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Euphorbia Lactea Care Tips! //jingle's Heartstrings


Hello, guys! Welcome back to our Youtube channel again. This is me jingle. So for this video, I am with Yaya and all right, and for this video, we’re gonna have another plant character about. So if you guys are interested, please keep on watching. Bye. So so hello again. So as I’ve said a while ago, another plant care tip about very good. It’s about euphorbia lactea, so in front of us, we have four varieties of lactea. We have based on their color, white, white, little pink green and white of green, white and the pink latte, euphorbia lactea is succulent syrup or small tea, so as you can see Parashang Malitna puno It can grow as tall as 16 feet Kappa it mush, the ground and the Pedidin Shang. container just like this. So the other names for you for real Activa include coral cactus, mottled spurge, dragon bones, tree, false cactus and frilled file. So as you can see para talagashan fun or pamay. 2018 or 2017 Nabillico, and then after how many years Ayan, Mejo, Lumakina, Sila’s original Nam Euphorbial. So this one. I just bought last year, All right, okay, now, so let’s proceed to the plant care tips for euphorbia lactea. The first one that we need to consider is the soil mix since etopoisan. 50 of pumice and then 50 of organic soil so young soil makes draining just like the soil that it grows in its native environment because so we can propagate our formula, so let’s just be careful. So as a safety precaution, we need gloves in order for us to be protected from that toxic substance. Euphorbia lactea for propagations so Kailan bayong. So the answer is during summer season because summer season is the growing season for our euphorbia lactea nagawa. As you, this one is the rootstock. It should be much word, okay. Remember that if we are using and this one is the Rootstock Ayan. So aside from the v-cut or V-method, v-cut method is for our euphorbia lactea. Now let’s proceed to the watering of our euphorbia lactate, so I use the soak and dry technique, so I know by young soap and dry technique, so I’ll wait until the soil is completely dry and then I’ll give it a good, soaking So big Sabihin. Since so the answer is, I don’t know. But according to my research savvy dancer research now one way to propagate euphorbia lactate is through their seeds shempre in my own opinion. And in my own understanding, Correct me if I’m wrong. Someone experts, plant experts, Um, seeds. These implants are one of my favorites actually aside from Napakagandan kanyang form as you can see Parashant fun and parang guys are very good for beginners. I need to show you something, guys, and and it’s very huge. Napo, and nothing. So one two. All right, so here in our vlog. Kasama, Nathan. See, what’s your name again? Yeah, yeah, yeah, so situation. I am a kingpin, Ken. So let me ask Giril. Um, any favorite, this one? Yes, why because there are three colors? Oh, there are three colors. What are the three colors, green, white and pink variegation. But I mean, color in one three in one. So as you can see two of them, Why, why why also this one because I love green? Ah, you love also green and so what I like the most is this one also color. Why because my favorite color is white white, so that’s it? Oh yes. There is one also when I bought this one color, pink lanyan and then, um, green and very cute. So for the sun exposure? I put them here. There is Morning Sun, so Morningside manga, two to three hours of sunlight a day. So as I observed, um. This. Yeah, all right, so that’s it for our plant care tip about euphorbia lactea and don’t forget to subscribe on our Youtube channel and don’t also forget to like and share. Alright, so, please, guys, keep safe and look at in background and look at the liquid.