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My Succulent Greenhouse Tour / Euphorbia Lactea Crest Grafted


Welcome to this succulent home and guess what we’re in what? I want to call my green thumb workshop and I’m really excited about being in here because I wanted to share with you. What’s been going on this whole week? I’ve been a little Mia because I had a family emergency, but you know, family first note to self no to everybody else out there. When family needs you, you be there, okay, so with that said. I’ve had a lot of things going on within this week. I was able to reclaim this space in my back yard, which makes it a plus for me because look at my. Mother’s Day present. Put together that my girls and my husband bought me, and I got these two shelves from my aunt who lives near me and I’m excited because she was gonna give those away to my mom, and then my mom said that she didn’t need him, and then she was gonna end up giving them away to Goodwill. But then my mom told me you got about like. Oh, wait, I could use those most. Definitely in my green thumb workshop, you know? I can’t say Green house because obviously there’s like you see the metal. It’s metal all the way around. This is like what you would use to like park your. RV, you know, it’s like a carport like, but this is where I’m going to discover, not just developing my green thumb for succulents and cactus, but for house plants and for outside friends like that tree right there, you see that that is a rosebush that was not even a rosebush. It’s called a trailing. Rose, okay, so it’s thornless and it’s not a bush. It’s not a tree, but it produces roses if you had like a lattice or something or a fence, it’s supposed to grow like up and like on it so when I bought them, They were on clearance for $12 a piece and they were regularly $24 and they already had a lot of like a smaller lattice in it, so I planted both of them together, and then I wrapped some tape around it so that they could be stuck, so it’s a little crispy because it’s been dry and as you can tell. I’m really really tan. I just love summer, guys. I just love so much, but let me show you the areas that I have to clean around it, but let’s just see, okay. So you see this section all right here? I have to like, get all of this wood, and I have to get it out of here based on it. Be clean all of this stuff. This is what my husband uses when we do. What about like you don’t like our fight of it? Yeah, he’s so he cuts this up and he puts it in our fire pit. So I got these that I gotta get through. I need to rinse everything out here, cuz. I rinse that site. Where my buddy you know? What do you call that not a debt but a like a garden table. Yeah, maybe it’s a parking ticket, but hey, so! I gotta move all this stuff. Spray it so that there’s no spiders because Lord knows. I cannot, I’m not, I can’t even have no. We’re not gonna even deal with that then over here. You guys have seen this in other videos, But I kind of just win the boat when my dad’s boat blood in here in this like little area right here. I like stole a little corner and I a couple of shells right there that I put your words on and like my little propagation, Um, tray. And so I’m gonna just clear it all out, you know, and a lot of my like tools and everything. They’re just like, piled up like in those containers and stuff. So I’m excited because I’m finally gonna be able to like, get this stuff out of here and then this section over here. Watch them these bikes. Those are all bikes right there. I have to get those out of here and so I gotta find places for all this stuff, and I want to go through our shed because in my shed. I have something like. DIY projects that I want to do with with my succulents, and I feel like I can drill drill holes and like pots that I already have and like just different things, but I also want to like, clean things out, so if I’m not using it. If it’s not serving me a purpose, then let’s get it out. Okay, also, let me show you what? I picked up this whole week that I did a my a. I also, like, have this one succulent that I want to show you this. Look at her! You guys how beautiful issues how beautiful okay this is a for? Bia, like tiaa-cref’s drafted. This is a crusted form with an intricately undulating fan shape in a beautiful alabaster marble with splashes of red pink, lavender or grapes. I mean, if this doesn’t make you fall in love with God’s creative creation. I don’t know what would because this is beautiful like. Come on now, like this is gorgeous. Look at those purple of just that hints of purple that red that paint and that just that luscious mint and sage green. And it’s all unlike this cactus like stem right there. DC that I mean this is just gorgeous. Shocking, but I’m gonna keep it in this. It was only 1998 Now you would have got this from a nursery. Easy, easy, 30 bucks. I’m telling you so 20 bucks. It reminds me of like undersea coral egg. You guys all know? I love me a good ocean themed. You know anything anything, cuz? I love you know the ocean. But isn’t she just gorgeous? I’m gonna leave her in this pot that I bought it in. I’ll probably put this inside of a like a white terracotta pot already. Just her like looks purposes, and but this is big enough and as you can see. It has plenty of room to grow, so I don’t know if this is a slow grower or a fast grower, but I do know that it’s gorgeous, and I was so waiting to like being able to like share this. This one with you and like. Oh, my gosh, another thing. I got was I got this little arrangement from my brothers, look at this. Does anybody recognize any of these in here? This is Jade. That is the big chola right there. I believe that’s the chola little echeverria right there. I think this is oh could be wrong right before. Lola, little sedum. But, man, this is so cute. It was unexpected and what a great surprise. I only have one sibling, so that’s another. Get to know me information. I only have one sibling and he’s my older brother, and he was my first best friend, and I love, and he got me this just just because just because of his favorite sister and his only one. I also got this right here. It is be safe, three and one garden spray insect insecticide, fungicide and miticide it kills white fly spider mite fungus gnats! Milly, bug scale insects and much more, it also helps take away the powdery, mildew, downy mildew black spots. And I know that I have my in my fountain in the front yard. I have a succulent arrangement that I put up. There and there are some brown spots. And so I’m hoping that I can use this, and I think this is a you know mixed with water, and I’m hoping this lasted a lot longer because between the alcohol, and which is the cheapest thing. So if you just don’t want to spend a lot of money. But this was $15 and go get yourself some rubbing alcohol and dilute it with water, and that’s just fine too, but I wanted to give this a try. I wanted to see, cuz. I have like this mealy bug infestation. That is no joke and I’m kind of over it because I mean, a busy girl can only do so much as far as maintenance, you know what? I’m saying so that’s a little update. Okay, so this is my stay tuned and take you on my new journey and at my new, bring them workshop. We’ll chill the next video. God bless !