Echeveria Sunburst | How To Care For Aeonium ‘sunburst’ (succulent Care Tips)

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How To Care For Aeonium ‘sunburst’ (succulent Care Tips)


Have you seen a succulent plant? That looks like a pinwheel introducing. Jana Sangh Hurst, also known as Copper Pinwheel. It has variegated leaves. The green is in the middle yellow on the side, and the edges are pink when in full. Sun, the yellow color is more significant and the pink edges get darker, even in partial shade. The leaves remain colorful, but the green color is more pronounced. If you love variegated succulents that can be paired well and enhance the beauty of your other green succulents. You should definitely get a Anjum sunburst. The rosette is large and can grow up to 24 inches wide . You have to keep in mind that the unions have delegate leaves they can easily bruised when handled so they are not suitable for projects that need frequent hunting. This plant loves the Sun, but be very careful when exposing to full Sun for the first time because just like other succulents, it needs time to adjust or else it will get a sunburn. If, in case their leaves get damaged to not worry, the plant will outgrow it, and the new sprouts will be more resilient once fully adjusted to their new location, Youngnams propagate by producing offsets. So you can plant this from cuttings, but growing this from leaves is very challenging for fleshy succulents such as this crap. The sedum growing babies from leaves is a piece of cake. A leaf would fall off and a new baby was brought in just a few weeks. Not so with the onions. Their lives are thin and cannot sustain in your life. When the onions produce flowers, they are massive and gorgeous. The only downside is that they are mono carpi, meaning that the plant will die after blooming, but before that happens, you’ll see a lot of offsets that can continue growing, but they’re not really grown for their flowers. They are mostly grown because of their beautiful foliage. That already looks like a flower before. I forget my name is Teresa a bro and you’re watching Chapstick and succulents. Youtube channel now. I’m going to show you my favorite Yanam sunburst. But it’s a little bit different because it’s crested. Crested succulents have weird-looking stems. They are somewhat flat. Instead of round, also, the stems are smaller at the base and grow wider on top like a fan. Sometimes it would grow normal off sets like this, sometimes a mixture of normal growth and crested, but most of the time the obsess ark rested. This area receives mostly Morning Sun but protected from strong noontime and early afternoon Sun. So most of the succulents growing here are green now not a lot of stores, Sell Crested succulents. I got mine from a local family-owned nursery. I visited two years ago. The plants were somehow neglected in one corner. Maybe the owner did not see the beauty of these crested plants, So I cut this at a very cheap price. I took it home and I made a mistake of exposing the plant to the full Sun without acclimatizing and I also did not give it enough water because the leaves are thinner and it was summer. Most of the leafs got toasted. Luckily, I was able to catch the problem before it even got worst. In a bright but cooler location, removing the Tri leaves is a lot of work, so I simply let the plant recover and grow new sprouts and the dried leaves started falling off by itself. Now this is how the plant looks like healthy and happy. This is a perfect example of how resilient succulents are when it comes to drought. They may look dead but will come to life again. When conditions are favorable, it is by giving them too much water that causes a lot of these irreversible damages and frustrations. So if there’s anything, you really need to understand about succulents, it is their uniqueness and the special way they handle water. I hope you enjoyed watching this tutorial, and if you learn something from this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet, and if you want to learn more about growing succulents. I had the links in the description below. Bye you!