Graptopetalum Copper Roses | Graptopetalum, Graptoveria And Graptosedum Collection December 2019

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Graptopetalum, Graptoveria And Graptosedum Collection December 2019


Hi, everyone, welcome back to second on living with Maria. Today, I want to give you a close up. Look at my Gretel area craft with alum and grew up the sedum collection. Usually when I show you these plants, it’s when I’m giving the update on, you know how the lights are performing, but this time I’m gonna take this group of succulents off the shelves and off the table and give you a close-up look at them, and also I’m gonna give you their names, so that will help you identify some of your plants in your collection, and I may share some tips about how to care for them and grow them with beautiful colors, So let’s start. So here is Callie. She joined me today since I don’t have a much contact and time with my cat. Since we got a new dog? They are really avoiding him. I started letting them here in the plant room Whenever I’m here and they love it. They have been nice to the plants. They were just kind of sitting and hanging out with me, but I’m starting with Corruptive area. Fred Eyes, which is one of my favorite out of this collection. I love the beautiful color, vibrant pink color that gets on. There LED lights and it’s just the fast, aggressive grower, so it’s really easily to propagate it and because the leaves are so large. When you remove one of these leaves, they grow really fast so actually. I have another pot. I just remembered. These are just leaves propagations and these are some of the heads that I beheaded from the stamps. I think this is the original Sam. I can’t remember. I have cut this so many times and it kept. It keeps growing rosettes. This is the last cut that I made. I think here, so I think this little one came from here and it’s going as you can see. Newer sets. Just beautiful and, um. I noticed that these don’t get as beautiful color here in Michigan when they’re outside and then when they are under natural sunlight, at least here for me, it worked the best, having them under LED lights that are pink and purple like King. Bo, a lights that I showed in the past and hi, girl lights, not even a spider farmer that I think works great for most of my plants and Achai various and it’s a wonderful light and so saves electricity, but these I think like the best. The pink lights so next. I have cryptomeria or Polina. I mean, it has grown so much in the last year. You can see my hand. It’s like quite large, beautiful, beautiful colors, and this one you can skip watering has sometimes during the week because it does have such a plumpie big leaves, so it stores a lot of water and I think this was one of the safe glands that I got for a dollar for most as well as this one I know for sure that descriptive area. Morisaki, I got for $1 on clearance, and I think there is a video when I just got it. It’s been a year and a half. I think and it has grown so much since it’s stretched a bit during one period of time here on this side. I think but not too bad, and I am wondering because it’s getting so heavy on this side. If I should maybe be headed, but it’s just so pretty that I didn’t want to do anything to the pot, and then this one here is grab the Petaluma Marquis de saving a beautiful pink colors, a little bit lighter than the other two, and I think it reminds quite a bit to grab the Petaluma. Penton tendrĂ¡, which I’m going to show you right away. So here is my agretti petal on Penton pan tundra. As you can see, there is some leaves that they’re a little bit bluish because they didn’t get a lot of light. There is some leaves that fell off and propagate itself. I love how compact it is on top. It has like bare branches. It just beautiful plan. This one was bought this summer at the end of the summer on clearance, also for $1 at the nearby nursery. So these have grown as you can see the difference between these two. They have similarities in the shape, but they’re a little bit different color and shape. Here’s some corrupt, But Allen’s that I have This is ghost plant. I would say this. One didn’t have radiation like blue and green, And then they came all Pinks. I think it just depended on the amount of light. These are all propagations from a big pot that I had, so I ended up cutting the tops and saving some of the leaves and propagating and this is what it grew into in the last. I would say eight months, so they’re beautiful, I love these, and then this one kind of reminds the pendant and room wrapped up in tundra, but it’s a little bit different, this one. I got from a little succulent store here. Niles called lush lighting that I mean the video about in the past and they’re there looking good, except this longest one did stretched a little bit here. Maybe because they didn’t receive enough light on that branch. I don’t know, but