Echinopsis Cactus | Let’s Talk About Echinopsis Cactus | How To Take Care Of Echinopsis Cactus

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Let's Talk About Echinopsis Cactus | How To Take Care Of Echinopsis Cactus


Hi, everyone! Welcome to cactus caffeine. My name is Anna. Today we are going to talk about the genus akin opposite of the cactus, a family. So these are my economists that are in bloom today, so economists let’s talk a little bit about them. So their characteristic is that they have very showy flowers. A lot of them have very large flowers, although some have a little bit smaller flower, so this one is an economic When I bought it, it says Rainbow burst, But then so, does this one, so that so does that one, and that one they all have the same names I can. Ops’s rainbow birth. So I am not sure anymore. If that is the right name of these Akeem OPS’s so I would rather call them by their collar, so I have pink peach colored Akeem opposites! So one characteristic of Akeem Ops’s is like I said they have very attractive flowers. They come in different colors. So I in my collection. I have a pink a peach, a white. This akin opposite subpoena data is a wide. I do have a pink and white. I think that is the Easter lily cactus. I will flash a scream picture on the screen for you. Guys, I also have. This is a gold-colored I cannot seize. And then I also have a yellow one. This is an icky, not seize lucuma. Jakob, which has a yellow flower and some of them, are new. I haven’t seen the flowers yet, so that will be a surprise, so I cannot says they usually have stamps on their flowers like this one. So that is one characteristic of an economists. Some of the flowers are night bloomers, some open up in the morning like this one’s the it’s right now it’s! I would say 3:00 in the afternoon and they are still open, but some are night. Bloomers like this packing up this Domino or I can OPS’s subpoena data. This has a big white flower, which opens up at night and then early in the morning it would extend up to probably before noon, and then it will start closing that. Easter Lily Cactus definitely is a night boomer. Because when that bloom for me at around 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning, they were already half closed and especially this one. This is a king! Opss Mirabilis. So this one definitely blooms at night, but the flower of this one is so fragrant, okay, now, for the shape of the cactus body itself, most of them are round like globular in shape, but some are, you know, in time, they can be columnar like this one. Do it started as a round one, but in time it would start growing longer, and then some are really columnar like that One. The mirabilis. I also have this one right here. This is also an economists. I haven’t seen the flower in this one. But this is also an economists and also if you are familiar with us and Pedro Cactus, that is an icky. Nobs is back annoy, so that one is a very tall columnar cactus. But it is also an economists. I have one back here. That is a cry state. That’s a cry state akin opposite, though. I have not seen the flower on that. Yeah, so this one is an economic. I’m a serious or what is commonly known as the peanut cactus. It also falls under the genius. I can obsess, and this one has a little bit smaller flowers. It is now closed so but I will show you a picture here on the screen when this was in flower. So this is also part of the I cannot sustain us now. This one right here. This is a this one. This one is a Aquino previous, so it is a cross between an economists and a lobelia. So as you can see. The flowers are a little bit smaller than the typical Akeem Ops’s right here! These are Loba Via’s. So lobelia used to be under a different genus in the cactus, a family. But recently they also have been included under the genus. I cannot see so economists is a very, very big genus right now. So it is very confusing with the way how they usually change the classification in cactus and the names of the cactus as well. So for the remaining part of my video When I refer to the care tips on economists, I would only be referring to those economists that has been originally classified under economists or what we call the old school economists. So I will not be covering these like the Lobelia or the chemistry use. When I refer to the care tips on economists for the temperature, these guys can take a below freezing temperature for a short period of time, although I overwinter most of them inside my greenhouse in my greenhouse, I tried to keep the temperature not lower than 35 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer? Our summer here is very hot. The hottest that it’s been is a hundred and fifteen degrees Fahrenheit, but I do not expose this that much in Sun so morning Sun is okay, but if you’re gonna expose them all day, I would recommend that you use a shade cloth on top of them. Otherwise, the body would burn, especially if you have an economists like this that has no spines at all, so this is prone to burning, so I would recommend morning Sun or have a shade cloth on top of it if you have it in full Sun in terms of soil, I don’t exactly use a special soil for these guys. I just used my regular any cactus soil out of the bag. That you know works for. You is fine with me. I don’t even have to add any pumice onto the soil, although some of them do because I have promised with me, but even before when I started my very first few action obsessed, I just used a regular cactus soil on them without Humus or any special ingredient added to my soil soil. They are perfectly fine watering. I do find economists a little more forgiving in terms of watering. So even if I give this guys a little more water, they are at least for my experience. They’re not very rock prone. In fact, I find them always thirsty, so I do live in a desert guys in Las Vegas. So our environment here it is very dry and arid, so they get thirsty or they shrivel up fast, so as you can see over there, they do shrivel up fast, so I do give my aching upse’s a little more water than I do with my other type of cactus for the fertilizer. I use tomato fertilizer to encourage blooms on all of my cactus, especially akin OPSs because they are heavy bloomers. You would want to fertilize them to encourage more flowers now. I did make a video on how I use tomato diluted tomato fertilizer. I will put a link on top of this screen, so you can go ahead and watch that video, but I do use tomato fertilizer. Maybe two to three times during the spring, after which I switch to any regular fertilizer design for Cactus and succulents during summer. Aking abscess is very easy to propagate because they do pop a lot as you can see. Many of my economists have so many babies. I have taken out a lot already from them and they easily route the Pop’s easily route. I have a tray here, so this came out of to hang ups from – aching up six cactus that I have, so I just placed them in this tray water them, you know, and I just kept the soil a little moist until they rooted, so these guys are now rooted very easy to propagate using pop. You can also plant or propagate. Akeem opposites through seeds! So if you are fortunate to have seed pods forming on your aching opposites, you can easily propagate them by germinating the seeds on the subject of pests. So like most other cactus, Akeem! Ops’s can also be susceptible to the common pests that invade our cactus like mini bugs in spider mites, so this akin abscess When this was given to me, it had a few mealy bugs hitchhiking, but I was able to treat it with a 50/50 solution of water and alcohol. It has some Midi bug damage, but it was able to recover from it and now it is again producing a bud. Also if I may add one thing I noticed about economists is they have the tendency sometimes to drop their buds now? I am not sure if this is just something that is due to where I am located because here in less Las Vegas, Nevada, We do have temperatures that largely flecked. Wait like it could be cold one day, and then the following day it can the temperature can go up by say, 20 degrees Fahrenheit, so the sudden change in temperature causes a lot of my economists to drop their buds this one. I bought this last year from California and it was at the height of summer. When I got it, it already had a bud about that size as well. And then when I brought it back when I brought it here to Las Vegas. It did not continue to develop its flower and it eventually dropped. So I think it went into a shock from, you know, the humid and more temperate temperature in California to the very hot and dry summer that we have here in the desert, so just a precaution when you’re a keen OPS’s is developing or forming buds and they do have the tendency to form a lot at the same time. Try to keep them where they’re at, keep their environment the same all throughout the time when they are developing their buds until the time they open up their flowers. Okay, so I will conclude my video here now about akin opposites. So if you are new to cactus, I would recommend you to get an economic system paired of compared to the other types of cactus, and when they flower, you will be very, very pleased with your flowers. So if you like this video guys, please don’t forget to give me a thumbs up. Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed and until my next video bye and years .