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Repotting A Fleur Blanc


hello! Everyone, welcome to cycling this and that my name is Anne Bienvenido’s. Um, today. I want to do a special pride with all of you. Um, I have here my echerea fleur blank and what I want to do is repot it, but not only repot it, but make this an interesting pot. I have here a few. Um, succulents that I got and I want to use some of this to rearrange this pot, so let’s get to it. Okay, so I went ahead to get a head start, and I removed the pebbles that I had there and we’re going to recycle these because we also have to try to minimize, uh, spending extra, so whatever we could recycle, that is great, so I’m going to clean those oils. I’m going to change the soil this soil. I had for a long time and it’s always a good idea to refresh the soil of your succulent plus. When I started this video when I started working with Succulents, I didn’t know that much about soil so now watching other youtubers I have learned a lot and I now I know how to prepare a bit of my soil. So I’m going to put a brand new soil for this pot. It’s always a good idea to check the roots of your succulents just to make sure that if you have any mealy bugs, make sure that you treat that, and I’m gonna spray a little bit of alcohol on this. Just in case I don’t see anything they look good, but, um, just in case. I don’t like that sound before I proceed to put my new soil. What I’m going to do? Is I’m going to clean it up a little bit and I’m going to put also a little bit of alcohol just to make sure that there are no pests That is gonna affect our new arrangement. Okay, so I got here. My alcohol, I’m gonna spray my pot a little bit. Okay, and let me get the soil, okay. This is my soil! Um, I live in Florida and, um, it gets very humid and as everybody knows very hot. Um, a lot of people just that live in other states could use the soul as it comes. The soul that is special for Cactus and succulents. But I feel that in Florida. We need to add a little bit more something to, um, create a better drainage in your soil so here, I added. I don’t measure so I. I have no idea how many parts of what I just make sure that the soil to site it’s. It’s has good drainage so here. I have the sulfur succulents that I get from home depot. I add perlite and I also add pumice and as you can see, I feel that this is good enough drainage for my plants and for all the rain we get in Florida, so lets. Start putting the soil All righty, so I think I want to make this one sort of my focal point. Ah, well, before we do that. I want to add a little bit of alcohol to the roots of my injury or full. Where’s. My alcohol can it’s not necessary. You guys don’t have to do this all the time. I did it just because just to prevent Lily bugs, and I think that looks okay there. Okay, just there, okay there now. These I got at Lowe’s. So we’re going to take out the soil that they came with because I see that they very compacted and those in home depot tend to over water their succulents. I got lucky that when I went to Lowe’s that same day. They have the day that I was there at the store. They had just received a whole palette of succulents, so these thankfully are not over watered. So this is a time that we take advantage and start removing any dry dry leaves. Inspect the roots. Make sure that they’re healthy. Okay, so this one. I think I want to put over here. Just move it a little bit over. I think I need a little bit more soil. Okay, let’s try to put it here. Don’t want to damage any roots. Okay, and I think that looks much better. Make sure that all the roots are in the soil. Okay, then the next. I think I might want to try to add a splash of color. I might add one or two of these and this is called. Uh, this is a graptocetum. I don’t know what exactly which kind it is, And that one that I just planted right here. This one came with no name. So if anybody knows your name, um, that will help me greatly to be able to identify it so this? Oh, this is very dry. I’m just gonna need water soon. Okay, so we’re gonna save this for propagation, and I’m gonna put it right here in the straight right here. I’ve got one just cleaned this out, really good, so I think we have space. Maybe for two that would look much better. There’s one, and sometimes when you have when you find succulents that have the soil so compact. Um, what happens is that when you water your succulent is though your succulent is not absorbing the water too well, and it doesn’t, um, give your plant a proper growth, so some it’s a good idea to change your soil. Um, every so not not every so often, but at least once a year or when you see a compact just to make sure that she’s absorbing enough water and all the nutrients that they need, all right so. I think I might want to put this one right here in the middle to fill in this empty space. Wait a minute! Let me fix this right there. And then the other one. I’m gonna put it right in the front, okay. I think that looks pretty good. So now I’m gonna add. I took out cuttings from my string of bananas. Um, I never worked with these before. So hopefully they will get ruined very soon, but I just wanted to add a little bit of a touch, so I think I’m gonna put it over here now. I’m going to add the gravel. I had it before. I always like to add gravel because when I water my plants, I don’t like the leaves touching the wet soil. Usually it it. It helps to avoid running or drying out of your leaves. I’m a little bit clumsy, that’s. What my husband says? And I think he’s right. So I just remember that I had these, and these are called watch chain and they’re wonderful for putting touches to your arrangement. Um, so I’m gonna squeeze it in the corner. I know that already. Put all my my gravel in there. My stones, they’re going to get dirty, but I just want to squeeze this one in here because it’s going to add a special touch. Just add a little bit more soil to make sure I cover all the roots. Okay, all right, guys, so here’s our project. I think it came out really good. Um, just have to clean it up. A little bit here. Got some sand and I try to use. Usually I blow because this has Farina and I want to preserve it, but, uh, here it is. I think it came out wonderful. It was fun doing this with you, guys. And, um, the next project that I want to do with you is that I found these cups sitting in my kitchen cabinets for many many years. I think they’re pretty so already made a hole for drainage. So, um, I’m gonna put it for good use, so this will be our next video. Hope that you come back to my channel and watch it. If you like this video, please subscribe and see you next time adios.