Farina Succulent | || What Is Farina ? ||


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|| What Is Farina ? ||


Hi, guys, welcome to my channel. Lush gardener. I hope you guys are doing fine and are safe at home. So guys, today’s topic is furry. Now and we’re gonna talk. Be talking about what exactly is funny now. Now, a lot of people who have been keeping succulents for quite some time are well aware about it, but this is for people who are going to keep succulents in future or are just starting with keeping succulents. So it’s very important to understand. What exactly is 4e now so guys. Farina is basically a white powdery coating, it could even be a silvery film or it could even be a white waxy coating that naturally appears on succulents. Now, guys, not all succulents have. Farina, there are only a couple of varieties of succulents that display for, you know, on their leaves, which absolutely looks beautiful so guys. I wanted to make a detailed video about Farina. And what exactly it is now? Guys, a lot of people do get confused. Oh, for foreigner with mold or fungus, There have been people who have cleaned the Farina from the succulent leaves, thinking that it is some kind of fungus or Bowl. Now remember once the Farina is lost from the succulent leaves. It is not going to come back on the leaves again once lost. It’s completely lost now. Guys, apart from making the succulent look beautiful. The main purpose of Farina is to provide a natural layer of protection for the succulent, removing it can expose the plant to dangers that it would otherwise be able to tolerate. Now you will have to take extra care of the circling during summers now. Succulents with damaged. Farina are also at a high risk of fungal infections and insect infestations. Now your is a picture of achieve a long window as you can see that another cycle is a very beautiful segment. Also, you can see that the Farina is present on the upper part of the succulent, But if you look closely the lower part of these subtle and the Farina is missing now this has happened because of potting and reporting and during the transportation, the delicate Farina has been disturbed and is lost. Now, guys! If you look closely, you can see that there are lot of burn marks on the lower leaves, but there are no burn marks on the upper part of the succulent where the Farina is present. So now you will be able to understand why. Farina is so important. The upper part of the succulent is completely saved because of this Farina as compared to the lower leaves. So we get to know that Farina also acts like a sunscreen lotion. Now, when we go to the beach in order to save ourselves from the harmful sun rays or to save ourselves from getting tanned, we tend to use sunscreen lotion. So, Farina! Your acts exactly like a sunscreen lotion. Now, guys, you have to be extremely careful while handling succulents that are covered in Farina because it’s very easy to wipe it away. Now, for example, the touch of my finger exposed the plant to my skin oils, which removes the coating some pesticides Fungicides can also harm the Farina. So you have to be very careful. Especially oil-based products, in particular particular, can remove the Farina. So you have to be very, very careful. Now, guys, apart from making the succulent, look beautiful and acting like a sunscreen lotion. Farina also is waterproof, which means that it repels water, which can help prevent the plant from absorbing too much of water when the water comes in contact with the Farina on the leaves, It simply forms water beads on the surface of the leaves as you can see in this picture. So guys, now that brings us to the next question is. How are we going to clean the dust or dirt That is present on circulates that have fariƱa so for that guys, you’ll have to use a makeup brush that has very soft bristles, and you’ll have to gently clean the leaves that have Farina now, not only for succulents that have Farina, but even in general, when you’re doing a cleaning of the succulents, especially when you port or repot your succulents, there’s dirt that falls in between the leaves, so you can use these soft bristled makeup brushes to clean the dirt, and this is the effective and the safest way to do so now, guys, the next a few pictures of succulents that have Farina. Now you might be tempted to touch the Farina, but please avoid doing so because there is a reason why the succulents have Farina. Now This Farina is gonna protect your settlement and I will tell you that. Almost 90 to 95 percent of your succulent related problems will be solved if the Farina is not disturbed. So guys. I hope that this video was very helpful to you. If it was then please consider subscribing to my channel until then. Take care, stay safe. Bye bye!