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Crazy Diy Succulent Garden Display Planting Ideas


Is your succulent collection getting out of control? Are you running out of space to house your beautiful babies? I might just have the solution for you. In this video, I’d like to share with you. My ideas for displaying and planters for your succulents. Hello, there my name is Liz. A self-confessed succulent addict. Welcome to my channel Growing Succulents with Lizk. This area here looks very pretty. I know. But we’re not here to talk about the pretty babies. We’re here to talk about the shelves that these pretty babies are housed in. So I have three shelves there And easy enough, you say. You buy the shelves and you just stick it anywhere you want. But it’s not as simple as that. In here, I have arranged it so I can maximize the space. That’s pretty standard. I’ve got a pot here in a pot there and another pot there; and a little serenading boy there. And a little house and? Now that one there just to raise it up, I use a candelabra or a candle holder. And just so I can make sure that it doesn’t fall over. Do you see the wire at the back of it, Look? So I can’t even take this off. Oh, there! So you see the wire? So I tied up a wire around the pot. There you go. So I can put it there. And doesn’t matter if we get 300 kilometer winds per hour;, it will still hold and it will stay in place or stay put. Also, this one here is another tall candle holder. This one is quite sturdy because the base is metal. Okay, so there you go. Have a peek? So that’s a metal base, so it’s quite heavy. And so I’ve got my Pachyveria clavifolia sitting nicely perched up there. Okay, that one is empty right now. Because I’m Redoing my String of Dolphins, That’s. What was there? So I’m gonna put something else in there. And so that one is actually one of those cooking things. That’s not a regular pot. And if you can see that pipe there, that steel post basically. We cut a groove, so you see all those cuts and notches in there. Cut a groove in there, And then I bang it all in. So as to expand the mouth opening to accommodate that little, I think one of those Turkish or Turkish cooking thing. But anyway, I will remember later on what the name is. But anyway, let’s go back. I just, uh, noticed that I’ve got two of these candle holders. So there you go And the other one is holding the Graptosedum Paddy Peat. Doesn’t that look nice in there? So now there you go. So I’ve got form and structure and space for my babies. And also this one is a long candle holder. So again, Let’s lift it up. There you go. So it’s one of those; one, two, three, four, five, six, seven Seven. So you got one a two three four, Lets. Put this one back Five, six seven candles that you normally put in there. Then I use it for here. And then this one, I didn’t even have to tie this up because the whole thing is quite solid. So it doesn’t, uh, flip over and just for good measure. I put this one here. This little log here. But then that log is tied up to that. So if this whole thing falls in, then we have a problem. But I did not put a wire in the center, but I put a wire on the edges. I don’t know if. Hang on, wait a minute. Oh, yeah, there it is. So there. So just to secure it. Okay, so let’s pull back again. Oh, my goodness, I still got some space. Okay, there’s a gap in there. Okay, this one here is the same thing. I’ve got my sedum burrito. My burrow’s tail that this is actually not a Burro’s Tail. So this is a Burrito And it’s frost Hardy. So it’s been out in the sun and the frost. So that’s already seen 45 degrees, heat and minus 10 Anyway, I think -9 not quite minus 10 so but anyway. So I’ve tied it up with the wire again. There you go and then the little doggie Look. Even his legs tied up. I just so wire and pliers. Makes can do wonders. So anyway. So down in the bottom here, okay. I’ve got the pot here, But then the pot; I just suspended that one over there and look. I put a stick, a BBQ Skewer stick. Just so to hold it a little bit, so it doesn’t fall into this plant here. Now these ones are, I don’t know what they’re for. But anyway, I thought that would hold is a perfect size. For my square planter. Okay, so this one, the boat. This is actually made of wood, and this did not come from the Viking era, okay. So it’s fairly modern (LAUGHS). But anyway. So there’s a plastic? So I put a plastic Look, and then I put my soil mix. Look how healthy my soil mix in is. Even the grass or the weeds. Okay, We just pulled it off, oh! It’s growing! Anyway, so okay. So this section we’ve done that, and also that one as we’ll see the wire. There you go because it’s being tied up at the back. Now this is going to be a long video, but it’s going to be worth it. It’s going to be worth your while. So this one now is one of those decoration things. Okay, so this this probably can’t see it. You know, with all the little tree that you just sort of hang on the wall and doesn’t do anything. So I bent it and maneuvered it so it can hold the pots. And again with the wire. There you go and hello. So there you go again? And then that one is a mixing bowl. There you go, And then this used to be a heater. This post, Okay, This whole thing here that used to be a heater and I just put this industrial lampshade. We got hold of. A shop that closed down, and they got all this industrial lampshade. And back then, when we used to have the business;, so it’s sort of a demolition job and they’re throwing everything away. So my husband brought them home and so there you go. So I use them now as a planter and down in the bottom here. You see that extendable, uh, thing for the shower? I don’t know if you can see that there you go. So now again, Same drill. I