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Echinopsis Cactus Plants Blooming Lovely In The Polytunnel


Hi guys, it’s Lynn! Hey, I hope everyone is having a brilliant day now today. I’ve got some more blooming beauties to share with you today, and I have two gorgeous, aching upses cactus plant varieties that are both blooming, beautiful at exactly the same time today in the polytunnel, and I made a couple of video above video or too few days ago of small. I cannot seize all you flower, And this is sort of a cannot seize cactus A season where they all seem to start blooming, beautiful and had a few more that been blooming fairly recently. As you can see there, That’s the end of the blooms on there dying back, but lots more, they’re going lots more birds on the way, happy days and today. I have two different types again of economists. This one here is economists. I race the eye or Ric. Some people say both, and it has two humongous, beautiful, gorgeous flowers today, and this gorgeous cactus is actually 1 upon. Zs that he brought over when he lived in Sweden And he’s had this for many years as you can see. Lovely, lovely, big, mature plants, gorgeous, gorgeous, cactus and gorgeous. Too big huge flower stems, lovely, nice, big, black, hairy flower stems there, look at the lovely hairs on them to reveal the most stunning stunning of flowers there guys, and if you could smell the smell absolutely gorgeous, it smells a little bit like Linden Blossom, almost sort of Neroli orange neroli, smelling like, absolutely gorgeous, and he smells like a cannot seize flowers. Hahaha, but if you’re not familiar with the smell of them, then this is, this would be the nearest thing to it. I’ll say bi linden blossom really gorgeous, and so they can ops. These flowers do smell! Sometimes they don’t. I’ve even had some that smells some year and some that don’t smell the other year. Even though it’s the same plant, not quite sure why, but today the smell is absolutely heavenly and lovely to see a double bloom on this beauty as you can see two bloom and exactly the same time, and I’m gonna be cross pollinating these this morning. It’s always been quite successful. Getting seed. Just look at that guys. Look at all that pollen inside and look at that amazing stigma hanging out just like a big, white, creamy spider and the gorgeous with the Ric equinoxes. It has beautiful pink, almost sort of lilac colored petals and not only is the whole the whole flower sort of lilac colored, but it’s different shades as well, they pale. I look at the top as you can see. And as the petals go down, it goes more and more lilac E and a deeper in color and I’ll just show you might get a bit bit of it. Idea there. What, it looks like a bit closer, gorgeous, gorgeous sort of almost like a deep, almost like a plum color going right through the middle of the lower petals there, with all the little black hairs go all along the stem, it is just gorgeous, isn’t it, guys? And it could not share the beauty with you all, and as I say if there’s five easy cacti to grow for beginners, I’ve made a video on that, and I cannot see is one of the ones I highly recommend, because as long as you can give them a call and dry winter S period and a plenty of such nice sunny spots, they will flower quite abundantly for you during the spring and summer and obviously a well-draining cactus soil mix they like, but they can take plenty of Penta water, just being a summer and they would just reward you with the most incredible of flowers as you can see there. Isn’t that just stunning so second up CC rice a and then here I have my. I cannot see not sure of the variety. This one because it’s one. I bought them a thrift shop or charity shop absolutely years ago when they laid on the South, the south of Ireland and happy to say this is flowering for the first time for me and look at that beautiful, huge white bloom. They’re absolutely gorgeous, and as I say similar in appearance with a lovely, big the big shape of the flowers and loads of pollen inside, but the difference, obviously the difference other than the color is that the economics is here. I see here has huge, big, usually creamy stigma hanging out, and obviously they’re lovely color. They’re the sort of loyal, icky pink of the blooms and the this one here and not sure what it is has a much smaller stigma inside, and it has no sense, whereas a very, very faint scent, a little bit like sort of fresh sort of cut grass like a fresh sense, but very, very, very faint compared to the EIC eye that that has a real strong scent, but in it beautiful first time flower for me, so I’m very proud, very proud of this baby here, and that’s that’s the cactus here. I say it’s a bit similar to the equinoxe’s. Subdued art of flowers. This is the subdued art. And this is what this particular cone. Ops’s is nicknamed the sea urchin characters or Domino characters, because it’s a little pretty little pretty little spots all over over the the cactus very pretty in appearance, but this is obviously not that one, cuz it’s very different in in spine’s, spying arrangements, but the flower is similar. But it’s that beautiful guy. So I’m very proud, proud of this. This baby here flowering for the first time for me. I just like to share the two blooming beauties with you all so guys, thank you so much for watching, and if you want to know anything more about how to grow cacti and succulents, please do check out my website desert plants of Avalon, calm and thank you so much all for your amazing comments and support. I don’t want to send you loads of love heaps of happiness and tons and tons of cactus power from across the Emerald Isle and until the next video bye . Wow, what a blooming paradise guys !