it’s a really pretty plant, so this one here. I got from Emily from the succulent Green House channel in one of the swaps we did, and she said it looks like a ghost plan. That’s quite the ghost plan, and I do have other types of ghosts, but they’re a little bit different, so I don’t know what’s the exact idea of this once, and then there is another one. It’s very similar to it, and it gets different color and they are, they’re like really close to each other, but different color under delays. And then these I had for a long time as you can see. There’s like long branches and these are like propagation’s from the original plant, So I am thinking that maybe this one is the spot. It’s like two small fruit and maybe. I need to be headed. Maybe I’d be headed this piece and planted the head the truth to be easily and then started growing another on top another rosette on top. So this is all the same plant. I really love this one. The colors in shape. It’s a beautiful one, and then here’s our area. I’m not sure which one it is. I have to search, but this one was much larger, and I propagated it because I didn’t think it looks great. And then it really struggled to root because it was a dog attack by mealybug’s. But I think it’s kind of recovering and it’s gonna be okay, and here is some of my group decedents. I have propagated so much. There are Higgins. This one also gets beautiful colors under LED lights, and it propagates very well from the leaves and by beheading. I can just say the same thing about this one as with crept up at alumn’s. I think that this one likes a lot of light and when I had it outside. During the summer, even facing south, it would stretch sometimes if we have cloudy days, so this one has performed really well under pink lights and this one is on the edge of the table, less red color. But this one also has been sprayed by alcohol because of the mealybugs. So I think that effects of color as well, but they’re beautiful. I love to grow these, and then I have a similar one to this one, but this is actually a different one. This is crap to see them. California sunset. Oh, cuz, this is a mealy bug. Oh, no, this is just yeah. This is just for life, so this these two were growth were propagated from a leaf and how this one was beheaded from a plan that I had. It was just a little bit bigger, so really put pretty colors so, guys, if you didn’t watch my video where I did propagation of this plant, I will pause below in the description links to two videos where I originally got this plant and when I was trying to propagate and then I do experiment under LED lights to get more distressed colors as you can see, its beautiful, pink, purplish tones. There is some that are more blue that they’re here on the edge didn’t get this much light, but a lot of them that I cut off are now growing news that you can see. These are all like growth. The last six months has grown so much a beautiful plant. I have propagated a time from this one, so I have three more pots like these rooted in a matter of like a week when I cut them and I just have a lot of that was so probably selling this one in spring. So this is I think. Grab the petal. Um, goes plant. Beautiful one, and I’m trying to keep its shape. I like to be around so it can be. Maybe hand placed in a hanging basket and the Leafs from this one are propagating pretty fast because they’re pretty plumpie bigger leaves this one is. I think a grassy core to so you can see the results faster. It can easily stretch when it doesn’t have a lot of sunlight, so this one also performs really well under pink purple. Led lights And here is my craft Very a Debbie. I almost forgot about this. One struggled a bit because it had mealybugs and I had to spray it with alcohol so it wasn’t growing very much for a period of time, but now it has firm leaves, and it’s starting to get a beautiful color again. So yeah, really, pretty one, so when it comes to watering my graft of talents, crepitus, eadamson reptile areas. I usually do it once a week. They can, you know, survive periods for weeks without water. That was my experience like if I went on a vacation. These are plants that are not gonna completely dry it up. They will lose leaves, but they and they will have some bare stems, but they will be alright. I didn’t find them as complicated as some other plans like chrysalis, but I did learn that they love to be under LED lights more than on outside of natural light sunlight, So when I left these inside during the spring and summer season, they they kept beautiful colors, so I think I’m gonna continue to keep most of them inside. If you need information about the lights. I’m using, I’m gonna place in the description links to the lights as well. And if you have any questions about these plans, you can post them in the comments. I always enjoy reading your comments and questions. Thank you guys for watching and see you in the next video. .