Giant Air Plant | Giant Airplant | Air Plants Unboxing | New Cacti, Succulent, Houseplants And Air Plants | Dec 11

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Giant Airplant | Air Plants Unboxing | New Cacti, Succulent, Houseplants And Air Plants | Dec 11


Hi, guys, it’s 11 of December and today. I just wanted to share with you. How happy I am. Look at that! Look at that, so I have here a big box, new babies. So what happened today was me and my husband went to buy him a Christmas present, so I bought him a giant tool box because I was being a good wife. That’s why I got a reward. Alright, So let’s start with my unboxing. Look at that! Oh, my God, so I bought this from air plants for sale UK, So it’s a Magda’s Facebook group setting airplanes. So if you wanna check it out, guys, just search. Uh, Facebook group airplanes for sale UK. Smack this group so yeah, they have so many airplanes available in there. So I ordered this too to do. So it’s a big box, but there’s only three in here because this one look at that guys. It’s a giant air plant. I bought this one for 14 pounds. Oh, look at that, it’s so big and guys, look, it’s flowering. Oh, I’m so excited to see what the flower gonna be. It’s so big. Oh, first time I saw a giant airplane like this, Put it down there and the other two babies in there. Okay, now, guys. I wanna share with you what I got for today. So this was bought from house by Betty Farmer then, okay. Oh, no, before that, okay here, guys. I have these babies in here and it’s huge 3.99 look at that. I already got this, but yeah, because it’s nice, so I can have again and so many seats in there for summer and echinopsi’s up. Then your dad look at that right next guys. Let’s look what’s inside. look at that! Put this down a house plant. Look at that five pounds. Oh, it’s so pretty, but yeah, I’m not, um, you know. I only like cacti and succulents. So this house plant. I’m gonna give this to a friend for Christmas. So yeah, she’s gonna have this first next one. Something similar with the other one. And this one is six pounds and something like this. See nice color on them. It’s nice! I like it but yeah. I don’t know, I’ll just give this to to my friend together. Yeah, it’s very pretty, but I don’t know I like it, but not not as much as I want to. Keep it here inside the house. So this is gonna go to my friend, and then I’ve got all of this already, but, you know, guys, I’m crazy. Um, I don’t know so. I think these two will be white flowering ecinopsis of the new data. I already got one, but it is a pink one. So I hope one of this is pink. Okay, put it down, and then I already got one of these as well, but I don’t know, look at that. Look at the markings on the thick white band. Oh, it’s pretty I’m not always fond of. Um, like this, but yeah. I don’t know, it looks different. So got it. Okay, right, It’s pretty, isn’t it lovely, lovely, lovely, and this is seven pounds, The Economist as well and then the last one is Tada, another airplane 650 for this spot Pretty, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s nice. I’m gonna put something on it. I don’t know yet and tada airplane. Look, there is a baby, saying hi in there still small, but yeah, there’s a baby down there. See, hello, okay, So that’s exciting to see, so it’s like the one that I unbox. See these two or the ones I unboxed, and this is the new one, so I got three new air little airplanes and one giant airplane. Yay, so, guys! These are my new babies. Yay, I’m so happy! Oh, look at that. This is so amazing, it’s so big. I hope it will last long, long time with me and those three little ones in there. So hold on guys. Because the video is not yet finished. I’m gonna share with you. What I’m gonna do with these air plants? This is what I’ve done with my eggless. Yay, look at that guys! Isn’t it amazing in there? So that’s the big airplane, So it’s my Christmas tree topper now and then the other airplanes, there and there and there. And that’s the old airplane. So if you wanna see guys if you wanna know how I’ve done those, um, holders? I have another video on how I did it. So please watch it guys, and I’m gonna show it to you closer. Those air plants in there. So yeah, all right. Thank you for watching guys, So don’t forget to like my Facebook page for Valentine’s and subscribe to my Youtube channel. Thank you for watching And Merry Christmas.