Echeveria ‘violet Queen’ | Doing Maintenance On A Pot Echeveria Violet Queens 🇦🇺


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Doing Maintenance On A Pot Echeveria Violet Queens 🇦🇺


Hey, guys, it’s sues again, I’m back! I am on a roll because I’ve got a chance to get on with. Um, doing some work on some pots that are long overdue. So this is my next thing I want to tackle. Um, they’re lovely. Echeveria, violet, queens. Everybody loves them. Why, why wouldn’t you they’re so pretty? They’ve got that lovely, pastel blue, and then the elder leaves, um, can really go some wonderful colors in the tones of Pinks and purples. And, you know, hence the name Violet Queen. She is a queen and another thing. I love about the Violet Queen. As I’m sure you do too is that it throws a lot of offsets. Um, and these ones are starting to do that So originally when I put them in this part, Um, they were just single heads, and, um, they were laying around and obviously cut them out from. Oops, the wind just flew away. Something sorry about that. Um, what was I saying? Oh, yeah, um, you know. I just had them laying around and I had just bought these pots. Um, I got a set of them from Bunning’s And, um, I just shoved in those four heads, but now it’s cramped and it’s not doing them any justice because it’s growing season it’s spring and it is throwing off offsets on all of these heads for sure. So, um, I’m thinking I’m going to pull them out and re-pot them, and maybe, uh, just repot one or two, because for this size part. Um, I usually do this at my workstation, But that is full of stuff. My tables. Um, so I’m just sort of sitting on a lounge chair. Um, and I’m going to give it a go. I’m going to pull it all out and reconstruct it, so let’s begin. I’m going to test my skills here and see if I can film, uh, using my phone camera and removing some of these with one hand. Um, I’ve got a feeling they’re going to come out easy, so I’ve just got a little plastic tray here, that’s. What blew off in the wind before? That looks nice. Just got to remove some dry leaves. It’s got some good bubbies. Yeah, this is going to be not a problem to get them out. Let’s get a good root system on it. And that’s got some good puppies too. I normally would never do this like this on the ground here. But seriously, I’ve got so much stuff. Um, on my work table that, uh, can’t be bothered, clearing it off other little projects. I’ve gotta do some work on. Oh, this is a nice, big one. Okay, look at the root ball on that. Yeah, this was definitely a good idea because this pot’s just too small for it. Now, Holy cow there. You go okay now? I’ve got to make a decision, don’t. I all right. Let me have a think and I’ll be back, okay, so, um, I just cleaned off the leaves, and I’ve used this these tweezers while I was not filming, I had a little sneaky poo at my Facebook and one of you lovely ladies. Mary Marie. Sorry, um, commented on them. They are the best I swear because you can really get in there and remove dry leaves and stuff without damaging the farina or the succulent. So I have two options. I’m contemplating first is to put maybe three back in and, um, just plant them above the lip. So when the new bulbs come along, um, they have a little bit of space to grow something like that, But my concern is, they’re really offsetting now and it’s spring, so it’s growing season so they might just grow into each other or cramped up in the wrong way unless I really sort of angle them out like that. Oh, the other option, which I find a little bit pedestrian a little bit too, You know, expected is just put one right in the center and just let it do. It’s thing because this this largest one here is really ready to. Um, you know, really grow, it’s really. So what do I do? I don’t know, I’m leaning towards the three. I think I can pull it off. Um, let me just have a stop and think about it, okay. I’ve decided on the three. So, um, I’ve popped them in. I think it will work. I may need to separate them at a later date, but, um, hopefully when they grow into each other, they’ll grow into each other in a nice way, so let’s see, so I’ve got a, um, shovel Full of pebbles, Marie. You are asking about where I got them from. There’s a nursery locally called all greens. They they specialize in, um, rocks and stuff for landscaping. So they have these big bags of them. I don’t know what it’s called. Um, but I think they’re pretty common enough that you can find them. Those sort of nurseries. So I top dress because, um, first of all. I think it looks nice and second of all. When you’re watering, uh, the dirt doesn’t kick up out of the pot. And then the other reason is when a rosette is sitting on wet soil. You’re a bit more prone to rot, and I think it just puts a barrier between the succulent and the soil, though I’ve read comments where people think it keeps the heat in and so forth, which is very probable, but I really don’t think in the greatest scheme of things it really makes that much difference, but look, it just complements the colors better, doesn’t it? Um, I’m gonna be adventurous and use the hand that I’m holding my phone and try and skirt in there So basically lifting it up. It’s a technique. I believe is called skirting. You get underneath, okay, and I still have this little sweetheart left over, so lets. Take that out and have a look there. We go another plant and that’s. Sorry, another pot with a little maintenance. You can make a big difference. Yeah, I like that. I think that was a good decision, okay. I don’t know if I’m going to do another video. This is my third today. What the heck, um, all right, I’m saying goodbye for the third time. Ciao, I’m like that friend who always says goodbye on the phone several times before they actually hang up. Um, yeah, just jokes, but I’ve realized. I forgot to tell you about something since we talked about the tweezers. This is another great tool, All right, I usually use this after the rain and go like that and get the water out of the rosette, where it tends to pull to help avoid run, but it’s also good for, um, blowing out dirt, which I got a little bit in the, Um, Rosettes before. So I just wanted to show you that, okay. I’m really going bye.