Ghosty Succulent | Which Is Which? Ghost Or Ghosty Find Out How!!

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Which Is Which? Ghost Or Ghosty Find Out How!!


Good morning, everyone. So today’s topic will be ghost blood and ghosty. So if you want to know which one is which please keep on watching and don’t forget to like share subscribe and don’t forget to click that notification Bell so that you will be updated with my new videos. See you in a bite. Hey, everyone so! I have been getting a lot of posts in our club. Which is the succulent club? Philippines and a lot of people would still continually ask. Which one is which so which one is a ghostie? And which one is a ghost plant? Um, for how many years now when we buy our benguet succulents or our local succulents and we would always buy ghost plant, we would always get a certain plant, but apparently, after a couple of good research, we discovered that our ghost plant is actually a crypto sedum ghosty. So let me show you guys. Which one is the real ghost plant? And which one is the ghostly plant? Okay, let’s do a quick pop quiz which one in this bunch is the graptopetalum, paragra or ghost plant? I’ll give you three seconds. Three, two one. There are three ghost plants in this bunch. And these are the three. This one. This one and this one. If you got it, right, give yourselves a pat on the back because you know how to Id. The right ghost plant. So let me show you guys what the real ghost plant looks like. So This is our ghost plant. As you can see, it’s very big there we go. There’s a really really big difference in color. This one is more on the grayish. Uh, white color the white. I think really comes from the farina that it has, But the underlying color would always be on the on the grayish side, instead of blue or green. The krypto sedum ghosty, on the other hand would have a different color, which is more on the bluish green side than of the gray. If you compare them side by side, you can see a clear difference on what they look like so there. Let me show you guys there you go. Can you see the difference? There here’s another close-up. Um, another close-up shot of the leaves. Which one is the graptopetalum paragraph and the ghosty? If it shows right, then you’re correct, so you can see the difference between the ghost plant and the ghosty plant leaves. You can see that the color is very different number one. So this one is on the Grayish white side and the Grapto serum sets a ghosty would be on the greenish blue side. And when you put them on their side, you can clearly see that the ghost plant leaves would have an indentation or a fold on the tip of the leaf compared to asagos. He would have a a boat like structure, which is round on the bottom and then relatively flat on the top there. They they don’t have the V shape or the indentation, Uh, compared to the ghost plant on the tips. Also, you would see a very big difference. Uh, the gosie would have a rounder tip compared to the ghost plaid, which has a very narrow tip and usually they are almost curving. Uh, to a point, so you can see some grapto patella, Paraguay and say they would have curls on the tip compared to the gosie, which is relatively flat and again more on the concave. Um, side, you know, so if they’re like, um, boats also physically, the ghosty leaves would be much fatter than the ghost plant leaves, even though they are very full and plump. So you can see the difference between how fat the ghosty leaves are and the ghost plant leaves are so these are both busog or these are both full, um, leaves, so they are very firm on on on the touch, but they are very different in the shape there, like I’ve said the leaves for the Grapto petal and Paraguay and say would almost be folding. Um, on the tip compared to the Grato sedum ghosty, which is what we have here which is curling upwards instead of downwards there, um, the grapto sedum ghosty would also have, um, thinner stems than of the ghost plant like this one, so they have thicker stems compared to the ghosties, the only similarities that they have is actually, um, the form when they’re smaller when the form of the rosette when they’re smaller as the curves are not yet that defined when they’re small, but as you can see here, you can clearly see that the tips are already showing, and the color is more pronounced compared to the smaller ones, even if the plant, if the ghosty or, um, of the same age ghost plant leaves, even if it’s just a leaf propagation, they would be much bigger than the ghost tea, so now that we’re done showing you guys, which one is which which one is Ghosty. And which one is the ghost plant? What about these guys? So this is called the graptopetalum purple Haze. This one is a hybrid of the ghost plant. And let me show you guys. This is a hybrid of the ghost plant and purple delight. So the only difference they have very good similarities with the ghost plant. When you put them side by side, they actually look very similar. And, um, they look alike so much that you will, actually, um, you will actually have a hard time. Distinguishing the two, except for the colors, the graphic and purple haze is actually purple in color, which she got from her mommy, which is purple delight and she got her leaves and her form from, uh, from the from the daddy, which is the graptopetalum, so this one is a very good alternative. If you’re looking for ghost plants and you can’t find one. And this one acts very similar to the ghost plant, so they’re very similar in characteristics and personality leaf and stem propagations for for ghosties and ghost. Plants are actually the same as well. They’re very easy to leaf propagate like, so as you can see this one. I have zero casualties. I decided to try and propagate three and I have three really good leaf propagations as well as this one. When I decided to pluck more, this one has a 100 um, success rate with the pups and the roots as well, so they’re very easy to propagate just like the ghostly plant, but they also have the same issues, which is they are still very much prone to stem rot. Um, just like the grato, sedum ghosty, just like the purple haze. They are all prone to stem rot. If, um, they’re not properly air dried before you pot them or when they get over water. So that is one of their weaknesses. This one I got from, of course, our banget seller. Um, I got it a couple of months ago. I decided to clump it. I didn’t have any problems, except, of course, when they come. Sometimes they would have watery and mushy leaves, but that is just acclimatization and they are. Now, um, doing really well. They are rain or shine babies. They are not covered at all, so they get full sun and full water, and they’re doing just great same with this. Same with this one. So this one was a my leftover. Um, ghosty plants that started to actually die because when when they got here, most of the leaves just really started watering and got mushy and this is it. Now it’s very beautiful. Um, very compact. So I’m very happy about her there. They’re very easy to care for also both of them. Um, the grapto patella. I noticed that they grow roots pretty fast so after a week. You’ll already see a really good root growth, so they’re very easy to care for very easy to establish again. The only issue is that if you get too greedy, and you start watering them too much too often because you want them to get fatter or chubbier. Then that’s where the problem comes in, but other than that this plant is a very, um, easy to care for plant and it’s a very good plant for beginners and for those who want to try out caring for graptoms or succulents. So I hope we finally understood and we can. Now, finally I’d, our ghost plant and ghosty plants properly, and I hope that this one can help you determine which one is which these are just physical characteristics that I described and hopefully that will be enough for us to be able to figure things out. And hopefully get that coast plan that we’ve been looking for I. I know it’s it’s a little hard to find ghost plants nowadays, but there are there are local sellers that who sells ghost plants. It’s just that it’s just very rare to find, compared to the ghostly ones that we usually get from binget. So enjoy hunting. Everyone and I hope you guys get what you look for, and yeah, enjoy your day and always always choose to be kind. Everyone see you guys on the next video bye. 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