Eriosyce Senilis | Cactus Flower Super Bloom! (eriosyce Nidus Senilis)

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Cactus Flower Super Bloom! (eriosyce Nidus Senilis)


Hi, everybody! Welcome to Texas caffeine. My name is Anna. As usual. I share my passion of growing cactus and other desert plants over a cup of coffee, so I hope everyone is doing fine this day, and I just want to share a little bit of joy made by mother nature by showing you one of my cactus today that is in super Bloom, So a super Bloom is a term that I just use. When one of my cactus produces a lot of flowers or flower buds and these flowers open up at the same time, so without further ado, let me show you my super bloom of the day. This is my neo! Pretoria needle Sinhalese. They’ve changed the name Neil Peart area to Aereo cysts right now. So this is an eerie OSIS needles, Sinhalese and, Wow, look at how many flowers it has produced for me this year. This cactus is endemic to Chile, and this is always one of my early bloomers. So this is one of the cactus that always blooms like late winter or very early in spring. So I just love this cactus guys. If you can get ahold of one, it is highly recommended, so a little bit about this plan. So this plant is quite variable in terms of its spines, so mine has mostly yellow, mostly white, a little bit yellowish spine, but I have seen some that has black like black and white spines on them, and some has brown spines and the flowers look pretty much the same, so they are tube tubular in shape as you can see. These are fully open guys, so they are tubular in shape and how many flowers do. I have one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. And I see three more buds coming up, so I think I might have a dozen flowers this year. It is so so pretty so. I think this cactus is not self-fertile because I’ve had this cactus for several years and it has been blooming for maybe the past three years for me and every year I would try to self pollinate like pollinate the flowers among themselves from the same cactus. Because every time these flowers, I don’t have any other areas that are in bloom, so I don’t get to cross pollinate it, so I always try to pollinate it within itself, but I haven’t had any success producing fruits or seeds, So I am guessing it is not self for till, although I might be wrong, so I only have one of this. It hasn’t produced any offsets, Although I am praying and I am hoping that it does, but so far for the past several years that I’ve had this. It hasn’t produced any offset at all, although it is possible, this type of cactus seldom produces offsets. So the best bet that you can in order to propagate, It is buy seeds, okay, and then it also has a very large root guys. I might have to transplant this after it Blooms this year’s this year because it has been in this pot since I bought this cactus, So it has a very large root, so be a little bit stingy on the watering because any cactus with a large fruit can be root rot prone. I mean, so be a little bit stingy on the watering during the winter. I do keep this in my greenhouse. Although it is said to be able to withstand below freezing temperature for a short period of time. But since I only have one, I am not taking the chance, so I always overwinter this inside my greenhouse, where I keep the temperature to around 45 degrees Fahrenheit using a heater and then in the summer this can tolerate full morning Sun here in the desert, so because of its spines, it is able to cover its body so it is able to tolerate full morning Desert Sun. I mean, because the Summer Sun and heap here in the desert is so harsh, guys, so I do not expose this, You know, like eight hours of Sun a day. I make sure that in the afternoon. It is already in a shady position, But I do keep it out in full Morning. Sun, okay, so that’s about it for this cactus. I also have other flowers that are in in Im. Sorry, let me just move my camera. So I also have other tactics That are in flower so but not a super bloom. Oh, this is say my malaria signal is, but this is not my own. I just babysitting, or should I say cactus eating this for somebody? So I’m taking care of it for now for somebody, but this doesn’t belong to me, so I do not claim any credit on its flower When I got it. It already had its buds on it. I just simply waited for it to flower, but this is a mammal area. Sinhalese and then I have an unknown cactus here. Not sure if this is a mammal area, but few of its flowers have started to open and the rest of my mom is. Aria are also in Bud, but they do not fully open because this pie, I know it looks sunny on the camera, but it is actually cold today. Despite the Sun, it is in the 50s guys, so 50 degrees Fahrenheit right now. I know we’ve been having a weird weather here in Vegas. It was warm already in January and February. And then all of a sudden it became cold again, although we still get a lot of Sun. So this is the bowl arrangement. The cactus. Bowl arrangement that I recently did. If you haven’t seen the video on this guys, I’ll put a link up above on your screen and in the description down below, but it has started to flower too. I just wish it will be warmer, so all of them will be open fully, but they are there. The flowers are there, but anyway, so this is the first hopefully among many super blooms that. I would have this year year 2020 Alright, so I hope you enjoyed this video, guys. If you did, please do give me a thumbs up and subscribe if you like cactus and other desert plants and until my next video guy’s bye, stay safe. Everyone and Cheers .