Euphorbia Anoplia | Tips For Care Of Euphorbias And Update Of My Euphorbia Collection, February 2018

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Tips For Care Of Euphorbias And Update Of My Euphorbia Collection, February 2018


Hi guys today! I’m gonna give you update on Maya for vehicle action and share some tips for caring for them. Few people commented on my euphorbia to go on a propagation and ask how much I water euphorbias. So I wanted to share a few tips I have found from my last. Three years of experience with succulents and cactuses that ll plants and euphorbia plant have been the easiest to take care of. So, Of course, I’m not talking about all the formulas because there is a lot of them. There is over a thousand succulent varieties of euphorbias, and then there are those that are not succulent. I didn’t even know that when set us are Euphorbias so last time when I was going to nursery in Chicago, the owner told me that when Santas are also you for being so for the ones that I had, I have learned few things they love. Sun a bright light and I usually keep them on the south side outside during the winter time, they have to be under lights, most of them. Except if you have a, you know, good light, south side, light or South West side light, or they’re gonna get the pale green tops. So that’s gonna be a sign that you need more light. They also like other succulents. Don’t like to sit in water, Don’t like to have that feet, but different than other succulents, they don’t like long periods of being dry, so they need to be watered more often than other succulents, and you cannot go whole winter without water in them like you could do with some succulents and cactuses. I water my euphorbias once a week now during the time that they’re dormant, but during the their grow season, I bother them more often than once a week sometimes twice a week and make sure to check the soil. So you can please put your finger in. And if the soil is not sticking to your finger and it feels dry about maybe inch and a half four centimeter, it’s timed water, and you can also see how leaves can shrivel like on this one here. When they’re a little bit more dry and need more water so that can be a good indicator and also they do not like cooler temperatures. I don’t think that they really care much anything under 50s Fahrenheit. I think you can probably leave them on some of the 40’s but I don’t think that that really works well for them so especially if you are propagating them, They definitely need warmer. Temperatures euphorbias our summer growers so they will grow beginning of the spring till the late fall. And actually my phobias were going all the way till the middle of December and December, and then I noticed from the end of the December and now it’s beginning of February. I don’t see any growth or any movement some. I’m assuming they’re gonna wake up in a month or or so, and they grow pretty fast At least the varieties that I had like some of these euphorbias tree Gonna red tree gonna or euphorbia, an old plow or rock tear, they grow quite a bit. They can triple sometimes in height, and you definitely need to plan to have a bigger space for them or to just take cut any cuttings every year and keep the little ones, so keep cutting them down so. I’m going to show you how my collection is doing right now. The euphorbias that I have propagated and how those are doing as well. So you can see had this euphorbia. Grundy Cornice has a little bit paler top here because it wasn’t exposed to as much light. It actually reached the ceiling, so I have to put it down in the ground and it’s currently standing by the shafts, so it’s getting a little bit of light. It’s not standing here. I just temporarily placed it there so you can see it better. So, yeah, it’s pretty. It grew quite a bit just. I would say from beginning of November and of October till half of the December. It grew that whole thing and grew quite a bit on this one and a little bit on this end here, so I think it’s a pretty fast grower. I don’t think I’m gonna have enough space for it, so I don’t know, maybe I’m gonna donate it to conservatory or propagate some of these little guys, so I can still have it because I like Euphorbias and then if you remember my video about red tree gonna propagation when I chopped off two tops from this one, that’s the mother plant. I successfully rooted it in about the month. So here is this new plant? It actually grew about inch and a half on each of those rooted parts before it became dormant. Looking really good and these ones that. I cut the mud from the mother plant. They started green new pops. So there is like three new here and five and this other one where I got so again. Girls pretty fast. I don’t know if I’m gonna have a space for this one. I might need to take some smaller cuttings and just give away the rest. Because, yeah, they’re gonna grow even more. During the summer time, there are summer growers and then. I have this euphorbia like Tara. Compacta grow quite a bit, but it’s not as bad in size as these two other ones, so it looks pretty good. And euphorbia bones Also not as big then. There is this euphorbia. No claw got a little bit pale on the ends. I don’t know, it’s on the top shelf That has a little bit higher distance between the lights and the Plains, Then the rest of the shelves, So I don’t know it’s not like it’s not close enough. I also didn’t water it enough, so it’s a little bit skinnier. I think then it’s supposed to be lets. Take a look, the other ones then here. I have euphorbia to Kali or sticks on fire. It’s also good, very nice this year. I left the colors during the summer when it gets like those yellow orange red colors. It looks so pretty then. I have a bunch of these. I really need to decrease the number of the euphorbia tanzanian zipper plan because there is a lot of them and a lot of pups. I think I like this one. The best this big pot. Umm, then here. I have euphorbia. Herida and one of these rooted pops is from this mother plant then there. Is this euphorbia? My malaria very gotta. I got this one. I think clearance then you for be A b-side just got in December for my birthday, and I’m really thinking about propagating one of these pups, so that’s probably one of the projects very soon. I decided not to do anything at this moment because I feel like everybody’s dormant. This one here. I got this a cutting from Ted’s greenhouses in Chicago. I actually made one video about that nursery. Mr. King, that nursery. And this one is called euphorbia Bayou, Ansys. They had a big big Bush of this euphorbia. And when I saw it, I really wanted it. So the owner just cut allowed me to cut the piece and I did cut the piece if there’s a lot of branches and I successfully rooted it, he treated in about the month. I put it in the soil and as long as it was dry, he didn’t grow roots, and then when I started spraying a little bit of water every few weeks, I emulated the grow roots, and then it grew before dormancy. This and here as you can see the different color, a little bit paler color. This one here is euphorbias. Perales. I got it in when I ordered from. I think it’s called succulent sores and it didn’t had these pops, but it had these dried up branches from flowering and it was pretty much Most of the body was Brown, So I ended up complaining and they refunded me and I really wanted to throw away this plan because I just didn’t like how it looks like, but then he excited growing during the summer. All these pups, and I don’t know, I think I’m gonna try it too. Maybe propagate one or two before. I get rid of it because I really. I don’t care too much how it looks like so. Yeah, so that’s why you for be a collection. I found them very easy to take care of at least here in Michigan with our conditions because during the summer when it’s humid, I forgot to say that also they tolerate better humidity and it’s warm, They’re continuing to grow while some other succulents and cactuses are dormant, and I think that they are pretty. Is it properly -? Even if you don’t have much experience, you can follow some of the videos, or, you know, general tips, and I think you can be pretty good propagating them either by detaching the pups like here or here or here, letting the brood or cutting off like. I did with Trikona. I think you can be pretty successful doing that. So hope you enjoyed the video and thank you for watching and see you next time. you!