Gold Tooth Aloe | Gold Tooth Aloe & Cne 2015

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Gold Tooth Aloe & Cne 2015


This is my gold tooth. Hello, she is looking quite nice. This isn’t like your regular type of aloe that you can put on your skin like aloe vera. This one is actually spiky. Look at all these little teeth along the edges of leaves and all around the insides as you can see here. Imagine Pokey now. I don’t know how old this plant is, but technically, she’s a grandmother because smaller puffs from this one at my office and that one in the office is starting to have little babies of its own. It’s going to bring my hand in here and try not to poke myself, but just so you can see how big this particular plant is. I got this plant from a friend. I’d actually saw it at her apartment when she first moved in and was very impressed by it. And several years later, I was overjoyed that she wanted to give it to me. So this is the original terracotta pot that it came in. You can see, it’s got some nice or ugly, depending on what you like. I I kind of like the look of this. Just the reliance things. Calcium stains at it over. If we look at this plant from the side, you can see it’s kind of slanted towards right here. Obviously towards light. This plant actually can take can take a bit of. Sun actually think you can take a lot of Sun. The one in my office has good four hours morning. Sun earlier in the summer, I tried to correct this slant by repotting it trying to pack more soil into the one side, trying to sort of lift it like this and pack more soil into this front side, but I guess every day it just kept growing towards light as plants. Always do that’s okay now. I’m quite excited because it’s a more. Oh, I’m going to take this gold tooth allo. To the CN E. It’s the Canadian National Exhibition, Horticultural Show and competition. Here’s my ultra card. I’ll secure it. I’m ready to go look at this guy. You’ve got the Best in Show. Oh, yeah, that’s pretty good. All those aerial roots. We’ll look at that foliage. So we’re here at the CNE. First day of judging is green one. Go Miss Dya’s third place. This guy got second. Oh, Phil, mm, don’t worry, maybe next year. First place. We’ll, look how crazy this guy is nice. Hey, everyone, so it’s a 11:15 in the evening. It’s been a really long day and I got my plant. Got my gold tooth a low back. He’s a little sad that she didn’t let anything but actually understands. She got to meet some really nice fellows. They were all good sports so. I hope you enjoyed this episode of House Plant Journal. I’m Darryl. Thanks for watching.