just drilled some screw. Uh, they got some industrial screw steel screw in there. And then that way that can hold it and I don’t want to take it up because I’m going to break it, but because I need two hands. So now this one’s a star picket and the star picket. I use to hang all these wires. Can you see these wires here? See, so that’s what they look like, and then you can just put, so that part just goes in there. Okay, I bought a that was a two, The longest star picket. I could find, I think it’s 2.4 meters long, and I bang in 400 into the ground, and I only have like two meters exposed up the top, so you can see that it’s a very, very handy thing. You can put a lot of pots in it, so I got one two, three, four, five, six, seven. I could put more on the other side, but I don’t want to crowd this one here, so say eight, you could easily put eight pots, and if you have it straight to the ground, you could even put ten, but then this thing here is just so nice, so I thought I’ll just put it there like that. And, oh, look, its flowering. Oh, beautiful! Hello, gorgeous! Okay, so more wires, and then a roll of wire of. I think I don’t know 50 meters something. It’s like 12 dollars really cheap and it lasts. Uh, it goes goes further. Oh, okay, so this one’s. It’s just logs logs in the bottom and I screwed in. This is a pot saucer. So you know those big pots. That’s the base of it, the saucer and so again I thought that’s deepen up the plant plant. Something, so stick it in there and use it as a planter. Now this one’s the same thing, so you’ve got a little casserole dish or something that one there, yeah, or ceramics or whatever, just drill a hole in it and secure it, so the bed frames the same thing, but this one, the bed frame. We got it for free, but these pots here are the ones that cost us a lot. So, okay, you can see there you go. Those are the parts available at my local hardware store, so we got it from Bunning’s. And so I put a whole heap. I think they were ten dollars each, so even a hundred, even if it cost me 200 but look how much plants I’ve got in this thing. Look at that and I still haven’t put anything on top because I’m planning to do a video. No, it’s more good luck than good management. So anyway, this one’s now again, so again, all bits and pieces that you could use so again, that’s rusting away, but it doesn’t matter. We just replace it. See, so we put something else in there plastic or something like that or whatever. Okay, we’ll put you back there, you’re. Beautiful, that is a Semper V. So what else? Oh, mugs mug see mugs? I just tied up the mugs with the wire. Of course. Don’t go anywhere without your wires and your pliers and look at beautiful. The white one, the white one. Okay, so more plants. I need to do some cuttings and then I’ll go show you this side here. Okay, this one as well. I haven’t even filled up my fart pit again, far pit. Um, that’s gonna get thrown away. Use it as a planter and shower caddy. Look at the shower caddy in the corner here and again with the post with the star picket. Oh, shut up pretty big. I know you sound beautiful, but then we have so much birds. Uh, so many birds here anyway, so again with that, I could still put a couple more on the top. But, uh, I’ve got all cactus on the top there. So anyway, you can use anything just about, okay. We go here the fence, the fence. We got some top hats, so we just screwed on a top hat and then this channel this, uh, c-section, uh, channel is quite long, so the the these things here and again you can use it as a planter. Look at that, okay so more, but then you can’t just put any pots because there’s a size to it, so this one is already a little bit tight, which is actually good because that way it doesn’t fall off or fall out of it. And then the round ones is still sort of. You still got room to move but again, so you got, I maximize everything. I use up every space, but here, uh, it goes to show that you can still make it look good. You know, it doesn’t have to be, Uh, it doesn’t have to look, like, uh, higgledy piggledy or Steptoe and sun. So I don’t know if you folks know. Steptoe and Sanstepro and sun is someone who likes to just hoard stuff and the whole place just looks like a mess anyway. So this one I know in my eyes, it’s still a mess because I haven’t cleaned up, but it’s still pretty neat and tidy. Nothing’s in the way. Okay, I move some pots in there, so I can I. Can I can put more make more arrangements and do some more pots? Okay, so this one CD tower. You know the CD tower holders that are being thrown away because everything is now with your iphone and Spotify, and whatever mystify or all that thigh Anyway, this this one now I use it as a pot holder or a planter for my succulents and what I did is just to make it look neat. I bought some of these pots and they’re really cheap. I think nine or eight or nine for 2.50 or something like that. You probably could get it cheaper than that and look. I just burned. Um, over the stove. Just heat up your needle and then bring a hole through. So that way you can accommodate the wire through it and then tie it up. Hang on ill! Put you down, okay, ill. Put you up here with another, uh, shelf. This is for kitchen. Caddy things. Look at that, okay, so anyway, so this one now see again, so I tied it up and I tied it up, so I can put three so one two three pots on the top and then both sides. I sort of alternated, so that way you’ve got room and for the sun to go in and heat up and warm up the succulents there. You go, so we put you back here now. What else do I have? Yes, okay. This shelf has been a godsend. This is a lifesaver. So the the this metal shelf. We paid 260 for it and it’s got one two, three, four, five, and it’s