptosedum Darley Sunshine Succulent || Francesco Baldi • A Hybrid Of Ghost Plant & Banana

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48/100 Graptosedum Darley Sunshine Succulent || Francesco Baldi • A Hybrid Of Ghost Plant & Banana


Hello, everyone! Welcome to desert succulent. And today we will be featuring Graptocedum Francisco Baldi, or also known as a graptocetum Darley sunshine. This kind of succulent is a hybrid cross between our graptopetalum paraguayans or the ghost plant and the sedum pachyphyllum, which is our banana, succulent our during the sunshine have these beautiful looking leaves and yunkanyong leaves are arranged as rosettes, it’s characterized as having this pinkish brown, the color sahanyang leaf margin, especially when it is already stressed. And during colder months now it will be giving us Purplish colors. It would not depend on the temperature Kong, ano magic, non canyon color, and at the same time, they will also be giving us these yellow flowers now star shape. This kind of succulent is also very easy to grow and maintain, and it’s an excellent choice for new growers or manga beginners last at the manga succulents since they require very little care and maintenance. And I have here a lot of dirty sunshine. It’s really one of my favorite, so not in it. This one is a pot full of our Darley sunshine, and I guess I have about 10 to 15 resets here in Hindi Pakasama manga offsets. It’s very nice to look at if they are in clumps like this as you would see, and at the same time, you can also put them on a succulent arrangement. So, from this view, you would see how symmetrical how perfect NA young kanyang rou sets. Your arrangement on Kanye gives to have this kind of look, darling. Sunshine can be grown both outdoors and indoors, but shempre. If you will be choosing and you have a chance to put them outdoors, that would be best because they prefer not you Adding direct sunlight, say if you will be putting this indoors or in areas, low light or dark areas, then it would definitely affect young growth and overall health. No, adding succulent. This ones are located, adding rain or shine area, and this is how it would look. So these are sun stress, but on reddish pink to brownish, it will now depend on for comparison purposes. I have here two different earlier. Sunshine in different lights condition, Ito is receiving, adding full sunlight exposure while this one is not a partial shade. Luncha you would see na mejo greenish langcha. It’s very dull. Its very plain Gangnam Young ichura since it’s not stressed while this one is showing up young canyon colorful side, so it would now be your personal choice whether you’re preferring a young, greenish or young colorful, not early sunshine, we also need to prune it on adding mangadari sunshine, and we have to cut or chop off Na Humana dead parts. You don’t adding plants? There are times because adding plants grow tall and young tips of the stems can be cut out and planted separately. Like what we have here before. This is just Jungkook flower stock, but non offset young flower stocks and Nicaraguan new offsets here and since it’s already hanging. So we will just simply cut it here in this area. And for this we can plant this separately, you would notice. Dirty sunshine. So we can just remove this for the soil mix. It should be well draining and I’m mixturing. Uh, no adding sandy soil and compost with now suits best for its growth. I also added some organic material. Though, on some pummy stones just to facilitate more drainage, it in dirty sunshine should also be watered to maintain the soil moist during the summer day’s oil and really have to water them more often, so that is evident by these aerial roots because this is now an indication that I think succulent needs some more water kumbaga. It’s not being watered for the past days and as a way for it to cope up Nakara national aerial roots Jan. To gather some moisture, adding air but also see now some of the bottom leaves, then start tasting and this would definitely fall off because are there water reserves so that would be fine because this would eventually harden and it could serve as an encore in Darley Sunshine, and in general, they don’t prefer not you Adding SAG or wet soil and therefore a pot with proper drainage holes should be used when planting it early sunshine, these plants can be propagated through stems, seeds or leaf cuttings and, of course, their own offsets. So as you can see here, we have two new offsets and mabilista they propagate through stem cuttings or their leaves. They will just simply produce offsets on their own. Yeah, so you would see me. Offset Thailand one two. And that is our main goal in making these kind of arrangement. I think I potted about three cuttings here. Pero, look at this one. Now it’s entirely covering Yonkanilan pinaka pot. And if, for example, you decided not to remove it. Leaves is also very simple because say, you can just twist it from left to right in my listen like this, so you can propagate as many as you want. It would now depend on you, so in just a couple of two weeks or three weeks, you would be expecting new roots and offsets out of this leaf sunshine. I decided to just put it here. It’s a liquid. You can also have some stem cuttings. So, Kanya, like, for example, Dito Ayan. So Nakatakojan before to propagate and in time, which means in a cows over in a completely healed young cutting nagina before. So you have to watch out for some pests like you Anti-malabili bugs, but I’m not really worried about those kind of pests, but rather I’m more worried about the succulent being exposed, not the answer. I think powdery mildew, which is a kind of fungal infection, sometimes Kasi if the weather becomes very humid, especially those above you during per month. Holder monster. So you would see in some leaves in dirty sunshine, especially you manga bottom apart attacks before what I did to treat. It was to applying a young adding to rogi blue now broad spectrum fungicide, so it’s a contact fungicide. Kaya, you can just simply spray it directly and it would definitely kill and stop young progress, no, adding fungal infection and you would see a new growth now leaves are all very healthy are just a history of this plant. These are all treated already are all very healthy. If you think Na Mejo panget dignan, if my malganitang gives, then you can actually remove it anytime. The man Ang Pang is leaves. We can just simply remove them so much better now than Kanina. And Lastly, you have to remember the sunshine. Young leaves are poisonous or toxic animals. If you have like some pets around you, you have to be extra careful for these kind of plant or map, and that’s all for our dirty sunshine. Thank you guys for watching. 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