Euphorbia Polygona Snowflake | Presenting Euphorbia Polygona ” Snowflake”

Morris Park In the Ozarks

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Presenting Euphorbia Polygona " Snowflake"


Hello, and welcome to Morris Park today. I’m going to show you a little euphorbia. That’s, uh, kind of one of my favorites, along with the, uh, Joridas and so forth the Euphorbias I’m showing you today are euphorbia polygona snowflake, but all Polygonas have this white coating like you see here on these plants, and if you look real closely, you can see where even some of this stuff can flake off. It’s just kind of a white coating that kind of prevents it from burning in the sun. It’s kind of almost a waxy coating. I have a few of these. I’m kind of a sucker for these this one here. Uh, this little one has been kind of the subject of a, uh, breeding project. Uh, this, uh, spring and I crossed it with. This euphorbia cereformis ive. Uh, done a couple projects with this. Uh, cereformis I’ve used it for, uh, hybridizing both with, uh, Joreda and the Polygona Snowflake. You can see one right here. Also, this is an old one. I’ve had this one for many many decades. Um, say over over three decades for sure, It’s my oldest of the polygonas, but it seemed to always find another one. I like, so I end up getting it as you can see here. And this one being the most recent this one’s several years old. I’d say it’s about. Oh, 12 13 years old baby. The polygon is, uh, kind of different from here. Is I mean it looks similar in some ways as you can see with these horrettas? This is kind of a good comparison shaped, uh, very similar. The polygon is, though, uh, different, having a dark burgundy red flowers and like the horitas, they’re also either male or females. They don’t have both sexes on one plant. They’re very nice, little euphorbia and another little, uh, identifying characteristic of these, Uh, polygona’s is they tend to come up from underground runners. You can see down here little offshoots. Just kind of, uh, come up in the pots from underground. See some more coming up from around there, but when you go to re-pop these, you’ll see these underground runners that are all around the pot and everything just waiting to pop up, and that kind of differs from most of my horrettas. The horrid is as far as I can see. Don’t have that, uh, trait of coming up by, uh, runners big old, euphorbia horida striata, there, a horita and a Var major. But anyhow, I like these because they, uh, have that white coating now as I say, Polygonas don’t always have this white coating. This is just a variation of the polygona’s. Some polygons are actually just bright green. They’ll be more of a color like this instead of being the characteristic white waxy coloring, and I say this wax actually comes off from the plant, too, as you can see where it’s flaked off from some of these plants. A very cool euphorbia this one. I really recommend it’s a very easy. Uh, culture starts easy from these little runner cuttings or also from the, uh, side sheets that come out on the plant and they’re very prolific as you can see. They really put out some, uh, cuttings there. If you need, uh, cuttings, all kinds of branches, you can see this one’s really put out the, uh, lower offsets. I’ve done another breeding project, too. Where, uh, I’ve read this horretta here with this striata, so I’ve had both these. Uh, going here together. And this one also is part of my breeding project this summer. So now I have little seedlings coming up. Uh, they’re both, uh, Jorida Polygona. Uh, hybrids and the cerrita, uh, polygonal hybrids. So I have some interesting little seedlings coming up. Now they’re probably about an inch tall and, uh, doing very well, but anyhow. I just want to show you some of my polygonas, uh, snowflakes and yes. There is a difference between just a polygon and a polygonal snowflake, as I said with that white coating, make a striking plant almost coated all the way over like a, uh, astrophytum or something like that, Except it’s not in little flecks. It’s an, uh, a whole white coating, a waxy coating kind of, like, uh, euphorbia Abdel Curry. It’s it’s similar to that. It has that white waxy coating to it. But anyhow, just wanted to show you. These beautiful polygonas hope you enjoyed them. I really enjoyed growing them. This is what I recommend of easy culture as I say if you’re out, looking for different euphorbias and you won’t get something. That’s a little more easy than your other typical euphorbias that have like caudisha forms and such that may be a little more difficult. This is an easy one guys, and it’s very attractive. Anyhow, this is Clyde Morris from Morris Park. Have a great day and enjoy your polygona’s you.