quite long, so I think it’s I think it’s about. Yeah, two meters by 500 deep 2.2 I can’t remember so, but it’s long. Okay, so it’s about, I think two meters, Yeah. Two by two meters by 500 or 400 deep is that 500 It is 500 deep. Yeah, so anyway, it has been a savior. Because look how much pots I can put in there again. The wire the wire. Don’t forget the wire. Okay, so again so here, and if you just match up everything anyway, with the parts and color coordinated. It would look so much better than how I have it here, and I’m sure you could do a better job and then, anyway. Oh, this one’s the cactus, the cactus. There were two dollars that came out. They had a sale, so I bought a whole heap and they weren’t expensive. And, of course I’ve shown you before already. I drilled the hole and tied them up with the wire and then this one as well so anything. Look, it’s just wired up, But then I just have to make sure that I secure it and it doesn’t break off, and if it does break off, I still got, they’re not gonna break off all at once or two at once. So if one breaks up. I’m still got three anyway, holding them up, but anyway, so again, see, I don’t know what this is like a fruit bowl or something. It’s actually before. What’s what that’s what it’s for. So now it’s a planter for my succulent. So this is now my husband’s mess before it’s nice and clean. Now there you go, and I even have my little see-through chair in here. I can sit down and have a cuppa and look at this. Another planter fruit bowl. Look at that, see, so this one. Actually, so if it’s too much. Okay, I’m gonna do this now. Okay, this comes off, okay. It just sits there. I’m sure you’ve seen them before. Ah, okay, there you go uh-huh. And you can have a rock-a-bye baby now. I’ll put this one here before it goes away. Woah, happy, heavy heavy! Okay, over there, you go there you go, and we put that one here, so another idea and that one is still rocking. Okay, So now this one used to be a wine holder. We don’t really drink wine so no. I got it from the recycling place. We have a place called the Green Shed wherein people throw away stuff and they recycle it. They accept it, so you go in there and you pay like a dollar for it, but I bent it. So if you can see, I bend it here and bend it there, twist it there, open it up or close it off that way. I can put different pots or different sizes of pots in here, so I still can put a couple more in there. I just left that open just that way you can see so that one was actually closed off like that’s close off and I just open it up. Spread it up okay now. This one is a shower caddy. You know what a shower caddy is again? Make use of it and use it as a planter. Now this thing here. I think I don’t know what it’s for, but it’s got one two, three, four level. I can put a beast, a piece of a beast. I can put a piece of, uh, wood. I already got some wood outside some pallets, so repurpose the pallet and cut a piece and put it across and again. Uh, just, uh, secure it with the wire again. Drill a hole and you know, you get the drift. You get my drift anyway. So again that, uh, is just tied up onto this screen. I don’t know what that’s for, but again I paid. Um, a couple of dollars for that. At the, um, the recycling place at the green, shed and again. I haven’t finished that yet, but that’s what’s going to happen to it. And or I could also find the pot to fit in here, but I could only put two pots, so maybe one here and one there. There you go so now before the sun goes away. Um, oh, yeah, so that that shelf that didn’t have a hole in one of my videos. I showed this the other day now. It’s just perfect, look at that. Hi, so it’s just perfect. It’s made for those, um, trays or this trough. Uh, that’s what it’s called, but anyway, so I have a whole heap of plants in here. That’s just waiting for me to hang them up, and I still have an empty space in the corner here. So this one’s here filled up. Okay, so we’re doing the same thing. Wire tied up and so this one. I’ll just show you quickly what I do, okay. I’ve got my wire. I think it’s a point seven millimeter thickness, and I’m just gonna, and I’m gonna go around the pot Just roughly go around the pot, and I’m just going to leave like, three inches on each end. Mark that and then the chop chop. And since I’m doing one, two three. I might as well do three. Okay, so I’m gonna leave that pot there. I’m gonna get another pot and I would like this part to be here, so I think that’s a perfect distance. I’m just going to mark it, so right around that bit there so around here, so I’ll take my wire pliers, long nose pliers. Just do one quickly. You can either cut it or loop it all the way around the wire. So that way you don’t get scratch or anything. Okay, there you go. And then the other side we go. Just hold it just a little bit because we’re gonna need our pot. Why don’t I just get something a little bit less dangerous? That doesn’t have flippy floppy because they’re the same size anyway, so I’d want it to go over there. Whoopsie there you go, maybe a bit more. Okay, will that do maybe angle it around this way? Okay, I’m gonna change this and do it from this side here. And then that way it will be better or good there. You go happy with that and just cut it any excess wire better to have more than less like I always say, because if it runs short, you’re going to be fiddling with it. Oops, secure, so you don’t. Cut yourself, okay, joke, and so there you go and that’s it. So now I’m just going to go continue and put one two a couple more up the top. So that’s it, folks. I hope you get some ideas from that and also see this one. Even the long CD tower holder look at that. Look how many parts it can hold. See, so we go vertical spaceum.