Finger Succulents | Repotting Pachyphytum Machucae Baby Finger | Gswlk Quick Tips #1

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Repotting Pachyphytum Machucae Baby Finger | Gswlk Quick Tips #1


I was just reporting my pocket python baby finger here and I had a light bulb moment. I thought it’s a good time to do, or maybe I should start a quick tip playlist or quick tip videos, so this will be short videos wherein I show you quick tips. So this is pocky python baby fingers or Machu say. I think that’s how you say it. Matuse a Machu Kai Machukai. Is it Machukai or machuse anyway? Machusa here has got a soil. That’s very very sandy. So these are Sandy Sandy Sandy soil look at that they’re planted inside the soil and so now I’m going to remove this. Take this off, shake off all the soil, and as I’m shaking it off, I am removing some leaves in the bottom time to propagate, propagate and propagate. Okay, so there you go grow really fast so and might as well separate the two, and then that way they can have their own room to grow. See, the bottom is all sort of dry anyway. The bottom leaves, but never the who we’re gonna take more off, and this is my master, succulent soul mix, and there you go one. Now that one, anything that’s sort of drying out anyway. Might as well remove that because I could soak it and revive it, but still I’m trying to reach down in the bottom, and this is just a straight master, succulent soul! Mix no frills. No fancy things go went on in here, okay, so now now that it’s like that. Okay, now I’m going to put my dressings around and that should do it cover any exposed soil and shake shake shake will take all These leaves that I’ve taken from there. I like I could grow it indoors under the grow light. It will grow much faster, But I am already preparing for my trip. Uh, gold and gemstone prospecting trip. We usually go every winter, so I won’t be here for the next three or four months. So while we’re away, I can’t have the grow light on because my daughter will forget to turn it off and in case. The house burns down, touch wood. Now this one, I’m gonna leave it here. Scatter it all in here. And they will just germinate on their own. I forgot to take the label and while I forgot to take the label the soil, by the way what I do with the soil, I put it because it’s all nice and greedy. This is what I use to add into my cactus. Mix, so I don’t throw them away. So that plant has been, uh, under observation for about a couple of weeks and there was no issues with the plant, so it tells me and no bugs. No nothing, so it tells me the soil is clean and healthy, so that’s. What I use for my cactus mix now, pocket pie tomb baby fingers or what you say is quite Frost, Hardy, So I’m gonna put it here and it will still get partial direct sunlight in the afternoon, but that’s already acclimatized because I’ve had it growing in my 50 zone area for the last couple of weeks, so this is where it’s going to stay, and then I am going to water that in about a week’s time, so I let the I let it calous off, especially these babies that are sitting here or that one too. I might as well remove that. Because, oh, no, I’ll leave it in the soil. So that way something else grow on the side of it side. Shoot now, so I leave it here like that and water it after a week, so this is now a week later, so I’m just watering the whole pot with leaves and all really soak it like, really saturate the soil and machuse is the same as Cedawski. They love water, so I’m just using a seaweed, not a seaweed. Uh, Soluera. This is a seaweed conditioner that I’m using to water them in any seaweed fertilizer or seaweed base soil conditioner plant conditioner is good. Okay, so it’s already dripping down into the plant below fly to the sky over there with which has a lot of babies. I might as well water. You and my silver queen while I’m at it and my other pants which needs watering.