Looking to connect with fellow indoor gardening enthusiasts? Check out these Facebook groups for plant lovers! From houseplants to tropical plants and rare varieties, find a supportive community to share tips, seek advice, and bond over your shared love for indoor gardening. Join now and expand your horizons as an indoor gardening enthusiast.


Are you an indoor gardening enthusiast looking to connect with fellow plant lovers? Look no further than Facebook groups! In this article, we will explore the vibrant and engaging online communities where indoor gardening enthusiasts gather to share their passion, seek advice, and connect with like-minded individuals. From plant care tips to buying and selling plants, these Facebook groups offer a wealth of knowledge and a sense of community. So, let’s dive in and discover the wonderful world of indoor gardening Facebook groups!

The House Plants Enthusiasts

One of the most popular Facebook groups for indoor gardening enthusiasts is “The House Plants Enthusiasts.” With a staggering 45,000 members, this group is a treasure trove of information on various aspects of plant care. Members discuss topics such as plant growth, watering methods, and even where to buy rare and unique plants. If you’re a beginner looking for guidance or an experienced gardener with tips to share, this group provides a welcoming and supportive environment.

Houseplant Addicts

If you have a deep love for houseplants and want to connect with fellow plant enthusiasts from around the world, “Houseplant Addicts” is the perfect Facebook group for you. With a massive community of 115,000 members, this group is a hub of creativity, inspiration, and knowledge sharing. You can showcase your indoor garden, ask for advice, or simply bask in the beauty of other members’ plants. The possibilities are endless, and the sense of camaraderie is truly uplifting.

Philodendron/monstera/Aroid And other tropical plants- Worldwide 🌎

For those specifically passionate about tropical plants, “Philodendron/monstera/Aroid And other tropical plants- Worldwide 🌎” is a Facebook group worth joining. With 7,500 members, this group is dedicated to sharing the stunning beauty of tropical plants. Members can browse through albums filled with breathtaking pictures, engage in discussions about care techniques, and even buy, sell, or exchange plants within the group. If you’re a tropical plant enthusiast, this group will feel like a tropical paradise.

Houseplant Hoarders

Is your indoor garden collection getting out of hand? Fear not, because “Houseplant Hoarders” is a judgment-free zone where fellow collectors can share their plant collections and tips. With 96,000 members, this group is a treasure trove of inspiration for all plant lovers. From rare and exotic species to creative display ideas, “Houseplant Hoarders” celebrates the love for plants and the joy they bring to our lives.

Planet Begonia

Begonias are known for their stunning foliage and vibrant colors, and if you have a particular fondness for these plants, “Planet Begonia” is the Facebook group for you. With 24,000 members, this group is dedicated to all things begonia-related. From discussions about care techniques to sharing photos of different begonia varieties, this group welcomes all begonia enthusiasts. The admins ensure a friendly and respectful atmosphere, making it an enjoyable space for all members.

House Plant Growers

Whether you’re a seasoned plant grower or just starting your gardening journey, “House Plant Growers” is the place to be. With an impressive community of 175,000 members, this group provides a platform for both beginners and experts to share their knowledge and learn from one another. No question is too basic or too advanced, and the drama-free atmosphere ensures a positive and supportive experience for all members.

Calathea Lovers

If you’re enchanted by the beauty of Calathea plants, “Calathea Lovers” is the Facebook group you should join. With 9,000 members, this group is dedicated to discussions, sharing, and learning about Calatheas. Members can chat about their favorite Calathea species, seek advice on care, and even troubleshoot common issues that arise. The group fosters a sense of community where members can bond over their shared love for this stunning house plant.

Variegated Monstera Deliciosa Borsigiana Albo Variegata

The variegated monstera deliciosa, also known as borsigiana albo variegata, has gained immense popularity among plant collectors. If you’re fortunate enough to own one or dream of having one, “Variegated Monstera Deliciosa Borsigiana Albo Variegata” is the Facebook group to join. With 8,000 members, this group provides resources, tips, and a space to share the joy of owning and caring for this rare and beautiful plant variety.


In the vast world of indoor gardening, Facebook groups offer a thriving and engaging space for enthusiasts to connect, share, and learn from one another. Whether you’re passionate about houseplants in general, specific plant families, or rare varieties, there’s a Facebook group out there catered to your interests. These groups not only provide valuable gardening information but also foster a sense of community where friendships are formed and inspiration blooms. So don’t hesitate to join these vibrant communities and expand your horizons as an indoor gardening enthusiast.


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